Sagittarius Woman Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man — is the most scandalous union of the two leaders, as both dream of superiority, superiority in relationships. Their struggle will lead either to compromises or to a rupture. Not allowing emotions to take upward over a love relationship, a couple is able to create a family based on trust, understanding, love. For both, it is important to have a comfortable existence both in everyday life and emotionally.

Sagittarius combines all the qualities of greatness, power, strength of spirit. A real male breed. They are able to have fun, like adventures and travel. They optimistically look at life, both have developed a keen intuition, often come in a cheerful mood. A Sagittarius man, when he is interested in business, literally gives up for the result and the desired effect. It’s hard to call him a laborer, but the rush is amazing. The truth-seeker, mercenary, seeks profit in any matter, "just so" will not strain.

Sagittarius woman is beautiful, effective, attractive. Has an impeccable taste, follows fashion, exquisitely emphasizes its beauty. The problem of the couple in incontinence of coarse words, sometimes strong utterances destroy relationships forever. Carefully, accurately inform the satellite of their claims, then he will be able to explain his arguments adequately and calmly. The couple are not averse to rushing into adventures, dangerous adventures, although with age it passes.

In his youth, Sagittarius has a lot of perfect nonsense, far-fetched illusions and, as a result, disappointments. Both adore to present surprises, pleasantness, to please their chosen one. They strive for impressions, they are not stranger to extreme experiments, tests.

In relationships, appreciate decency, honesty of a partner. Their steps are predictable, easy to calculate partner. Do not welcome in their environment people of quiet disposition, secretive, pessimistic, people with strict conservative views. For many, their truth "cuts" the eye, since the hypocrisy of others can cause aggression from Sagittarius.

It is hard to imagine how they can live alone without the other. Probably, this is not possible. People who have built their relationships on trust with a person with whom they have gone through all the hardships and joys, having become attached to the soul and body, are unlikely to decide on divorce. By the way, in words there will be threats of parting, which in fact is unlikely. Their union will always be bright, colorful with incredible stories, their warmth and love will overwhelm and envelop all who are around. Having passed along the road of life together, they will treat their companion with deep respect and gratitude for their patience and reasonableness.

Sagittarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of women Sagittarius and Sagittarius, this marriage union is distinguished by its brightness, originality, liveliness. In their relationship there will always be a lot of fun, travel, business trips, sudden surprises. Both spouses are characterized by activity and rough activity. In addition, between the Sagittarian woman and the Sagittarius man, a strong physical attraction almost immediately arises. They have great sexual compatibility and a lot of fantasies about this.

Both Sagittarius are interested in spending time together, as a rule, they are excellent friends, and they can have a great novel that will remain in your memory forever. Very often, between these signs, a real great love breaks out. Both partners are just crazy about each other, but they can not live a long and happy life together. Their union is not very strong because of the freedom and independence of both spouses. Their character and way of life does not imply obligations and plans for a long life.

In the ideal pair Sagittarius-Sagittarius there is always full mutual understanding. These two are on the same wave. They like the same thing, they like to spend time equally, go to theaters, cinema, travel to expensive resorts and go hiking. Also, they can be found in prestigious restaurants, seminars and hobby-courses. On surrounding people they make a pleasant impression. They are active, intelligent, sociable. They like to be invited to the company, to parties, but if there are quiet home gatherings in a small circle is not for them. The fact is that this pair is so active and noisy that it seems that there are not two of them, but a minimum of a dozen.

There is another kind of Sagittarius female and a Sagittarius male couple . As a rule, these are spiritually mature people who follow the path of religion, esoterics or philosophy. They are teachers and mentors. They have certain strong beliefs and seek to share their knowledge with others around them. The most important thing for them in life is truth. Together they are not only loving spouses, but also associates, like-minded people. By the way, they can be not only servants of the church or philosophers, but also teachers, about whom they say: "They are from God."

The main problem of the Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility is the freedom of both, as well as their constant desire for a new, unknowable. The sign of Sagittarius is controlled by the planet Jupiter. All those born under the sign of Sagittarius as air need freedom, travel and expansion of their interests. In this situation, it is difficult for a Sagittarius woman, that a Sagittarius man, to remain with the same partner. If a pair of Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man breaks up, it always happens by mutual consent and both remain good friends, keeping in memory a wonderful memory of the time spent together.

Another difficulty of this pair is connected with the attitude of Sagittarius to the truth. Despite the fact that people born under the sign of Sagittarius, do not tolerate lies and evasions, appreciate openness and truth, at the same time like to exaggerate and embellish themselves. If their partner, born under another sign of the Zodiac, is less "truth-loving," he will simply close his eyes to Sagittarius’s exaggerations. But if in a pair of two Sagittarius, they will embellish any information and at the same time take offense, having received the same from the partner.

According to the horoscope compatibility Sagittarius-Sagittarius, most often the strongest are couples who are about 30 years old. As a rule, by this age the direction in which Sagittarius want to develop or "expand" has already been formed. It can be the achievement of wealth and reputation, or travel and knowledge of the world. Or maybe someone is on the path of spiritual development. In all these cases, to establish a strong alliance with a person also born in the sign of Sagittarius, is very high. The fact is that in this case, the partners are already looking for themselves not only as partners in life, but as associates. At a young age, it is very difficult to stay together because of the variety of possibilities that the world offers.

Therefore, if a pair of Sagittarius and Sagittarius are still young, they can only be advised not to rush to create a family. Let the turbulent romance last as long as possible. And if this couple is really "half" for each other, then over the years, they will be able to form a lasting, happy family alliance.

To defeat Sagittarius’s penchant for exaggeration will help a great sense of humor, which also has representatives of these signs. Do not catch your partner at word, and to the epic stories, in which the story of your spouse or wife turns about going to the store, treat with humor.

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