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Among the representatives of the Virgo sign, the love horoscope distinguishes two types of women. It is almost impossible to hurt some, because they are constantly working on themselves, and they treat others with understanding and condescension. Wise women realize that there are no ideal people in the world, so they rarely take other people’s words to heart. The representative of the earth element may not even notice active attempts to hurt her or hurt her. The second type of women is characterized by low self-esteem, so any careless phrase can hurt to the heart. Outwardly, Virgo will not show it, so as not to lose face and authority, but internal experiences will deprive them of the taste for life for a long time.

Astrologers call this earth sign rich and incredibly complex, as it is driven by curiosity in tandem with caution. Versatile women are able to predict events and always act prudently in any area of life. Virgo will not rush into the maelstrom of passions until the potential chosen one passes an impromptu compatibility test. A sharp mind and high intellect do not allow a woman to stoop to a showdown, and she draws conclusions on a specific situation based on common sense and personal experience. Virgo will not listen to the opinions of others, so outsiders cannot influence the love affair. If the representative of the earth element was offended, the man really committed a serious offense.

How to understand that an Virgo woman is offended

A balanced woman will never prepare a retaliation by developing a sophisticated revenge plan. The ward of Mercury considers such an occupation futile and meaningless. When offended, Virgo behaves distantly and apathetically, therefore, by external signs, it is impossible to recognize the storm raging in the soul. The family horoscope is not able to give an accurate interpretation of the actions and actions of the representative of the earth sign, since much depends on the level of trust in the offender and the specific reason for the quarrel. A woman can get away from an unpleasant conversation while she comprehends the situation, or calmly express her complaints to a man.

The ward of Mercury loves order in everything, therefore she tries to put the words she heard on the shelves, without stopping to resentment. If there are disagreements, she will try to find a compromise solution to the problem, and if there is a usual misunderstanding, she will find out the reason for the partner’s dissatisfaction. The offended Virgo woman begins to delve into herself, looking for the cause of the quarrel in her own shortcomings and mistakes. For the analysis, she will need from a couple of hours to several days, and astrologers advise to give the companion the necessary time. The ward of Mercury is not prone to loud scandals, which may be witnessed by other family members or neighbors, therefore, she will sort things out as delicately as possible.

It is important to know that the representative of the elements of the earth takes any conflict to heart, and remembers the offense for a long time. Subsequently, she is unlikely to reproach her partner for past sins, but with each new quarrel, the distance between the lovers will increase exponentially. Virgo cannot be called a touchy sign of the zodiac, however, she can be hurt too. As soon as the first signs of detachment appear, you need to carefully analyze your own behavior and find a starting point.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Virgo woman

A woman can be injured by a rude or careless word of the chosen one, so it is important for a man to restrain himself and carefully choose expressions in a conversation with Virgo. Resentment will settle in the soul of the ward of Mercury for a long time, who decides to play in silence. The worse a woman feels, the longer she has been boycotting. Silence can last for weeks, but Virgo will never take the first step if the partner is really to blame. By nature, the representatives of the sign of the earth are anxious and suspicious, and the betrayal of a spouse seems to them in insignificant actions. Simple correspondence with an old friend on social networks or friendly communication with another woman on the phone can become a reason for resentment. Astrologers advise not to play with the feelings of the Virgo, who takes marriage and love relationships very seriously.

Even at the stage of dating, the ward of Mercury tends to raise the bar, daily replenishing the list of requirements for a candidate for a hand and heart. She exhausts herself with a striving for perfection, and rarely forgives others for shortcomings. If a Virgo woman is offended, the reason may be the man’s indecision, obscene words when communicating, as well as untidiness. It is advisable to reserve rude phrases and foul language for conversations in the company of old friends, so as not to accidentally hurt the delicate mental organization of the chosen one. A woman does not like vulgar jokes, and in the vocabulary of an educated person, ordinary words are enough to express her own thoughts.

