Pisces Woman Aquarius Man

Meeting of a Pisces woman and an Aquarius man can occur against a background of common interests and hobbies. Representations about each other are somewhat exaggerated, does not correspond to reality. Both slopes exaggerate, give those qualities to the chosen one, whom he does not really have. Man Aquarius and woman Pisces can be carried away by esotericism, occult sciences and magic. They will be brought closer to the unknown in the world, unknowable humanity.

Many fantasies and imaginations carry an illusory image of reality. Optimism, carelessness, credulity to the outside world is too high. For each other, they are more employees, walking together in life, pay little attention to feelings, seeing their partner as a reliable friend. It also happens otherwise, but less often. In a couple can develop a violent love relationship, the desire to belong to only one person, terribly fearing at the same time control, restrictions on the part of the partner.

Pisces woman will never become an open book for her loved one, there will always be mystery and mystery. Joint life, mutual management of domestic affairs, life, all this can destroy the marriage. Alas, these people are not adapted to the realities of family existence, the creation of a home and coziness. Problems of domestic character, if not timely resolved, could jeopardize the union.

Mutual reproaches and demands for material prosperity, comfortable conditions will be poured into each one’s address in turn. At the same time, deeply convinced of its purpose, the Pisces can only rest and engage in its own interests. Fortunately, selfless love can save a relationship. Man Aquarius, a more down-to-earth and responsible person. In this pair, his task is to surround his beloved with care, attention and prosperity. In gratitude, she will always be his devoted, gentle and loving wife.

In his power to take the lead, become a confident, independent person. Solve issues related to household chores and household problems. With such a picture, the couple will live in marriage for life. Both should cherish their chosen one, since it will be difficult for them to find such a suitable candidate. Man Aquarius in this union is peculiar to change, to become a house man, a defender and earner for his family. What is not in his spirit and character whether he is with another woman. Gentle love, warm feelings, affection, duty to his chosen one will retain and strengthen the family ties of this couple.

Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Both signs of the zodiac are unusual and a little unearthly. Pisces is not created for earthly worldly pleasures, and Aquarius is for simple joys and families. Their interests are so different that it seems that the compatibility of these signs is almost zero. But if we analyze their natural needs, the situation can change very much. Aquarius loves women, and especially such as Pisces — delicate, refined, sweet, feminine. He loves to be in the spotlight, it is very important for him to be carefully looked after.

And this is just what the Pisces woman can generously give. He will be very comfortable and cozy with such a companion, but for how long? As for this lady, if she fell in love with Aquarius, then her mind and wisdom will certainly be enough to charm him. The difficulty lies precisely in keeping this sorceress firmly for a long time. After all, he wants to slip away somewhere. He will not tolerate boredom and will not want to be someone’s property. How to be?

Compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius can be quite good if you carefully think through the right behavior. In order to charm the man of Aquarius, the woman Pisces will not need to be too sophisticated: her natural charm and modesty is enough to make him fall in love at first sight. But that he did not go away next morning — will have to try ...

He needs a bright and willful, uncommon girl, interesting, creative. Boring — goes by. Life repels him. The desire to possess — disgusts. He is free and willful, and the girl must complement him, and not oppress! If the Pisces girl tries to tame, tie the man of Aquarius, limit his freedom — she will very soon be completely alone, disappointed and abandoned. This man is not like that — he values freedom and tries to get everything from life. And if he wants to marry or simply build a lasting relationship, then with such a partner who will complement him.

Aquarius and Pisces can be a very harmonious pair. But such an unusual couple will seem a bit "strange" to others. But for happy lovers it is absolutely unimportant what ordinary people think about them — if they are sincerely happy, then the whole world is left out! The man and woman of these astrological signs can make an amazing, unique alliance. And there will be complete compatibility, absolute harmony, pure love.

For this, a woman must understand him, Aquarius, an extraordinary nature. He is not bad, not walking and not windy! Man Aquarius is creative, bright, hungry to learn and experience all the most juicy colors of the world! Try to become the same! And go to an amazing, full of emotions and joys traveling together!

Next to the Aquarius should be a woman who will not be fixated on love and building a family. Life repels him, and everything that is stable simply depresses him. Therefore, try to get away from the idea of building a "social cell" and not "load" it with talk about eternal love.

Aquarius is not a romantic, does not know how to take care, but will give you such experience and show so much new that no other man can. You will be amazed when you see the depth of his inner world, his thirst for knowledge and impressions! And Aquarius will take you with you — unless you are a burden. The Pisces Woman is soft and meek, and will cope with the mission of the faithful companion.

If he goes to the Himalayas, or sails through the ocean, or into the jungle — a real companion will not wail, but collect warm clothes and go quietly with him. On the road, she will not whine, and Aquarius will almost not notice her presence. But when he gets sick, it’s she who will take care of him. This is an analogy, which very accurately reflects the life of Aquarius. If you can be a meek and patient guardian angel for this extraordinary man, then very soon he realizes that without you he can not. And he does not want to ... And that with you he is comfortable and healthy! So, why not continue this amazing journey called "life" together, hand in hand ... The power of love and devotion works wonders!

Compatibility of these signs is low, but if you fall in love and accept Aquarius as it is, with all its features and quirks — the power of your light and sincere love will create a real miracle! No man — no matter what sign — can not resist this powerful force. Such a man should remember that sooner or later even his rebellious heart will want peace and affection. And if at that moment a Piscean woman seems to be with him, he will be lucky. Because she, unlike other signs, knows how to be patient, do not demand anything and just give love and care. And it’s worth a lot ...

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