Sagittarius Woman Virgo Man

The Virgo man will never remain indifferent to the woman of Sagittarius. He will be struck by her uniqueness, beauty, manners, look, smile, he will fully immerse himself in the love of this woman. The Virgo man sees his chosen one as an extraordinary person, special, mysterious for him. However, initially the seemingly complete idyll of the couple can often present surprises, often not always pleasant.

Virgo man is understandable, earthly, with real and natural desires to create a family, raise children, strengthen the material base, achieve maximum comfort and quality of life. The Sagittarius woman is a bright, emotional person. Problems arise from its inconsistency, since it first acts, and only then thinks. Unfortunately, at the stage of development of relations there can be a misunderstanding in terms of different views on life and life. The Sagittarian woman has a craving for extreme antics, risky ventures.

It will necessarily evoke a desire, to attach to its insane idea of a man-Virgo, but here she will meet a complete lack of understanding, resistance of a man, since it is not in his spirit to risk a quiet life for the sake of thrill, even for the sake of material gain. The man-Virgo is a prosperous, reasonable, balanced man. It has a sense of self-esteem, a little healthy vanity, a desire to subordinate everything to certainty, order.

In their relationship, the couple will often face mutual misunderstanding, which will lead to long-running conflicts and unrest. To maintain a relationship, one of the partners needs to take on the role of a loyal, compliant person, then there will be less aggressive ill-conceived actions. Both in a pair should not succumb to the provocation of a partner, minimize verbal quarrels, as in moments of anger they usually do not control their statements.

They should give everyone the freedom of personal space, reconcile with the existence of another opinion, learn to appreciate those qualities that are positive. Ideally, for a couple, it is necessary to create common interests, themes and hobbies. The couple needs to be distracted by the cultural development and growth of intelligence, creativity, sports, in order to give the relationship a "breathe". This will undoubtedly lead to a happy marriage, satisfaction with your life, and also the person you have chosen. Despite the negative compatibility indicators, any couple can achieve happiness, the apogee of joy and pleasure of being together.

Sagittarius Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Sagittarius woman and the Virgo man, this family union can be successful only if both are sufficiently developed spiritually, trust each other and do not limit the personal space and freedom of their partner.

The woman-Sagittarius and the Virgo man have a strong physical attraction. But, despite this, there is a huge difference in temperament and in views on life. In this marriage, everyone looks at the outside world only from their bell tower. The tension in the relationship begins to manifest almost immediately after the wedding. The Sagittarius woman is annoyed by the daily lectures of the Virgo man about the necessity and usefulness of labor, about prospects and real possibilities.

Also, the Sagittarius woman can not stand idle talk and talk about anything - eloquent phrases and figures about such concepts as "duty", "duty" and "responsibility" of each member of the family in front of their small collective, etc. etc. In the opinion of the Virgo man everything should be clear and clear, and Sagittarius can not understand why even love should be shackled and dragged deep into the "strict regime camp with walks only on schedule."

The Virgo man often happens, is subjugated by the embodiment of his complete opposite - the Sagittarian woman. But, in this union, its thrift and calculation to the smallest detail, collides with the complete disregard of the Sagittarian woman to money. The man-Virgo likes to feel his concern with affairs, and he does not understand the desire of the Sagittarius woman to have fun. Also, the man-Virgo is faced with the restlessness and passion for traveling and changing places in the Sagittarius woman, which also does not cause him enthusiasm.

But, in the pair Sagittarius-Virgo compatibility there are also positive moments. One of them is the cheerfulness of the Sagittarius woman. Nobody like her, does not know how to raise the mood of a Virgo man and distract him from everyday worries. Already only for the sake of this, he is ready to turn a blind eye to many of its "weaknesses."

Even an ideal pair of Sagittarius female and Virgo male from the side looks like from an anecdote. These are the partners that grandmothers-neighbors like to discuss: "Why do you cook yourself a dinner (you wash your shirt, iron), and the wife goes out with her friends?". And these neighbors are very difficult to explain that the Virgo man does it with great joy. And he will gladly spend time at home and alone, because he needs a personal space and a personal time, closed to everyone, including for the closest people. A woman-Sagittarius at this time enjoys socializing with friends or doing self-education, which is extremely important for her.

In a perfect pair, the Sagittarius woman and the Virgo man have a great respect and trust in each other. Without this, they can not do, because most of the time they spend separately. Often they have a good financial situation, which causes envy in gossiping grandmothers-neighbors. However, in Sagittarius-Virgo compatibility, this couple can do well without the "blessings of civilization". Both often choose the spiritual path of development. The Virgo man has a penchant for a philosopher-health way of life, he can be a vegetarian, practice raw food and starvation. And the Sagittarius woman needs rules of life, a certain philosophy. She does not like to live simply, and she will happily follow her beloved.

The main difficulty in the compatibility of the Sagittarius and the Virgo Zodiac signs, with which they are facing is a different attitude to money. The Virgo man does not like to waste money. It even can be attributed to "scumbers and greedy." The Sagittarius woman, on the contrary, willingly spends money on beautiful little things, loves luxury and broad gestures. Therefore, a Sagittarius woman can never wait for the chic, which, in her opinion, should show a real man. The Virgo man does not like unreasonable spending and is careful in everything.

Even a gift, which he will carefully choose for your birthday or anniversary of living together, will always be useful and relevant. If a Sagittarius woman want to spend a vacation in an expensive resort, then she should find a lot of valid arguments "for", why she wants to spend time there. A Virgo man can only be generous on this trip if he realizes that this is not a waste of money. For example, this trip can be useful for health, there will be excellent food, etc.

Another problem of a pair of female Sagittarius and male Virgo is in the intellectual and spiritual realms. The Sagittarius woman is a real idealist. If she adheres to a religion, a life credo, then she is as sincere as possible in this. Naturally, Virgo does not like it when she criticizes his views on the world, the philosophical system. With her logical mind, she will easily find gaps in your ideals, and tactless wit will allow her to tell anecdotes about religion.

As mentioned above, a Sagittarius woman and a Virgo man have different attitudes toward money, which can lead to more problems. But, it is worth noting that, to a greater extent, these problems, will affect those couples in which the woman-Sagittarius married a Virgo man by calculation. In this case, the Sagittarius woman is very annoyed by the careful attitude to the money of the Virgo man, because she wants a luxurious life, trips to expensive resorts, etc. The Virgo man, by the way, does not mind keeping his life partner, but he will do it on his own terms and in the borders he has set himself.

For that Sagittarius woman, who has little interest in money, such an alliance can bring everything she wants: the possibility of freedom, personal growth, spiritual life, a cozy home created solely by the efforts of the Virgo man, and of course, postponed for "stock "A decent amount of money. So, according to the horoscope compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo, if a woman-Sagittarius does not like a different attitude to money, she just needs to stop pretending to them, and change their attitude to this situation. It is necessary to begin to perceive the economical expenditure of a Virgo man as gifts "from heaven", and the desire to put off on a "rainy day", as insurance in the future, which can be very useful, how everything will change immediately.

Another problem in a pair of Sagittarius women and Virgo men is the hiccups and remarks of the Virgo man. This very often leads the couple to parting. But, the man Virgo does not change. Therefore, do not even try to enlighten him, teach your view of the world, reveal to him the deep sacral meaning of your beliefs, it will only harm you both. To keep harmony in the family, it is better to engage in spiritual and spiritual growth, work on yourself. Accept the fact of the character of the Virgo man and treat him calmly. In addition, a Virgo man never seeks to win a dispute, so it is easy enough for him to explain that his behavior is unpleasant to you.

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