Pisces Woman Taurus Man

The naive Pisces woman is looking for her fairy prince. From childhood to her idea that there is always an idyll between lovers, there is no place for deception and betrayal. She believes that she can avoid quarrels and conflicts, preserving her happiness. The Taurus man would seem to be the embodiment of a brave, solid, measured person. But too mundane, a real Taurus man, discourages the gullible Pisces. She will try to bring children’s fantasies to life, and Taurus’s love will deserve attention. A man likes, when a woman is tender, not scandalous, romantic. Before marriage, Pisces every now and then, it will be nice to pamper your lover with love surprises, pleasant trifles.

Together Taurus and Pisces, clearly occupy their roles and everyone is satisfied with their position. The patriarchal Taurus feels responsible for the naive Pisces. By the way, rarely allows herself to be scolded, screaming, learning about the attacks of others is ready to rip everyone. In truth, "fatherly love". Apparently, this provides such an amazing compatibility of a Pisces woman and Taurus man in love and marriage.

Taurus man inveterate homebody, a connoisseur of domestic gatherings, a pessimist, a rarely optimistic mood. Taurus will never believe in horoscopes or magical powers, on the contrary, Pisces, she believes in everything and everyone. Humor, funny stories, amuses Taurus, even capable of cold-blooded rally. A pedant, a Samoyed, a critic, may well be rude to outsiders, and vice versa, be affable and gentle, it all depends on whether the person liked him or not.

A clever woman, a mistress, a beautiful mother in her heart, a deeply religious person. It is vitally important for a Pisces to create an ideal for himself, an idol to strive for perfection. Pisces woman is endowed with sensitive intuition, though naive and believes to the end in good intentions, but forebodings and anxiety are always there beforehand.

Flexibility of the nature of Pisces woman easily adapts to the mood of a Taurus man. The family, where the husband Taurus and the wife of Pisces, is similar to folk wisdom "she is like a stone wall." In the separation Pisces yearn, even short partings draw her. Therefore, the man Taurus is always accompanied by his wife. This situation on the one hand is a little annoying, but more like it, and he eventually gets used to this way of life. For these signs, compatibility extends to all spheres of life, both business and questions of intimate relations.

In an intimate life, both are absorbed in the passion of sensations and the knowledge of art to love. The pair is perfectly compatible in temperament, sensitively guessing the partner’s desire without words. About these people say, "the soul lives in the soul," so it is. Until old age Pisces will idolize his Taurus, and he will repay her faithfulness, reliability and strong love.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

So, two met: she is Pisces, he is Taurus. What happened at that moment? Externally — it would seem, nothing. There was no bright flash of insane passion, sparkling splashes of champagne and enthusiastic exclamations. But something magical happened, and although no one noticed from the side, they both understood this ...

So representatives of these two unique astrological signs are arranged: they never and for nothing shout aloud about their secret feelings and do not hurry to make hasty bold conclusions. After the meeting, this strange, timid couple can not see each other for a long time. And he can call her for the first time only in a month, if not later ...

But this does not mean that he dared to call for a long time and could not dare — the bull of boldness just does not hold. It only means that he carefully and soberly weighed everything and took a very conscious, firm decision. After all, the Taurus man is in no hurry, but he never regrets what was done. If he chose a woman, then this is very, very serious. Taurus will not play or look for an affair.

Pisces is a special sign, but if it refers to a woman, then it is a wonderfully refined nature, soft and meek, fragile, like an autumn flower. Such a woman is an example of true piety, chastity and amazing beauty. She is waiting for her bold and proud prince, and she does not expect naively, like a girl, but with the proud dignity of a princess. And all sorts of princes of all stripes vividly round the lace skirt of this charming lady in crowds, but she will choose only the chosen one. And only my heart will listen.

This woman does not accept the advice of her friends and does not react to their ridicule — they say, normal men are around, and you are waiting for the prince ... She is amazingly true to her principles, and will not rush into the open embrace of someone who does not feel a real, mystical attraction. If you have to wait many years — a Pisces woman is quite ready for this. She will be better off alone, and will not be afraid of proud lonelinesses, than she will be content with an unworthy company.

The amazing Pisces woman appeared as if from the nineteenth century or came off the shabby pages of a love story of that time. She is not pursuing success or fame, she is not looking for a rich prospective uncle, she is extremely indifferent to glamorous tricks. This woman is important principles and moral foundations, compassion and conscience, love for everything living, honesty and unselfishness. She is not indifferent to another’s grief and the last ruble will give to the beggar ...

Taurus man does not run anywhere — and this is his main virtue, beyond any doubt. He can and sluggish very little, but very serious, not easy-minded, judicious, weighs each step. It’s not terrible to live with this — you can rely on it. Having met an interesting girl, a man Taurus does not immediately plunge into the abyss of passion. He must think carefully and weigh carefully before he realizes that he likes her.

But, if he understood this ... Nobody in the world knows how to be so gentle, sensual, gallant and courteous as a beautiful Taurus. He is amazingly caring and romantic, and knows a lot about beautiful courtship. If he wants to get a woman, he will succeed, beyond any doubt.

The compatibility of such a pair is very good! The stars are just whispering — you must be alone! A gentle and soft woman Pisces and calm, courteous Taurus is an excellent union, surprisingly harmonious and beautiful. In love, this couple will have harmony, and in the family — mutual respect and order. What else can you desire? At the very beginning of the relationship, everything is fine, because both fully correspond to each other’s needs. A woman under the sign of Pisces is looking for such a man — gallant, soft, confident, romantic and serious. It is important for him that he does not hurry, does not press on her and was not too intrusive.

And he is! Taurus is courteous, gentle, he does not hurry, and does not hurry the woman. Its main advantage is respect for the opposite sex, which is what the woman needs for Pisces. He, in turn, is looking for such a delicate, fragile young lady, moral and refined, honest and open. And what happiness it is to find each other for them! We must work on happiness!

Such a woman and such a man are created for love and family. But good compatibility is not all. There are dangers and pitfalls even in such a good pair as this. Perhaps, over time, a woman will become angry and annoy the slowness and indecision of Taurus. He is not always ready to make a decision, but for a Pisces woman, the partner’s masculinity is important. Also, Taurus is a stubborn man, and in quarrels he will be unbreakable. He does not know how to apologize and admit guilt, which is not very good.

A wise Pisces woman will be able to handle such a partner. In general, he is a very good husband and partner, only it is necessary to reconcile with his unhurriedness and some impenetrability. You have great compatibility, and you just need to add a little — a drop of patience and respect for your partner. A woman should use her tremendous gentleness and tenderness — this will make her Taurus man wonderful, obedient and ready for anything.

A man in alliance with such a lady should always remain courteous and considerate. A Pisces woman will not tolerate rudeness and hardness, and Taurus can sometimes show these undesirable qualities. They should be restrained, so as not to injure a fragile and sensitive partner. Attention, tact and respect from men - a sure pledge that the union will be ideal.

The compatibility of these two signs says only one thing: they need to be together! The inherent rare and valuable qualities of both these signs make their union truly unique. And their direct duty is to show their best sides, to cultivate the maximum respect for their second half and cherish love. This is the pledge of long years of harmonious living together!

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