Sagittarius Woman Aquarius Man

The Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man is considered by many a beautiful and happy couple. From them, he breathes love, a tender and romantic relationship. Man Aquarius and Sagittarius woman are childishly naive, confident in their love affection and devotion. Their views are similar, many common interests, hobbies, desires and dreams also have common ground.

Gentle protection of the love of his chosen one will certainly bear fruit and a long and happy marriage will be born. In youth, a couple seeks to get the most out of life, travels a lot, experiments, studies their partner, and also reveals their potential. Both are independent, so they will not stop the borders of their companion. Funny people easily come into trust, go to contact with others, while there is a healthy sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves.

In moments of difficulties, the couple does not give up, does not waste time quarreling and conflicts, and mutually seek solutions. Any difficulties are perceived easily, optimistically. Manifesting his skills in solving problems, are proud and touched by their own intelligence and dexterity. Woman Sagittarius loves children, she will become a wonderful mother and faithful wife. She is quite capable of combining family and work, realizing her talents and finding in this enormous satisfaction. The life of the woman of Sagittarius is full, active, there is no place for boredom or idleness. She feels modern life, changes easily and adapts to the new conditions of life.

In the Aquarius man she likes his strong, courageous temper. The desire to take from life as much as possible impressions, vivid emotions. In his life there is a place of courage, brave deeds. He is a gifted and talented person. His abilities can conquer any woman. Beautiful speech, charm, self-control and charisma are the most important tricks in seducing the female half. Aquarius herself in women appreciates beauty, activity, lightness, creative and non-standard thinking. In the woman Sagittarius there is an eccentricity, freshness, healthy ambition.

Man Aquarius is an honest, straightforward person. He has a sharp sense of humor, he is perceptive. It is a natural gift to see falsehood and deception in people. Fate has prepared for them a lot of tears and joy, sadness and happy minutes, everything in the life of the couple is organic, subject to development. Baneful, without interest, depression and deep disappointment due to lies can be detrimental to the union. It will strengthen relations, truly make them eternal, this is the birth of children. Both can, ensure the future of the offspring, give a decent education and are satisfied to meet together with old age.

Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility horoscope, the woman Sagittarius and Aquarius-man perfectly understand each other. Together they make up a bright and original couple. Both are freedom-loving and independent, so they do not rush to formalize their relations officially and simply live for their own pleasure. This is one of those unions, which, in the words of one Englishman, is in heaven. In that, which finds Sagittarius and Aquarius in each other, there is nothing earthly. Between them there is an intellectual and spiritual connection. This begins to be traced already at the very moment of acquaintance.

Free union Sagittarius-Aquarius is not always strong, but it is remembered for the rest of his life. Both partners retain a lot of vivid impressions and emotions from the combined time spent. The Sagittarius and the Aquarius are also great friends. They can travel together, learn the world and embark on all kinds of adventures. Their life together is full of all the colors of the rainbow and there is no place for gray weekdays.

The Sagittarius woman and the Aquarius man look at the world in the same way. They have very much in common, a similar style and rhythm of life. Both are cheerful, sociable and welcome. They are loved in many companies. By the way, they can go on a visit, both together and separately. The attitude to life and sexual relations in both partners is easy. Therefore, they can easily make an affair on the side, but this does not lead to scenes of jealousy and rupture.

Both the Sagittarius woman and the Aquarius man appreciate freedom and independence. Their family union holds together many things, but almost all of them do not belong to the material world. They will not live together only because of money, home, career, any social aspirations and even for the sake of children. They are united by a psychological and intellectual relationship. It is worth noting that the Sagittarius woman can easily convince her Aquarius man that she is the best woman in the world, and created specifically for him.

A Sagittarian woman and an Aquarius man can overcome many difficulties together. They are not afraid of fire, water and copper pipes. The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Sagittarius and Aquarius is a banal state of boredom, and this is the most terrible enemy of this family union. When a Sagittarius woman and an Aquarius man meet at a young age, they get a lot of impressions from life, travel, visit, visit exhibitions and theaters, learn a lot and start a lot of various business projects that rarely bring tangible income. But, if one of the partners wants a quiet family life, a settled way of life, orderliness and children, then the conflict will inevitably be ripening. A quiet family harbor can ruin their relationship.

In addition, in such periods of boredom and intellectual cooling, the Sagittarius woman begins to feel that the sexual temperament of Aquarius leaves much to be desired. Previously, it was not very interesting, because their union was higher than physiology, and love and kinship of souls did not make them feel that they did not approach each other sexually.

By the horoscope compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius, so that the family does not violate the harmony, they can not let boredom into their lives. Do not look at others, or build your family life in the likeness of the parent. In this family alliance should always be fun and interesting, it is unacceptable to turn your life into a series of identical boring days. A variety of life will be helped by traveling alone, visiting guests, and of course, self-development.

In addition, the Sagittarius woman should always have several options for how to spend time. If you suddenly felt that your Aquarius man was bored or sad because of unrealized plans or betrayals of friends, organize him an adventure, shimmering with iridescent possibilities.

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