Pisces Woman Sagittarius Man

A couple in love with a Pisces woman and a Sagittarius man star promise an easy and stable relationship. The pledge of their prosperous union consists of a love of life, the manifestation of their qualities, data from nature in full, and also the fact that both are very respectful and caring about feelings, relationships and marriage.

Sagittarius is a true connoisseur of female beauty, he is always surrounded by ladies, can beautifully flirt, intrigue. In women character, he is impressed by natural shyness, modesty, defenselessness. He can conquer a woman with bright eloquence, romantic displays, generosity for expensive gifts and pleasant surprises.

At home, the man Sagittarius will not sit, as the craving for new adventures, adventures will always manage him. But thanks to the softness and loyalty of the Pisces woman, this union will be long-term and fairly stable. Sagittarius man does not have tact, does not differ in frankness. He does not recognize the equality between a man and a woman, with irony refers to emancipation. Sagittarius is convinced that the family must obey his word, in their house reigns unquestioning patriarchy. It’s almost impossible to climb up Sagittarius, such attempts will lead to terrible scandals or parting. A couple can achieve a calm and harmonious relationship if they go in a simple way, that is, having set aside their unreasonable claims to the personal features of the chosen one. Sagittarius is unlikely to change, so Pisces should be wiser and not harassing himself and the man with impossible requirements.

In the union, the couple is able to teach each other a lot, open the door to a world of spiritual perfection and self-knowledge. If there is a desire to study esoterics, yoga and meditation together, knowledge of the cosmos, higher forces, they will be able to achieve high results. This will undoubtedly have a favorable effect on the relationship, will soften the energetic and impatient temper of Sagittarius. Pisces woman will acquire energy forces that will allow her to be calm, confidently accept people, realizing that the person’s shortcomings are also his dignity and nature.

The Sagittarius man is purposeful, he has a business "vein", commercial intuition, he can achieve greater financial opportunities. He is not afraid of obstacles, does not fall into despair, is optimistic about a positive result. Woman Pisces nature is very constant, attached to the person with all her soul, goes through with all adversity, endures storms, is patient and unhurried. Her steps and actions are deliberate, weighed, she is rarely the initiator of parting. Thanks to women’s wisdom, stability of character, man’s mind, strength and loyalty to each other, the couple will live a long and happy life.

Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

To achieve compatibility and harmony in this water-fiery union, both partners will have to work hard. The first and most important condition for their long-term relationship is mutual respect. And only then love. The enamored Pisces woman will admire her chosen one. And if the man Sagittarius can inspire her with a sense of confidence, then he will consider him to be his benefactor. These two signs are so different and so perfectly can complement each other if they can ... What compatibility does the stars promise them?

Delightful in her femininity, vulnerable, loving to contemplate the world and betrayed in love by a Pisces woman and not recognizing limitations, self-confident, impulsive adventurer Sagittarius man. They were endowed with such qualities by Neptune and Jupiter. The representative of the fire sign very easily manages to start a conversation in an unfamiliar society, to start a relationship, but he is terribly afraid of monotony. At the same time, constancy is almost the main feature that the woman of Pisces appreciates in people.

So it is surprising for them to discover similar traits in each other: romanticism, extravagance, a desire for ideals and intransigence to injustice. In this respect, their compatibility is advantageous against the background of other signs. But it’s terrible to imagine the pain that in moments of anger the Sagittarius can cause his woman, especially as sensitive as Pisces.

A man under the zodiac sign of fire does not stand on ceremony with the feelings of others, he knows how to be straightforward and rude. Sometimes this is his quality deeply hurt the tender Pisces. Another problem in the way of their compatibility may be the lack of understanding of each other’s essence. In a calm and balanced woman Pisces, the man Sagittarius lacks a "spark", "peppercorns", when the clarification of the relationship is accompanied by a beating of utensils, and ends with embraces in tears. And then he takes the situation into his own hands, showing all the passion of his nature. She begins to feel that he craves only carnal pleasures, while she gives him the whole soul.

This union can become tragic if in the end Sagittarius sees in his lover only another hunting trophy. Pisces and the skill of Sagittarius can appreciate and respect the tenderness and devotion of his girlfriend. In these difficult relations, the role of the leader will be assigned to the man, and although both should exert efforts, but still the woman Pisces will have to try much more. And then, in return, she will receive in his person protection against any threats to the outside world.

So, the compatibility of the refined Pisces and freedom-loving Sagittarius is possible if several features of their characters are taken into account:

  1. Modest person Pisces will easily get used to excessive talkativeness, love of confession and the desire to constantly keep attention to yourself, distinguishing Sagittarius. And men of this sign only need to be listened to and admired. Well, the woman of this water sign of the zodiac with her characteristic talent to listen without difficulty will satisfy his need to speak out.
  2. In addition to the ability to listen to men, Sagittarius appreciate the appearance of their future companion. Therefore, the woman Pisces will have to try a lot to meet his high demands.
  3. Another obstacle in the compatibility of signs may be a different attitude to physical proximity. Pisces in this union must learn to be liberated and not see Sagittarius’s passion for egoism or the desire to build relationships exclusively on this.
  4. Men of this sign do not want to cheat and look for the right words, but in vain. They should definitely learn not to tell the truth-womb in the forehead, but to wear their confessions in milder forms, using turns "possible", "it would be nice", "I would be happy if ...".

Restraint and understanding that Pisces does not always spread the painful offender, as Sagittarius does, should help to strengthen their relationship. If a man Sagittarius feels an encroachment on his freedom, he immediately evaporates without explaining the reasons. These men are often ready to marry only in adulthood, when finally their ardor will cool slightly with age. But even then the woman who decided to marry him will have to be endowed with inexhaustible patience, to endure frequent outbursts of unreasonable anger, treason and hear from the spouse only the truth.

They will feel good together in moments of peace, when one can sit by the fire philosophizing, meditating, or talking about mysticism and otherworldly powers. Here they have something to tell each other. They can be united by some highly spiritual activity — charity, the organization of esoteric seminars, religious rituals. The compatibility of these signs in marriage will be high, if they prefer a greater preference to platonic manifestations of love, rather than carnal.

In her quest to acquire pure unearthly love, the Pisces woman must be careful in choosing her love object. And although they are credited with surprisingly long patience and the capacity for self-sacrifice, she must know what is going on when choosing a Sagittarius man.

But is there anymore ardent lover on Earth than he? And how many women will stand before him? If she understands and accepts all this, she will be warmed by his love for a long time. Well, or until she herself agrees 24 hours a day to sit on a powder keg.

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