Sagittarius Woman Leo Man

Leo man, will certainly sing out among many, a Sagittarius woman. He will be easily attracted by its bright appearance, magnetic energy seems to draw Leo in love with this lady. Their relationship is a volcano reminiscent of a flammable lava, there will also be moments of appeasement and prolonged peace. The Leo man and the Sagittarius woman build their relationship on mutual interest in the partner’s inner world.

The Leo plunges into captivity of passion with a head, absolutely uncomplainingly, unconditionally following her, like a "puppy", afraid to lose his master again. It is a pity, of course, but the Leo will not meet a similar assertiveness and desire to follow him, to fall into his dependence.

Woman Sagittarius, playful, she knows exactly how to lure a man. His restrained behavior, easy detachment, will give an opportunity to show the man to the full the role of the hunter. She will be patient, consistent, very insightful, to count her steps, words, in her spirit to give out indifference, but in reality to build cunning traps for Leo.

The Leo-man has become accustomed to universal attention, loves when he is ceremonious, courted, flattery pleasing, he praises, he also does not mind. And if the girl shows him frank coldness and indifference, he will easily surrender and will achieve his beloved before victorious triumph.

Conquer a Sagittarius woman, you can by ostentatious heroic deeds, she likes "bad boys", courageous, brave, authoritative. Leo follows his hot nature to hide a little, then a long romance is likely. A loving woman Sagittarius will never yield to the heart, the mind will prevail. Never in her actions will not see recklessness towards a man. Sagittarius is a woman of nature proud, obstinate, freedom-loving.

All these qualities will become a little duller as you grow up, it becomes more loyal, softer, more delicate. The most important thing in the world for Sagittarius is freedom, personal space. In relations strictly limits its conditions, rules, but it may well make compromises. The view on everyday life is about the same, the aspirations for a prosperous life are developed, the taste, style, places of rest usually coincide, without causing disagreements. In the relationship they strive to achieve harmony, trust, confidence in the future.

Their union is waiting for a prosperous, measured life. In it there is a place for original and unexpected events. For a Leo man, a Sagittarius woman will allow herself to express herself in freedom, not limit herself in freedom, easily transfer his desire to give directions, subject to subordination, she understands perfectly well that a man-Leo can not simply be otherwise.

Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Sagittarius woman and the Leo man — this union can be rightly attributed to the most successful, harmonious family unions. These two have similar views on life, character, they are equally fond of spending time. The similarity of the temperaments and characters of both partners is a real guarantee of a happy family union. In addition, both are active, energetic, optimistic, intelligent and uncommon. A pair of female Sagittarius and a male Leo, as a rule, are very beautiful and gifted children.

The Leo man tries to create for his beloved partner simply ideal conditions for life, no one as he does not understand so well in the labyrinths of her soul, understands her aspirations, desires and needs. And not only understands, but also tries to satisfy them. For Sagittarius, such a man is the embodiment of God on earth.

The Sagittarius woman and the Leo man in life are best friends, in bed — passionate lovers. They are able to take care of each other, support in a difficult moment. Sagittarius and Leo are even willing to give their partner a certain degree of freedom and turn a blind eye to certain shortcomings. But most importantly, they have an invaluable ability to infect each other with their positive.

A pair of Sagittarius woman and a Leo man perfectly match each other. They have an envy of other couples, excellent compatibility. From the outside on such people it is pleasant to look. Sociable, interesting, successful, happy with their lives. They have a fairly active lifestyle. Leo man is able to work hard and achieve significant success. A Sagittarius woman, even if she chose the role of a housewife for herself, does not limit her interests to her home. This couple travels a lot, and even rest is also active. They almost always have any creative project or an interesting hobby.

In the pair Sagittarius and Leo compatibility there is no struggle for leadership. The Woman-Sagittarius gladly gives the right to be the chief in the family of the Leo man. He acts for him as an understanding and reliable comrade, not a competitor.

In sexual relations, this couple is also full of harmony. They have great sexual compatibility. Treason in this union are so rare that even mention them is not worth it. They are so well suited to each other that few people can compete with both the Sagittarian woman and the Leo man. For the Leo man — the Sagittarius woman is the best woman in the world, and for him it is, as already mentioned above, just the embodiment of God on earth.

Perhaps, in the compatibility of the Sagittarius and Leo Zodiac signs, the only problem may be that the Leo man in personal relationships bahave as dictator, and the woman-Sagittarius is very freedom-loving and seeks to find the truth in everything. In this family there will be problems if the Leo man was unable to become her authority, and she will not obey for the sake of profit. In this situation, both partners will lose. The Sagittarius woman really needs a strong partner, without which she can not succeed. She, though, refers to strong personalities, but can not overcome all obstacles encountered in her path.

The Sagittarius woman realizes that she achieves much only because of her luck, and she can not overcome serious obstacles alone. And the man-Leo is the leader, the head of the family, who will help to achieve success. And Leo, without his companion, is blown away and sour. It is very important for him to feel admiration, devotion, approval and praise. Without this, he achieves very little or nothing at all. In general, without the support of a wise woman, he turns from a king of beasts into a "shabby cat".

In the character of the Sagittarius woman there is such a feature — she always idealizes the beloved man. During this period of so-called idealization, she does not see any shortcomings and is happy that she met the ideal man. But, fortunately, or unfortunately, idealization ends sooner or later. Then the Sagittarius woman begins to feel resentment towards her partner, she seems to have deceived her, and relations, still strong yesterday, can now be destroyed by the breeze of a little breeze. This is the biggest problem of this pair.

According to the horoscope compatibility of Sagittarius and Leo, in order to avoid this and keep the relationship harmonious, the Sagittarius woman simply needs to re-learn her partner, now "real". You can arrange a honeymoon and discover many positive qualities in your man. For example, a Leo man is rather attractive, knows how to arrange for himself, he is loved in companies for wit. In addition, he knows how to conduct business, and generously gives gifts. He is a creative and bright person, and together with him it is good to travel, to make country walks.

Leo man can also be advised - never stop on what has been achieved. Always go forward and only forward. A Sagittarius woman can not be conquered once and for all. You love flattery and compliments and you are pleased with the sincere admiration of your woman. If you stop, she suddenly feels that you have nothing to praise.

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