Sagittarius Woman Gemini Man

The Gemini Man, merciless "Casanova", breaks the girl’s heart, the restless joker, he easily deceives the naive Sagittarius woman. She is so trusting, childishly curious, likes to assume importance and efficiency. In her head she had comprehended the universal destiny of man, sincerely believes in the existence of ideal relationships. The Gemini man is likely not to accept the Sagittarius woman’s world, most likely she will become another victim of his charm.

In any relationship, even the most unpromising, there are exceptions. A Sagittarius woman has qualities that can incite a passion in a fickle Gemini man. Their relationship can be called a "cosmic attraction", they attract each other just like a magnet.

Sagittarius woman is an open soul, a cheerful, sociable, not boring nature. A living mind, impressionable, witty, well-read, with a sense of humor, capable of spontaneous action. The partner will give freedom, will not control, suspect, infringe the right and choice. For her it is unacceptable, for someone to decide, to gossip, to build intrigues.

The Gemini man is panically afraid of loneliness, this is inherent in a Sagittarius woman. In their souls harmony reigns with itself, which each brings to the relationship. Love pleasures are enjoyed not only at night. The fervid gaze of a partner, and the other is ready to fulfill his wishes. In a sensitive, discerning Sagittarius woman, the adult woman and the "little girl" get along perfectly. In adulthood, the quality of a stupid girl, will remain in the past, then will be guided only by sanity.

Both are relatively not jealous, but if there is a fleeting affair, one another can lime. At the same time, constantly remembering the offense and betrayal, the Sagittarius woman can play the drama, and after a long time. Alas, Gemini’s addiction to adventure can destroy the idyll. The compatibility of a Gemini and a Sagittarius woman is possible only if he can moderate his freedom-loving and more attentive to the partner.

Gemini-man is unique in its kind, the mood can rapidly change, either positive or negative, without a reason. Only a Sagittarius woman can understand him that way, her rhythms of life are also changeable. Colossal words, caustic remarks, capable of injuring a Sagittarius woman, she will have to learn to "swallow insults." Straightness of the Gemini man is needed only, in extreme cases, for the shake of the beloved. Learning to live in peace, harmony, finding words of support in a difficult moment, will become a support for your companion, and will be completely happy.

Sagittarius Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

With the compatibility of Sagittarius female and Gemini male, it’s surprising, but true: just like "minus" to "minus" in some cases gives a "plus", so is the independence of the Gemini in alliance with a pronounced independence A woman of Sagittarius is sometimes able to eventually lead to a fairly strong and lasting relationship. You can safely say that the Twins and Sagittarius — found each other. These two have a striking similarity of interests, views on life.

It is worth noting that both can be a long time just friends or excellent lovers. On marriage will only be thought about when it will be necessary for some reason. The stamp in the passport for this pair does not matter. It is fun and interesting to spend time with each other, and to observe any traditions is not in their style.

Both the Gemini and the Sagittarius love all sorts of changes, changes, strive for everything new, they are drawn to the unknown and the unknown. In the pair of compatibility of Sagittarius and Gemini, there is simply no place for boredom, it is destroyed with a root, not yet having time to appear. They easily change their views and opinions, beliefs and outlook. By the way, this can cause mental uneasiness and complicate this marriage. In a family union, the Sagittarius and the Gemini man — friendship and a variety of interests play a much greater role than feelings.

The ideal couple is a Sagittarius woman and a Gemini man can often be found in the pedagogical collective and in the editorial office. Such couples have a common cause or a hobby, which greatly strengthens their relationship. They are very pleasant in communication, mobile, have many intellectual interests. Thanks to mutual support and understanding of each other, they, even in their old age, remain young souls.

A Sagittarius woman and a Gemini man are welcome guests in any company. They bring animation, and clean boredom where it appeared. As a rule, this couple has a lot of hobbies and hobbies. By the way, they can spend time separately and are not jealous of each other. Very often, their interests are related to intellectual activity — this is journalism, teaching and scientific work.

A pair of Sagittarius and Gemini often combines intellectual friendship. Their joint life, even years later, resembles a student’s novel. They hurry to each other to share news, discuss or argue on any issue.

As for financial security, there is rarely much money in this family. They can not save "on a light or rainy day." By the way, that only in alliance with the man-Gemini, the woman-Sagittarius is ready to endure lack of money. With him, she is so interested that everything else is pushed to the background. If a Sagittarius woman or a Gemini man finds their calling and engages in their favorite business, then by the time they reach adulthood, they become popular specialists with well-paid jobs. But, they will never learn to save money.

The biggest problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Sagittarius and Aries is the volatility and instability of both spouses. It is not enough for them simply to have a strong and lasting union in order to be happy. They are drawn to change. And often it happens that even partners who understand each other well are separated because they want something new. After parting, they remain good friends and do not keep each other as evil. But, the fact remains — as a married couple, they did not take place.

Another problem of a pair of Sagittarius woman and a Gemini man is that they look at many things in different ways. The same events or phenomena they evaluate each in their own way. So, the Sagittarius woman can blame Gemini for being unprincipled, while the Gemini man believes that the Sagittarius woman just does not notice the facts to please her convictions. Disputes in this union arise quite often, and move from an abstract idea to a person. In quarrels, the Sagittarius woman and the Gemini man do not know how to control themselves and often say what they later regret. Both partners are keen on the language, and if the Gemini man can scream and wittily joke, then the Sagittarius woman simply turns to screaming and demonstrates her fiery temperament, to which the Gemini is far away.

Perhaps, there is no such recipe, with the help of which it would be possible to save a pair of female Sagittarius and the man Gemini from the gap. According to the horoscope compatibility of Sagittarius and Gemini, their separation is most often due not to personal characteristics and not to life circumstances. And with that, and with the other, if desired, both could cope. The Sagittarius woman and the Gemini man are unstable — and this can not be changed anyway. But, you can reduce the risk of parting. To do this, you need to lead the most mobile life.

It is necessary to make sure that both, and especially the Gemini man, always had many new impressions. Also, the Sagittarius woman should not be tied to her husband’s house. When he feels full freedom, he will more appreciate the house, where you can return to take a break from the changes and enjoy the warmth of the home. Also, it is worth creating as many circumstances as possible, in which parting would be unprofitable. For example, a common cause, housing, children, etc. After all, this pair is not part of the fact that both have accumulated a lot of claims to each other, but because of the craving for freedom and the thirst for new impressions.

As for the difference in views, it often refers to abstract things. On household, life situations, these spouses do not argue. To this communication passed more gently and without "consequences", the Sagittarius woman needs to learn how to behave beautifully and tactfully. Then arguments and discussions will start to bring pleasure to both. The main thing in this business, be always on the alert, do not get carried away and do not go over the line beyond which an innocent dispute goes to the person.

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