Sagittarius Woman Aries Man

In the union of a Sagittarius woman with an Aries man, the dominant role will be occupied by Aries. She feels great in the role of "little girl", and he conquers her with his masculinity, strength, perseverance. What would Sagittarius attract the attention of the Aries man should not particularly try, he will certainly notice her sense of humor, cheerful character.

The Sagittarius woman has a purposefulness, with faith in the achievement of the goal, the soul is noble, receptive to the grief of others, it has a healthy adventurism. Sometimes she is not picky in people, she sees in them only the desired. The beloved Sagittarius woman gives herself to the feeling without a trace, adores the beloved, she is tender, caring, without any reason will not roll up the performances. If the Sagittarius woman is rejected, she can take the position of the hermit, but for a short time, while suffering greatly from wounded pride, is capable of revenge.

Outwardly, this woman-holiday, loves entertainment and fun pastime, can seem frivolous. But in fact, it is a sensitive and vulnerable nature, very sentimental, believes in miracles, ideal love and relationships. The woman’s trait is Sagittarius, she knows about her shortcomings, stubbornness, inattention, selfishness.

It will not be easy for a man-Aries, since his companion is sociable, attractive, interesting, in the circle of her friends there are often men. A man-Aries should accept her like this, otherwise jealousy scenes can not be avoided. Wild Aries take this fact is difficult, but he will get used to it. A Sagittarius woman can assure her "not jealous", and it’s true, as long as she trusts a partner she will not suspect a man. It is enough to have one intrigue on the side that would lose the trust of Sagittarius. To merit forgiveness is likely, because of treason, it is unlikely to destroy the family.

The fate of the Sagittarius woman is supportive and generous with gifts. Being under the influence of Jupiter, all her endeavors have a positive outcome, success often accompanies it, contrary to the expectations of others. Lack of attention to each other, without feeling the desire of a partner can lead to a deadlock. The union will become strong, if both control emotions, pay more attention to the chosen one.

In marriage, a man-Aries and a Sagittarius woman show compatibility, they gain spiritual stability in relationships, confidence and reliability. Their house is always open to friends, there is no place for them in their understanding of greed, material doom and dependence. They are connected by spiritual intimacy, faith in eternal love, in a pair they become idealists. To be afraid, it’s worth its own terse words, remembrance of old grievances, rude statements, avoiding this, the couple will be happy.

Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

Even the ancient sages said that "Sagittarius" is a wonderful addition to "Aries". According to the compatibility of Sagittarius women and Aries-men, this pair has a perfect mutual understanding. The Sagittarius woman almost always falls under the arrow of the Cupid, launched by the Aries man. As a rule, love in this pair flares up at first sight. These two have a lot of common interests. They are especially attracted by the love of travel, travel, hiking, sports and cultural events.

This couple radiates a lot of positive, which they generously share with everyone around them. A pair of Sagittarius and Aries can be safely called strong and successful, and the marriage alliance has every chance to be harmonious and happy. They have an amazing similarity of temperaments, goals and interests. The Sagittarius woman, as a rule, is always looking for truth, and here Aries can be her best assistant, because scientific disputes, conversations and debates between both of them lead to this goal.

In a perfect pair of female Sagittarius and Aries, a good understanding. As a rule, these two even work together, because only in each other they find the necessary initiative, efficiency and honesty. From the side of the Sagittarius woman and the man-Aries look friendly and bring animation to any company, although they often live their own lives and spend little time on trips to the guests. Initially, this active and enterprising couple frightens others with their pressure, but then everyone understands that they do not put pressure on people or force them to do anything.

This family union is connected not only with strong mutual love, but also with benefits. In an ideal pair, the partners always achieve more than they could achieve one by one. The Sagittarius woman lacks the determination and ability to bring the matter to the end. A man-Aries never yields to circumstances, he is determined and bold. As a rule, in this union he takes the role of leader, with which he successfully copes. A woman-Sagittarius helps a man-Aries broaden his horizons, which is limited by himself. In addition to his person, he does not notice much, so some of his abilities remain unrealized. The Sagittarius woman can significantly expand the horizons of the Aries.

The pair in compatibility of Sagittarius and Aries do not know what boredom is. They are always in business or are actively resting. Often, businesses start from scratch and succeed. To all the above pluses, the woman-Sagittarius and Aries men have excellent sexual compatibility. Children in this pair appear late. A Sagittarius woman loves children, but does not want to give herself completely to motherhood, and the Aries man is not at all against being himself the center of the family.

A pair of Sagittarius woman and a man-Aries are very bright and each of the partners is an independent person with a difficult character, that’s why relations do not always develop smoothly. Firstly, the Sagittarius woman does not know how to take care of the house so that the Aries man, returning from work, could enjoy the comfort and silence. In addition, Aries men are jealous of their male status and do not want to do "non-homework" work around the house. And the Sagittarius woman, even for all her pliability, is also not a fan of the lifestyle of a housewife.

If both partners are indifferent to the organization of life, then this does not cause them problems. But if the home comfort for the Aries is important, then he can show his discontent to the woman-Sagittarius, and she, in return, will also find something to tell him about gender equality. But the main thing is that she gives her proud Aries many reasons for jealousy with her independent way of life, which makes it very difficult for him to reconcile himself.

The problem of compatibility of the Sagittarius and Aries Zodiac signs is that this pair may have discrepancies in views. But, the Sagittarius woman either succumbs to her proud Aries, or imperceptibly re-educates him. The Aries man is absolutely independent, and he is the measure of everything for himself. In his opinion, only his views and attitude to anything is undeniable and correct. The Sagittarius woman has a broader outlook, but she adheres to the morality and traditions of her social circle. Therefore, the independence and reluctance of the Aries man to adjust to public opinion causes her discontent. Although, it is worth noting that these same features of the character of the Aries, but in extreme situations, bring undeniable benefits.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Sagittarius and Aries, so that in their family there was harmony, the Sagittarius woman should understand that under no circumstances should one argue with the Aries man. Remember that he considers his views on life to be the only correct ones.

To avoid any discontent about the comfort in the family, the Sagittarius woman will have to learn how to create it. A man-Aries does not alter in this matter. Often, Aries men are not demanding and not whimsical in everyday life. But, if he was raised in a patriarchal family, and he knows exactly the place of a woman in the house, then he will need comfortable living conditions. Take a closer look at the family in which your chosen one grew. If he is used to the fact that the household is entirely on the woman, then it will not be otherwise. You will have to adjust to his requirements. As an option, you can invite a housekeeper.

The fact that a Sagittarius woman and an Aries man has a mismatch in views, so this is a great virtue, not a flaw. Before being angry with the Aries man, because he does not want to take into account public opinion, think about the fact that due to this quality among the Aries men there are many leaders, the most successful businessmen, politicians and leaders. Therefore, the Sagittarius woman should be proud of the partner’s independent thinking. The only thing, the woman-Sagittarius is to help the Aries man and direct his independence in the right direction, so that he does not turn into an Aries-loser — scamper and rowdy. The Sagittarius woman is quite capable, besides, fate may have brought you together just to show the partner new opportunities, and not to alter his character.

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