Sagittarius Woman Scorpio Man

For Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man couple a star promise a stable and even relationship. They have much in common in their views on life, everyday life, both strive for spiritual knowledge, the realization of their own interests and goals. A spectacular couple, many look back at him. Indeed, they both love each other, they have originality even in appearance. The couple prefers to spend time outside the home, traveling or doing public affairs.

In their union there is understanding, agreement, they successfully complement each other. The shortcomings of one are more than compensated by positive features in the other. The Scorpio man is a peculiar nature, he has an individuality, there is a mystery in him, his soul is a mystery to many. His main qualities are endurance, patience, justice. He is very flattered by the attention and love of the beautiful and attractive woman Sagittarius.

Woman Sagittarius appreciates independence, freedom of personal space. Does not like when they interfere in her affairs, teach or give advice. Sagittarius woman is intelligent, "sharp on the tongue", has a sparkling sense of humor. In her environment there is always a couple of admirers, admirers. It is inherent dreaminess, fantasy is sometimes beyond the real possibilities. Both intellectuals are endowed with a clever and logical mind. Between them there will always be topics for discussion and interesting disputes.

The Scorpio man will press on his chosen one if she goes to noisy institutions or travels, but it is precisely attempts to "tame" Sagittarius to go into conflict. An amazing couple, both clearly take their positions in the union, even without discussing anything in advance. The Sagittarius woman, most likely, will take the dominant position in relations. She will happily assume responsibility, resolve issues, observe a calm course of relations.

The Scorpio man is assertive, hardworking, will provide a material base, which will allow the family not to worry about daily bread. The pair is connected by one thread, their plans and vision of how to achieve them are the same. Spectacular tandem, amazing intuition for both, feel at a distance partner, what events he is experiencing, and what his mood is. The problem may be the inconstancy of the Scorpio man. He never admits to love adventures on the side. He will not say that he really does not have enough in the relationship, he will seek the warmth and affluence of love in the hands of another woman.

Fortunately, the astute woman Sagittarius will foresee everything and hardly Scorpio will be deprived of affection. A Scorpio man can make a Sagittarius woman truly happy. It is in his power to understand this woman, to give him love, to give support and male support. The marriage of this couple will be amicable, diverse and successful.

Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Sagittarius women and Scorpio men, they have many similar character traits, but this union can not be called durable, both partners are free-loving, independent and temperamental, and it usually takes quite a long time to be seen and appreciated Dignity of each other.

When a Sagittarius woman talk about her relationship with a Scorpio man, she says, "You never know what to expect from him." And do you know what the Scorpion men say about their life with a Sagittarian woman? The same! These signs never predict the behavior of each other, and this is the charm of their relationship. The family union between the Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman is quite common.

The Scorpio man is very jealous, and the charming Sagittarius woman gives him many reasons for jealousy. This leads to rapid clarification of the relationship. The Sagittarius woman is very sensitive to her freedom, and all the expressions of the burning jealousy of the Scorpio man are perceived by her as an encroachment on her personal freedom. The duration of the relationship in a pair of Sagittarius-Scorpio compatibility depends primarily on the patience of the Scorpio man, his perseverance and the ability to inspire Sagittarius to think about the benefits of marriage.

In the ideal pair of Sagittarius women and Scorpio men there is always full trust and mutual understanding. The Scorpio man is very jealous and treats his wife as a property, but in an ideal pair he learns to control his negative feelings and allows the freedom-loving Sagittarius woman to spend time with friends, to walk away from him. And the Sagittarius woman, in turn, feels that the Scorpio man loves spending more time at home, in solitude, and does not pull him in a company where he will be hard, and also invites friends to his house less often. The ideal couple is a Sagittarius woman and a Scorpio man is never bored with each other. These two people like surprises, and they are constantly being presented, endlessly surprising their soul mate. This feeds both the restless nature of the Scorpion man, and the loving movement of the Sagittarius woman.

There is another kind of ideal pair of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Of course, many will say: "Is this the ideal couple - they are always swearing." Yes it is. But, the fact is that such couples, despite everything, live together very long and rarely break up, which means that such relations are ideal for them. In the society, the Scorpio man behaves silently and sullenly, while the Sagittarius woman is active at this time, noisy and constantly punctures her man, who reacts very sluggishly to all this. The Sagittarius woman is sharp on the tongue and does not hesitate to scold or ridicule her husband with strangers. But, but when they return home, he will fully recoup on it for it. This happens when the Scorpio man is too developed suspicion for peace and craving for self-destruction, and the woman-Sagittarius has formed an anti-ideal instead of the ideal. Well, people found each other.

The most serious problems in the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac Sagittarius and Scorpio arise at the very beginning of the relationship, until they get used to each other and not learn to trust. The Scorpio man is an "eerie owner", and the Sagittarius woman does not tolerate restrictions. She has a reasonable mind, she is able to make her own decisions, and she does not like being controlled and framed, and the Scorpio man is uncomfortable when he can not manage the actions of the partner.

The Sagittarius woman is sincere, open and does not make secrets from her life, but for every little thing she is not going to report to anyone. She does not tolerate boredom, she needs constant advance, fire, new impressions. In addition, the Scorpio man is very jealous and sees treason where there is not even a hint of them. All this very much insults the woman-Sagittarius. These contradictions and confrontation cause high tension, create a negative field, preventing partners from finding a common language in order to uphold common goals.

Another problem that can arise in a pair of Sagittarius female and a Scorpio male is a different attitude to money. The Sagittarius woman is generous, and loves to spend more than permissible, and Scorpio is thrifty. On this basis they may also have arguments.

According to the horoscope of compatibility of Sagittarius and Scorpio, in order for their family to have harmony, it is first of all necessary to learn to trust each other and respect the personal freedom of one’s partner. Mutual trust and respect does not come at once. The Scorpio man is patient, and he needs to put his patience on the family’s favor — he learns to restrain his instincts and does not hurry up with conclusions. The Sagittarius woman also needs to learn how to respect her spouse’s right to privacy. She needs to understand that he is not like her. He periodically needs seclusion and secrecy. Do not try to re-educate him, arranging noisy holidays in his house. From this nothing good will come of it.

The Scorpio man is very domineering, and the Sagittarius woman is pliable and tries to adapt to all circumstances. Therefore, if she succumbs to his manipulation, then he will break her cheerfulness and optimism. In this case, neither the woman Sagittarius nor the Scorpio man next to the extinguished Sagittarius will be happy.

In order to avoid disputes over monetary issues, it is necessary that each partner has a portion of the money that he could spend at his own discretion. Over time, when the couple learn to respect and trust each other. These disagreements may disappear. Respect will not allow the Scorpio man to control the expenditure of the Sagittarius woman, and Sagittarius - to ridicule the economics and stinginess of Scorpio.

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