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The novel of a Pisces woman and Leo man, looks like a beautiful fairy tale, where everything develops in the best way. Heroes madly love each other, go through life together for a long time and happily. All this, but there are many nuances that are capable of snowballing a lot of problems. Linking their destinies, Leo and Pisces will long go to mutual understanding, they will have to live through big disappointments from unjustified hopes. But first, everything will develop based on a beautiful love story. She, gentle, beautiful, trembling in the hands of a strong, courageous warrior of Leo. The amazing contrast of the couple, will please the eyes of others, but the relationship will require exhausting work and patience.

The Leo man demands a concentrated attention to himself, does not tolerate when he is in the background. Leo, carried away only by his own person, runs the risk of hurting his beloved. Pisces woman is very disappointed by the fact that beautiful words, enthusiastic looks are over, and the man demands royal reverence and immediate fulfillment of all his whims.

A Leo man finds it difficult to part with the role of a public person, he is used to female attention, likes to flirt and flirt with other girls. Since the woman-Pisces is a jealous person, if she begins to show discontent and call for conscience, she risks getting her resignation. Pisces able to choose tactics, calm and indifferent attitude to the wild life of Leo, will get the desired effect. Dexterously manipulating the pride of Leo, she will keep him near his "skirt."

The Union of the Pisces and Leo is considered promising, but one of the most complex relationships. In relations with the Pisces, Leo will experience many new feelings for himself, and not always pleasant. A woman-Pisces ruthless, is unlikely to forgive an unseemly attitude, a person vindictive, can for a long time shut herself away in silence. These gives rise to insecurity, confusion, stalemate in a man. The Pisces can gently push the man, has the gift of suggestion. The woman is clever, cunning, seasoned, she is endowed with extraordinary patience, is also endowed with the wisdom of an experienced woman.

A wounded and defeated Leo man can fall into a deep depression, alcoholism. Whatever happens, a man should receive from his woman positive incentives, shocks, words of faith in him and his achievements. The Leo-man gains strength when there is a firm support, faith, confidence. For a couple’s life, a couple should seriously think about resolving their own rules, understand that there is another person with a different opinion, views and interests.

Pisces Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Astrologers ascribe to a woman Pisces and a man Leo so different qualities that the connection between them seems absurd. The combination of water and fire, ice and flame — nonsense, it would seem. However, this is only at first glance. The compatibility of these two signs of the zodiac is possible and even very favorable. Needless to say, there is no need to talk about equality in this extravagant couple. A royal person like Leo should not have shared the throne.

Horoscope compatibility favors them. The novel between Pisces and Leo begins very swiftly. A strong and powerful beast will be literally captivated by the tenderness and femininity of Pisces. She needs a reliable support and assurance, able to protect from all adversities. A man capable of inspiring her with confidence and respect is the ideal of the woman of the last sign of the zodiac. As a rule, this property of Pisces is laid down in childhood: they are accustomed to idolizing the parent, despite the fact that often there are hidden oppression, excessive severity, accompanied by punishments.

The man Leo needs a retinue to impress her with her agility, strength, sense of humor and resourcefulness. Pisces is too susceptible and impressionable, and Lev is too fond of boasting and talking about himself beloved. Many people on a rendezvous with this fiery zodiac sign begin to feel insignificant and faded personalities against its background. But not the woman Pisces.

His ideal — a laconic girlfriend and an ardent mistress in one person. These qualities only contribute to their compatibility: Pisces, with their timidity and trustfulness, will remind the Leo of a child who needs to be protected and pampered. And man really will play the role of benefactor — to give gifts, pay bills from fashion shops and salons. Generally, generosity is not the last feature among the positive qualities of Leo.

Equal rights partner Leo does not recognize, he will arrange only a patriarchal relationship. Leos are good leaders by their nature and do not tolerate objections and criticism. Pisces is happy to go with the flow, but this is their strength — adapting to win. The creative inclinations of both also contribute to their compatibility. Pisces are often very intelligent and erudite.

The Leo-man reads like a book, communicating with his beloved Pisces. And Leo is especially good at oratory art — he is an excellent storyteller and knows how to convince others. Speaking about compatibility in this water-fire pair, it is worth paying attention to the following potential problems. If Pisces is too pliable, the dominant Leo can easily turn into an indomitable and cruel despot.

Featuring an excellent gift to penetrate the soul to another, this cunning animal is able not only to manipulate its woman, but also to turn it into a free servant. She will endure for a long time, but tyranny on the part of the companion will quickly break it.

His inherent selfishness and self-importance over time will prevail in him, leaving behind former tenderness and care. And then a sudden change from a loving and tender guardian to a hard-hearted and cruel-hearted tormentor can put their compatibility under threat.

So, starting as a fairy tale or a fantasy that has come true, the relationship of Pisces and Leo can become a disaster for her. If such a period in the pair comes, then it will be impossible to return to the old feelings. Hysteria and persuasion will only strengthen the Leo man in the determination to end the relationship.

Astrologers know that there are no perfectly compatible signs of the zodiac. However, having understood a little about himself and his partner, even such antagonistic natures as Pisces and Leo can increase their chances of compatibility. His friend Leo puts a high bar, including in the household. Pisces must be able at any time of the day to take his Leo in cleanliness and comfort and every time to surprise with culinary delights. Pisces should never pressure or try to make something to do with the Leo. It will only anger him. To help as always come the women’s cunning and wisdom, which the woman of this water sign of the zodiac owns perfectly.

Leo the man will not stop occasionally to restrain his desire to control everything and everything, demanding total submission. The Leo should always remember that initially he chose a woman, attracting admiring glances, and not losing self-esteem. The same applies to her: trying to please him every minute, she risks disappearing completely in his shadow. So that even her companion will stop noticing her.

An important note for Leo: since he is a fiery sign of the zodiac, and Pisces is a water sign, one should not be surprised at the difference in libido. For Pisces, emotional melting will always be more important. If these two decide to tie themselves up by marriage, then Pisces should be prepared in advance to bear the burden of caring for housekeeping under the captious look of a strict host.

This couple will have very happy children, since both parents love children. The king needs heirs, and he is pleased with the prospect of having a bunch of children whom he will consider his property, be proud of them and talk about their successes as his own achievement. If Leo succeeds in suppressing his egoism in time and learning how to direct his energy in the right direction, then such an alliance will only grow stronger with the years.

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