Sagittarius Woman Pisces Man

If a Sagittarius woman and Pisces man can see each other’s love potential, they can really catch a bird of happiness, although given the mutual frivolity and frivolity, they can simply overlook each other. In this case, they can be united only by unity and aspiration to one goal or religious beliefs.

Pisces man is shy, timid, laconic. This personality is closed, it attracts solitude, loneliness. Easily lends itself to conviction, suggestion, they can easily be guided and moved for the sake of high goals. It has the strength of spirit, aggression, but these qualities are shown only when he is very angry or his patience "burst". In life, someone else’s opinion is very authoritative for him, but he does not criticize his thoughts either. His inner world is harmonious, reserved, he lives by the rules of decency and permissiveness.

The Sagittarius woman is an incomprehensible person for him, too smart and insightful, he is even afraid of her. She is really naturally erudite, smart, dexterous, cunning. Her mind is more like a man’s, she is quite logical and far-sighted. The Sagittarius woman has endurance, composure. She keeps her promises, does not like to be indebted to anyone. However, she is also characterized by childishness, naivety, gullibility.

In life, a woman Sagittarius aspires to leadership, occupy leadership positions, manage people. She is fair, honest, a bit cruel, but only in exceptional cases. In her profession she achieves effective results, her colleagues appreciate and appreciate her. Man Pisces in the family will in every way surreptitiously manipulate the emotions of the woman Sagittarius, trying to persuade her decisions in her direction. By the way, not always in vain, because indeed sometimes his impulses are subject to a wise sense.

The problem in the pair can be in the impossibility of realizing, will be expressed in the life of the man Pisces. Do it professionally, there will be no problems. But if he is at home and at work, he will be subordinate, then it can lead to irritation and depression because of his own insolvency. Man Pisces as a free artist does not tolerate leadership, and urging on matters, his work should have a creative free approach, not burdened by a temporary factor, and various regimes.

A couple can achieve harmony, and to envy everyone to create a strong family, but for this it should clearly limit the opportunities and responsibilities of everyone. Through dialogue, solve all problems related to everyday life, recreation, solving financial problems of the family and raising children. Having solved these questions, doing each one’s own business, love will have a better chance of reminding oneself more often.

Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Sagittarius women and Pisces men, their union is quite rare, and it can rightfully be called an alliance of opposites. Pisces man, got used to calmly go with the flow and solving his problems trusts fate. A woman-Sagittarius is active, energetic and, in the event of problems, has become accustomed to acting, and not waiting for "weather from the sea". In connection with such a different approach to life, they find it difficult to understand each other.

In the family life, the Sagittarius woman, as a rule, tries to stir up the Pisces man, however, almost always, she achieves the opposite result. However, if Sagittarius truly loves her Pisces man, then she is able to appreciate in him his inner harmony, talent and kindness. In addition, the female Sagittarius and the man-Pisces have good sexual compatibility.

If a pair of Sagittarius-Pisces learn to yield to each other, then this union of two opposites will exist long and happily. Each partner will bring his strengths into it and this will make him very strong. The strength of the Pisces’ feelings and the optimism of the Sagittarius woman will allow him to withstand any life troubles.

An ideal pair of Sagittarius female and Pisces male tie together high spiritual ideals. Often this is a union of deeply believing people. They can also be philanthropists, always ready to defend ideals and help others. From them beautiful parents are obtained, who teach their children justice and charity.

The Sagittarius woman and the Pisces man are easily together, despite the fact that they have a completely different character. The most difficulties they experience at the beginning of a relationship, and then get used to each other, they learn to give in. The dispute between them can arise only on fundamental, important issues, and the way to such matters does not apply. Both female Sagittarius and male-Pisces are flexible enough, can adapt to circumstances, and change under the influence of a partner.

In the ideal pair of compatibility Sagittarius and Pisces, the role of the getter is assumed by the Sagittarius woman. The Pisces man loves money, but does not like to earn money. And the Sagittarius woman is lucky. Therefore, the prosperity of this pair often exceeds the average threshold, and the Sagittarius woman does not need to move the man’s ambition (this only leads to quarrels). Despite the possibility of strong physical attraction, the marriage union between the Sagittarian woman and the Pisces man is very problematic.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Sagittarius and Pisces is that the male-Pisces is unsettled by the ambition of the Sagittarius woman to a high social status. It distracts him from the world of fantasy and imagination, forcing him to work. An exception can only be made up of couples where a Pisces man engages in music, painting, and literature.

More often than not, the Pisces man is a homebody, and the Sagittarius woman likes to travel, go on a visit, lead an active lifestyle. And with this it is the most difficult to reconcile. Pisces interests do not go beyond imagination, but in order to satiate it, it lacks books, music, the Internet. Even if a Pisces man dreams of a career or feats of a superhero, he will not do anything to achieve what he wants. And if the Sagittarius woman tries to "push" her life partner, showing him how much better his life will be, it will lead to scandals.

At some point, the Sagittarius woman may seem that she is at a dead end. She is not ready to give up everything she is interested in, but she does not want to leave her Pisces man. That is why the pairs of female Sagittarius and male-Pisces are so rare. If a Sagittarius woman sacrifice her own interests, she dies, life becomes dim and not interesting for her. And the male Pisces, who was forced to go out into the world, is an unhappy man. From the sense of self-preservation people of these signs part. But there is another way to solve this problem.

According to the horoscope compatibility of Sagittarius and Pisces, in order for their family to have harmony, the Sagittarius woman will have to look for something that touches the thin strings of the soul of the man Pisces. As a result, the Pisces man will be satisfied, and the outlook of the Sagittarius woman will expand considerably. Do not drag him into a noisy society, to parties with dances. For him there will not be anything interesting. His own fantasies are much brighter and more colorful than any party or excursion. If you suddenly want to introduce him to interesting people, then this too will not bring the expected result. He will not confide with strangers.

The best way for both is to have a rest in the forest or near the river alone or in the company of a few close friends. You can invite him to participate in a charity event — a man-Pisces sympathizes and compassionate all living things.

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