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Astrologers deservedly call the representatives of the Pisces sign the most sensual and emotional in the entire zodiacal circle. These women are always ready to support a partner, help with practical advice and soothe sadness. The ward of Neptune does not accept public clarifications of relations and high-profile scandals, therefore, any unfortunate word or rash act can become a reason for resentment. Pisces is a multi-layered personality that cannot be fully understood. As soon as a man reveals one facet of a woman’s character, another surprise awaits him. From the outside it may seem that this fragile young lady has left the pages of a historical novel, where noble knights are ready for any feats for the sake of a lady of the heart.

Pisces has a lot more femininity and vulnerability than other representatives of the zodiacal circle. The love horoscope advises to adhere to tact when dealing with a sensitive woman who subtly captures the emotions of others thanks to innate empathy. The strength of Neptune’s ward lies in her vulnerability and weakness — a rare man wants to deliberately throw out the trick so that Pisces is offended. The representative of the element of water was created for love, loves to be in the center of attention and shine with many talents. A woman puts forward many demands to her environment, which often becomes the cause of quarrels and resentments.

How to understand that an Pisces woman is offended

It is quite simple to touch the vulnerable nature of Pisces, and in frustrated feelings, the ward of Neptune behaves illogically and unpredictably. Astrologers highlight some behavioral features that eloquently characterize the offense. In a good mood, a woman loves to talk and philosophize on various topics. She discusses the latest news, listens to the opinion of the chosen one and shares her vision of the situation. If a Pisces woman is offended, she becomes thoughtful and silent, does not respond to questions and the usual jokes of her partner. In the case when a man remains indifferent to the demonstration of internal discontent, the ward of Neptune goes on the offensive. She begins to criticize the chosen one, looking for the smallest flaws in him.

If the reason for the resentment was insignificant, and the man did not apologize, Pisces will find fault with him for any reason. A bad mood will develop into a major quarrel over socks or dirty shoes left near the sofa in the hallway. Under the influence of resentment, a woman becomes indifferent and emotionally cold. She does not respond to complaints from a companion, remaining indifferent to his requests and failures at work. Pisces will do everything possible for the chosen one to notice how well she is alone. A woman uses this scenario if she is not bound by the bonds of marriage with a man, and the relationship is at the stage of the candy-bouquet period. The representative of the water sign will often attend friendly parties, posting relevant photos on social networks and turning resentment into an unusual revenge.

It is a mistake to think that Pisces is able to control itself and control emotions. Demonstration is not her strong point, since feelings will definitely prevail. An offended Pisces woman tends to fall into melancholy, which is accompanied by despondency and increased tearfulness. The ward of Neptune will not take revenge on the opponent, but is able to "quite accidentally" forget about agreements or promises. She perfectly understands what brings a person down, and this excellent technique helps to respond to the insult. If a person is not in a hurry to apologize, Pisces will make him experience the whole gamut of negative emotions.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Pisces woman

The representative of the water element has a weak nervous system, so emotional breakdowns and resentments occur quite often. Astrologers advise to behave with a Pisces woman carefully, politely and courteously, since one careless phrase is enough for a conflict. When communicating, it is important to use a smile and a calm tone, and it is better to forget about pressure on a companion. The reason for a woman’s offense may be male laziness or the partner’s inability to adequately provide for the family. You should not hide your income from Pisces or try to make a stash, unless it comes to a surprise for her. A woman has a very developed intuition, so she identifies any lie a mile away. The ward of Neptune tries to build relationships on trust — and the secrecy of the chosen one will surely lead to resentment.

Pisces is a supporter of traditional family values, therefore, will take care of household chores and everyday life. A modest woman is unlikely to want to build a career, but she will gladly take care of home improvement, cooking and raising children. Some men indulge in unflattering statements about housewives — and such conclusions hurt Pisces. It is foolish to belittle the merits of a woman, and then wonder why she was offended. Behind the mask of ease and lightness lies the wonderful world of a little girl who still believes in a fairy tale. In adulthood, it is difficult for Pisces to come to terms with the harsh reality, and attempts to ground a woman often turn into resentment.