The reason for the offense can be a man’s indifference to the order established in the house. If a gentleman continues to throw socks around the apartment and regularly leaves a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen, quarrels with Virgo and resentment cannot be avoided. A woman will perceive such an attitude as indifference and a personal insult. She will decide that her work is not respected — and dark conclusions can lead to the ending of the relationship. Resentment will arise if the partner rarely keeps promises or throws loud phrases. Virgo monitors her words and does not reassure others in vain, therefore she expects honesty from the chosen one.

How to make peace with an Virgo woman

The optimal tactic of behavior during reconciliation is maximum tact and delicacy, even if the reason for the offense seems far-fetched. Each person is different, so the opinion of your partner should be taken into account. It is necessary to understand as quickly as possible what the chosen one is offended at, and make peace with the Virgo woman. A frank conversation will help if the man has not crossed the forbidden line. Resentment due to a rude word or betrayal are completely different things. If the representative of the earth sign has lost confidence in her betrothed, she is unlikely to want to restore relationships and listen to confusing explanations. It is much wiser to prevent a situation in which Virgo will feel resentment and cut off all ties with an unfaithful man.

Astrologers do not recommend going to the other extreme, when a long break may seem the best option for reconciliation. If the ward of Mercury is offended, she cannot be left alone with her thoughts for a long time. The silence of the partner will be perceived as indifference, so it will not work to return the Virgo woman. A temporary break can put an end to the relationship, and the first representative of the elements of the earth will not put up under any circumstances. It is advisable to calmly discuss the situation so as not to return to a painful topic in the future and not to provoke resentment again. It is important to admit your guilt and ask for forgiveness, and to protect the conversation from strangers.

At the beginning of the conversation, astrologers are advised to pay attention to the behavior and tone of Virgo in order to adhere to the given parameters. If a woman does not want to sort things out after an offense, it is better not to insist on dialogue. The conversation should be calm, constructive and beneficial for both parties — Virgo does not like to waste time. You should not show too much emotion or try to pity the chosen one. Inappropriate behavior can scare a woman and further exacerbate the resentment. You need to prepare for the conversation in advance, since the ward of Mercury will not be too lazy to find out what kind of offense the man is apologizing for. Virgo will ignore flowers and gifts, paying attention to actions and a desire to change for the sake of loved ones.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Virgo woman

In a relationship, a woman is restrained and cold, because she does not know how to openly show feelings. The representative of the earth sign is fully revealed only to a loved one, who, during the candy-bouquet period, proved his devotion and seriousness of intentions. In return, Virgo expects a similar return, otherwise frequent grievances cannot be avoided. Jealousy is one of the problems, although a woman knows how to carefully hide emotions. She is capable of pretending for a long time that nothing is happening, but at the slightest suspicion, she will definitely get to the truth. The ward of Mercury does not forgive betrayal, because she considers loyalty to be a reliable foundation for a happy marriage. Resentment rarely arises against the background of the infidelity of the chosen one — the offended lady is highly likely to decide on drastic measures.

At any stage of the relationship, astrologers advise to behave respectfully with a Virgo woman, because she knows her own worth. A well-mannered lady, even in a fit of anger, will not raise her voice, so she will not tolerate rude behavior from the chosen one. You should not pay attention to the criticism of a woman — with comments she tries to correct a man, making him better. In a relationship, Virgo prefers openness and honesty, but the gentleman will have to express his opinion very tactfully and accurately. Astrologers reassure that they will not have to tell a man in marriage, since the companion values only deeds and actions. High-flown phrases and oath promises will quickly get bored with her, and the period of resentment risks being replaced by a final break.

Fortunately, Virgo looks closely at a partner for too long before starting a relationship with him. If the man passed the test, the further story will resemble a classic fairy tale with the ending "lived happily ever after." A woman does not like to waste money, preferring to save up for large acquisitions and quality vacations. Virgo will try to re-educate the spender with the help of comments, criticism or resentment, and in case of complete failure, she will inform that the chosen one is not on the way with her. A woman needs a strong and responsible partner who takes marriage and finances seriously. Astrologers advise everyone else not to waste the precious time of the Virgo — it will still not work to pretend for a long time.

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