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The Pisces woman and Virgo man seem to be created to complement one another. Union, more successful in life aspect, no. Their mutual desire to improve and develop in the spiritual plan will strengthen both mutual interest and union. Paradoxically, but the contradiction of the partner, is more curious, an incentive to solve a different soul than a challenge to the conflict. Thanks to the care and awareness of their own mistakes, they, as the relations develop, will eliminate them, which will lead to the strengthening of the union.

The unpretentious man-Virgo is looking for an understandable, with natural desires woman. For him, the ability of a woman to create a homely atmosphere of warmth and comfort is paramount. The Virgo man will try to draw and draw into his perception and the idea of the family life of the woman-Pisces. However, in general their views converge, only she is more impressed by a surge of imagination, some extreme, spontaneity of actions. For example, her house interior ideas will be fanciful, "screaming", not within the framework of fashion, into the laws of practicality.

Pisces woman is looking for an excuse for manifesting her bright creative nature, looking for an opportunity to differ from others. In her life there is an inner world of dreams, unreal illusions. Sometimes it enters, it tries to bring madness into life, it is at these moments that it can be directed to the right channel and "to descend from heaven" by the man-Virgo. The problem is that Virgo, although it can be responsible, resolute, firm, but often does not want it, although in this respect it will have to be so.

Woman-Pisces sensitive, vulnerable, thin soul. She likes stormy impulses of romance, love pleasures. Alas, in this man-Virgo she can be disappointed, by nature he is somewhat cold, reserved, the blame may be complexes, or not the ability to reveal himself with the soul and body, but it is quite possible, if the woman show patience, delicacy, easy pressure, everything can turn out perfectly.

The Virgo man can give his partner a calm, measured, safe life, full of material prosperity and spiritual perfection. In turn, Pisces will endow him with tenderness, care, care, she is a wonderful hostess and cook. In it there is a "woman’s beginning", inherent desire for motherhood, infinite love for people. A remarkable feature of both is that they do not aspire to re-educate and subordinate their partner to their desires, but this is the basis of the reliability of the relationship that everyone dreams of.

Pisces Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

The compatibility between the Pisces woman and the Virgo man is almost perfect. He will be at first sight captivated by her serenity and skill to listen. She, in turn, is perceptive and easily understands what is necessary for a man. Moreover, she skillfully uses her knowledge in attempts to conquer him. In the end, he will not even notice how Pisces will become the most important person in his life. Although she, loving the Virgo, will not use his own advantage.

The purpose of these signs of the Zodiac is the axis of service. Only if the Virgo serves as a society with actions, trying to bring his own sense, then the Pisces — with feelings. They must acquire the ability to heat the world with their own love, often without anymore for the soul. However, Virgo can not be classified as soulless and thick-skinned pragmatists. After all, this man all his conscious life is torn between the desire for a prosperous existence and the thirst to help people.

For this reason, a man born under the sign of the Virgo’s Zodiac will prefer a woman with a subtle soul organization or one that will give him permanence. In this case, he himself will stop hiding from emotions for material goods and everyday cares. Moreover, the more romantic and dreamy Pisces will be, the stronger Virgo will become to her. For a Virgo man it is necessary to create a fairy-tale world full of love and romance, which he will not want to leave.

A feature of these signs of the Zodiac is calmness and circumspection. They will never get into the thick of events, they can rarely be found on noisy, merry festivals — they are self-sufficient. The Pisces woman recognizes behind the seeming coolness and practicality of the Virgo a caring man, and he appreciates the subtle nature. The ideal pair of Pisces and Virgo is a harmonious compatibility, in which each partner gets what he most needs. For a woman, Pisces is a material support, reliability and help in household chores.

A man Virgo just be able to take care of his impractical lover, providing it with everything necessary. In this case, the Pisces woman, not burdened with domestic problems, will fully endow him with her love and attention. In this union, the Virgo acquires greater self-confidence, which will have the most favorable effect on the relationship. He is no longer afraid to give himself up to his feelings.

They do not have any difficulties in the relationship, since both have a mobile and lively character and will always be able to find a topic for communication. Their compatibility is built on the fact that they are interested in each other, despite the fact that they have diametrically opposite characters. Moreover, they are incredibly similar — both prudent and perspicacious and able to achieve great success in individuals of the opposite sex. However, her not very stable nature often puts him at a dead end.

The feelings of these signs are powerful and deep, they are both full, but one — meditations, and the other — feelings. Although this does not become an obstacle to the compatibility of these signs of the Zodiac. Pisces woman is wiser than her chosen one, therefore she always plays the main role, constantly conceding to him at the same time. This kind of wisdom of Pisces will give the Virgo a sense of stability, which he so needs and a sense of reliable support. This is the secret of their serene and lasting love: in the commonness of hobbies and women’s skill to maneuver.

The official confirmation of marriage for these Zodiac signs is just a formality. They form a family even before the stamp appears. They do not recognize the conventions, for this reason they have thoroughly studied their compatibility even before the wedding. Most often, the initiator of official confirmation of relations is the main judge of order - Virgo. For Pisces this does not play a big role.

In marriage, these two signs will not often swear: their wisdom and prudence will help them to always find compromises. They will easily overcome difficulties. Possible difficulties in the union:

  • The most difficult task for them will be to put things in order, as each of them has his own idea on this matter. Although, most likely, Pisces will have to streamline his life somewhat.
  • The Virgo man is restrained and does not know how to open his feelings. Therefore, his companion can experience that she is not loved. This makes Pisces suspicious and jealous, the more confusing Virgo.
  • Pisces women are not able to correctly calculate the family budget. They are impractical in their bulk, and do not seek to manage the financial affairs of the family.

In any case, the Virgo is unlikely to like the way a wife spends money. They just have different ideas about life and opinions about what to spend. The Pisces should look more attentively to the actions of a loved one. He is inclined to show his love with deeds, care and little surprises. Born under the sign of Pisces will have to get used to the huskiness of her husband and the lack of compliments from his lips. But their family will not suffer from this, because the Virgo, most likely, loves her much more than any most eloquent fans.

Regarding the family budget, Pisces can give the reins to a more efficient and economical husband or to share it by mutual agreement. Virgo respects other people’s rights, so he will not control or tell his wife how to manage money. Virgo tend to analyze everything that happens to them, so Pisces will have to try to find compromises in the management of the economy. If she overcomes the problem, the Virgo man will not want to part with it.

Their intimate relationships will never lose their fire and brightness. They are well with each other, and they are ready to please their partner with something new and original. Both signs of the Zodiac are not afraid to fantasize and embody their most daring dreams in life. Behind the external coldness of their natures, unrestrained passion is hidden, it is only necessary to give it a way out. Day after day, they open to each other, opening at the same time a new world of feelings and colors.

Intimacy for them will not only be a way to enjoy, but rather a need to feel a sense of security and peace. She needs to feel protected, and he is able to give this feeling. Virgo will fully enjoy her harmony and ability, not ashamed, to give vent to emotions.

These Zodiac signs have every chance of becoming good friends, but no more. Both love long conversations, and sometimes even gently chat about common acquaintances. Both are not against passing a serene, pleasant evening watching a movie or discussing a read exciting book. Although they are still far from the true friendship: their compatibility ends here. Pisces from a friend, above all, need emotional support, which, alas, the Virgo can not provide. Both do not mind discussing the others, and knowing that the friend does the same, they will not be able to trust each other 100%. Between Virgo and Pisces there is no frankness that should be with true friends.

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