Increased sensitivity does not allow Neptune’s ward to adequately respond to ordinary words, since she passes all the information through a vulnerable soul. If the woman has already taken offense, the reason could be a banal refusal or cancellation of the planned event. Pisces looked after a beautiful dress or elegant jewelry, and the man announced the need for urgent car repair. A representative of the element of water bought tickets for a theatrical performance, but her partner refuses to go because of banal fatigue. From such insignificant trifles, the puzzle of deep resentment is formed.

How to make peace with an Pisces woman

The family horoscope advises both parties to the conflict to wait a certain time so that passions and emotions subside. An angry woman will remember all the past sins of her companion, the man will start making excuses — and the quarrel will resume with renewed vigor. However, one should not drag out an apology. For reconciliation with a woman, it is advisable to choose a cozy restaurant, so that the meeting after an offense is held at the highest level. The ward of Neptune will appreciate not only the interior and quality of service, but also the food, so you should not try to organize a romantic evening on your own at home. Everything must be flawless in order to easily make peace with the Pisces woman.

Despite the vulnerability and vulnerable soul, the representative of the water sign is distinguished by kind-heartedness, resourcefulness and pliability. She subtly feels the experiences of loved ones, therefore, with a sincere remorse of a man, after an insult, she will certainly meet him halfway. When communicating, you need to be open and convincing in order to melt a kind female heart. You cannot analyze the conflict, otherwise the situation will only worsen. Pisces has already left the resentment behind if she agreed to a date, so you should not stir up the past. It is advisable to explain to the chosen one in a mild form that nothing terrible happened, and the unpleasant event did not affect the strength and sincerity of feelings.

Words should be chosen carefully, otherwise new resentment cannot be avoided. The conversation should turn out to be touching, gentle and sentimental, and the overall impression will be strengthened by a bouquet of flowers or a cute gift. Astrologers are advised to remember pleasant events from the past - nostalgia will play into the hands of a man. It is better to complement all phrases with emotions and feelings, since logical arguments will not allow reaching Pisces. You can’t use this technique too often. If the situation repeats itself, it will not be possible to return past feelings. It is important to feel the fine line, crossing which forgiveness after the injury inflicted will be unlikely.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Pisces woman

Family life with a woman born under the sign of Pisces resembles a beautiful love story. She likes it when the chosen one takes care of her after years of marriage, shows signs of attention and gives flowers. Frequent events should include romantic evenings, theater and movie premieres, evening walks in the park and nature outings. The ward of Neptune does not welcome originality, madness and other amateur performances, since she is a fan of classical courtship. She wants to be a weak woman next to a strong and confident man who will never allow resentment to settle in her soul.

It is important to always provide support to Pisces, not leaving her alone with the troubles and hardships of life. A woman values sincere care and participation much more than the most expensive gifts. Astrologers advise to accept the ward of Neptune as an adult child who will react to any injustice with resentment. Pisces will not dominate relationships, compete with the chosen one or command him. A woman will completely trust her partner just because he is a man. The vulnerable representative of the water sign will not tolerate competition, and the companion’s light flirting with another lady will hurt her painfully and cause resentment.

A man should not forget about the low self-esteem of Pisces, who constantly compares herself with others not in her favor. You need to compliment her as often as possible, point out obvious advantages and emphasize her individuality. A dreamy woman often hovers in the clouds, but not all fantasies turn out to be empty or ridiculous. Astrologers recommend supporting the most promising undertaking of the ward of Neptune, so that she believes in herself and appreciates the efforts of her partner. If you do not demand much from the representative of the element of water, she will want to give the man the whole world, so you need to protect such a treasure. It is not difficult to return the Pisces woman, but it is better not to allow a critical situation in the form of resentment. One day it may turn out that there is no turning back, and a rare pearl is lost forever.

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