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Relationships between a Pisces woman and a Pisces man are confused, incomprehensible, many "but", and, despite their similarities, they are somewhat strange to each other. Marriages between Pisces are concluded quite often, but the success and duration of such a marriage entirely depends on them. Zodiac sign Pisces characterizes their chaotic movement in life. There is no certainty, specifics, many secrets and seclusion. The course of life that has brought them into the same river of relations, will make you reckon with similar traits of character in your chosen one.

Woman and man of the sign Pisces are quiet, peaceful, quiet people for others. They are burdened with responsibility, they will have to choose who is in charge of the family for a long time, shifting the burden of leadership on each other constantly. They like to be on the side of events, watching various stories or the lives of others, selflessly criticizing or analyzing people’s actions, simply gossip.

The couple has the same interests they like all the unknown, unexplored by mankind. Often they can be found behind deep philosophical arguments about the meaning of life, about other planets or the other world. Both believe everything and everything, are easily susceptible to suggestion, someone else’s word is authoritative for them, especially if information is drawn from print media or television.

They are very keenly aware of falsehood and react quickly to it, but at the same time they will not be "too hard to brainwash". Both are trying not to stand out in life, lead, as a rule, a reclusive way of life, trying not to attract extraneous attention. Pisces are endowed with sensitive intuition, at times they see prophetic dreams or signs promising future changes. By directing their abilities in the professional channel, guided by them, they could achieve good results.

Pisces woman understands and sees her man literally through and through. Her insight will not miss a single trifle and a change of mood. Conflicts and quarrels go quietly without shouting and noise and only on minor misunderstandings. Pisces man feels like a Pisces woman is comfortable, cozy, he likes the same carefree and easy way of looking at life. He does not need to remind or control his chosen one, he completely trusts her in alliance with her.

Love Pisces at an invisible level, intangible, intangible, magical. They are drawn to each other, they are constantly together, apart they can rarely be met. For outsiders their union seems to be a real quiet whirlpool, and what kind of relationship they really do not know.

In relationships, a special place is allocated to love, respect, feelings, even if they are not showy and not visible to everyone. In disagreements, they always have a compromise and a solution to problems. The couple is true and honest with each other and is only aimed at a peaceful and good life in marriage for many years.

Pisces Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Being a mirror image of the zodiac signs from Aries to Aquarius, Pisces is the final path of the old and the start of a new circuit in nature. Only individual horoscopes can show the nuances of the characters of this sign, because Pisces is a very versatile personality. But a single psychological characteristic applies to all signs of the zodiac, and Pisces is no exception.

The main goal of Pisces is to strive for beauty, spirituality, and ideal. To penetrate into the secrets of existence and achieve higher harmony — these are the tasks they are trying to achieve. Unites people of this sign of the zodiac with excessive dreaminess and sensitivity. In anticipation of better and more profitable opportunities, they lose the valuable that lies on the surface. They are too inattentive to notice good luck.

Both a woman and a man of the water sign of the zodiac often identify themselves with the environment, adjusting themselves to the situation around them. The Pisces girl is easily influenced, can be very malleable and receptive. Of the existing of the zodiac signs Pisces is the most contrast — they are either very insidious, or very conscientious.

Subordinate to the water element, the people of this sign in their life create fog, chaos and muddy water. Weakly use criticality, so to combat temptations, it is necessary to strengthen the inner core. Both man and woman Pisces are capable of not telling and keeping silent important information. For them, a special role is played by upbringing in childhood and the attention of parents at the beginning of life.

Their passion is secrets, riddles and hidden places. Often, the girl Pisces is interested in psychology and associates her work with this science. This is the most musical sign of the zodiac. The central problem of Pisces is their entanglement in thinking, which is difficult for them to cope with. The world representatives of the zodiac Pisces perceive intuitively.

Compatibility of two lovers of the same sign of the zodiac in the case of Pisces is quite high. Everything is conditioned by the perception of the partner, life principles, family norms and personal qualities. Excellent compatibility in Pisces in the emotional and spiritual spheres. The prospect of a qualitative and lasting interaction is possible if a woman and a man lead themselves to a realistic worldview.

Another stumbling block may well be the lack of responsibility and commitment of partners. Neither the man nor the woman is ready to put all the responsibilities on himself, giving preference to the other half. Therefore, without someone’s initiative, such a couple is not meant to be together for a long time.

The hard-to-reach harmony between lovers will appear with practicality in both. Although such an impressive compatibility is achieved with the help of complaisance and tranquility, which Pisces does not occupy. A Pisces woman and a Pisces man can question their compatibility because of the unpredictable development of events in their personal lives. At the initial stages of relations, passion takes on a form of all-consuming and spontaneous, despite the amazing romance and tender feelings for each other. Pisces are almost always subject to the illusory world they have built themselves.

Failure to get out of there to one person leads to the luring of his partner in this web. Psychological instability of Pisces, their inconsistency in union with a person of an identical zodiac sign doubles both negative and positive qualities. The following aspects should be taken into account for such pairs:

  • It is advisable to choose a mature partner. Since their compatibility in this case is enhanced by the vigor, self-confidence and volitional decisions.
  • A distinctive feature of Pisces is an early marriage. This is not a particularly suitable link for family life. Parents have to solve common problems.
  • In the union Pisces acquire various bad habits, which were not observed before marriage.
  • The changing mood of representatives of this sign turns into frequent scandals with a bad mood. Which then are followed by repentance, forgiveness and a short peace.

Avoiding domestic affairs and hoping for the proceeds of a partner, Pisces deserved the reputation of not economic personalities. And this behavior is bad for the joint life, when both spouses do not aspire to take on the prescribed part of the obligations. Inability to properly allocate finance. Inactivity and alcohol, which help to avoid stress and send Pisces to the world of illusions, alienate them from their husbands or wives. Because of what the couple can drown in uncertainty and deceit.

In general, the Pisces woman and the Pisces man is a very fruitful combination of the majority of the zodiac signs. They will have to go through a long and burdensome way to reach understanding without words and learn to perceive a partner without reproaches. Half of the marriages suddenly fall apart. But the remaining man and woman find support in their beloved person, the foundation for building a strong family and reliable support in old age, so their relationship will last for many years.

The only serious disadvantage may be their need for hard feelings and suffering. Delaying into the arms of melancholy and loneliness, the native water element will become a destructive point in the relations of Pisces. The source of happiness is simple — a similar couple should travel more often and engage in different types of activities. To have time to get bored and gladly plunge into the next stage of a strong family life.

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