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Between a Scorpio woman and an Aquarius man communication is very difficult, because both are too different and completely differently thinking people. There is an unearthly attraction, an illogical development and much that is incomprehensible to others, but acceptable to both.

Although in relations a woman Scorpio will always have a leading position, however, the artful Scorpio will arrange everything so that a naive Aquarius man will be deeply convinced of his leading role. The calculating mind of the woman of Scorpio uses various manipulations and tricks that allow her to behave this way. Cleverly tie the man of Aquarius to himself, although he has no inclination for attachments, especially with regard to women. A cobweb woven by a woman Scorpio will last a long time to hold a man of Aquarius. These complex relationships, so absorb it, that frequent quarrels and conflicts can not be avoided. Although it is unlikely to reach the point of separation.

Their lives will pass in constant proof to each other of their own solvency, and hence the right to be the first. In addition, such enthusiasm, the spirit of rivalry will help to break through professionally, teach to be persistent, assertive, hardworking. The Aquarius man will often reproach his chosen one in adventurism, cold calculation, callousness. A Scorpio woman also has something to prick her lover. Her caustic sense of humor, ridicule to the depths of the soul hurt the vulnerable man of Aquarius.

The Scorpio woman is an ambitious, stubborn, independent person. In it there is a closed own cozy world of thoughts and thoughts. She always looks great, you will never see her without make-up or without manicure. She is demanding of her appearance, she also seeks the same qualities in her chosen one. She is impressed by stately, tall, courageous men. In the Aquarius man there is beauty, cheerful disposition, he is an ardent lover. Can beautifully look after, lure beautiful words and promises.

In fact, he is often a liar, his words are not always confirmed by actions. He is talkative, an irrepressible female love, there are always many friends and friends with whom he prefers to have fun and noisy time.

Surprisingly, although both understand how difficult and difficult it is for them to be together, yet they simply do not have enough strength to part with each other. In the struggle for the last word, it is difficult for people to discern that, in fact, they could create a happy family. In this case, without mutual re-education or character adjustment, this is impossible. A Scorpio woman and an Aquarius man are very romantic, they like to take an interest in interesting things, to find a hobby. In joint affairs, not relating to love, they could find in their partner a friend, an excellent and reliable partner, seeing in him those qualities that had not previously been seen.

Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Scorpio women and the Aquarius men, this union is very difficult emotionally. On the one hand, the Aquarius man and the Scorpion woman have excellent sexual compatibility. The dust and passion of the Scorpion woman is enough for two, and the bright man Aquarius brings enchantment and unpredictability to these relations. Often they fall in love with each other on the first date, however, in a joint life, differences in the characters make themselves felt, pouring out into hot clarification of the relationship. It can be safely asserted that the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman meet in order to grow spiritually. This pair confirms the aphorism: "What does not kill me makes me stronger and stronger".

A Scorpio woman is a man of action, and a man Aquarius is a dreamer. They can never understand each other. In addition, they have very big differences in temperament, and in character, in views and opinions, in convictions and outlook. A Scorpio woman does not like to decide anything and do just that, or by the way. For her every little thing has a certain meaning and significance. Especially love and marriage, which she dreams of concluding once and for life.

The Aquarius man prefers free relationships, he likes free love, and he does not understand the proprietary habits of the Scorpion woman. They have a completely different attitude to such concepts as "love and marriage", "duty and responsibility." Everyone understands them in their own way, as if they speak different languages. Over time, the Scorpio woman manages to tame the negative features of the Aquarius man, his willfulness and self-will, stubbornness and obstinacy, and even accustom him to fidelity. A happy couple in compatibility Scorpio-Aquarius is not suitable for any standards: it has its own way, often incomprehensible to others, the way.

Even an ideal pair of a Scorpio woman and an Aquarius man does not look very harmonious. In this pair there is mutual respect, but none of the surrounding can understand what is connecting these people. The fact is, even after long years of living together, each of them has their own friends who do not really like a half of a friend. Friends of a Aquarius man do not like a Scorpio woman, because they believe that she destroys their friendship. As soon as the man-Aquarius marries, then immediately night gatherings and visits without warning. And the girlfriends of the Scorpio woman are dissatisfied with the fact that now her attention belongs wholly to her husband.

Astrologers in one voice argue that all the pairs of female Scorpio and the male Aquarius were formed in order to grow spiritually. Conventional worldly happiness to these partners is not available. In a marriage with an Aquarius man, Scorpio learns to be an exemplary mistress and wife. She selflessly serves her husband, as she understands his high mission to live the future and bring many new discoveries to this world. An Aquarius man next to a Scorpio woman learns not to be scattered over numerous trifles. She organizes him external control, and helps to maintain discipline. By the way, if a man-Aquarius learns self-discipline, then he is really capable of great things.

In a perfect pair, a Scorpio woman supports and participates in many hobbies and hobbies of her Aquarius man. They are interested in spending time together, there is always something to talk about. Therefore, despite numerous difficulties, this bright and extravagant union can be very long.

The difficulties described below in a pair of Scorpio women and Aquarius men refer only to those couples in whom there is true love. Couples in which there is no love, very quickly fall apart even before they have time to face difficulties. They are very different. But those families in which there are real strong feelings deserve to be happy and therefore for a loved one is not a sin and fight.

The main problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Scorpio and Aquarius lies in stubbornness and not the ability to find compromises. Both the Scorpio woman and the Aquarius man are incredibly stubborn. Of course, a Scorpio woman has a tendency to doubt her own rightness, but if she has already decided something, she will stick to her decision until she is victorious. A man-Aquarius generally considers his decisions to be the only correct ones. As a result of clashes of two "right", but opposite decisions, the couple quarrels.

Most often, disputes arise because of money and the distribution of the family budget. They look differently at whom, and in what cases, should be lent. As a result, the Scorpio woman forbids her husband to lend the "five to pay" for beer, but as a result she faces the fact that the Aquarius man, to spite her, pays all the salaries to her friends, and even on the terms "will be given sometime later". In addition, the Aquarius man does not understand the difference between the fact that he lends his friends to the "bumps" and that his wife bought the last medicine for her nephew. By his act, he demonstrates resentment and misunderstanding.

Another problem faced by a pair of Scorpio women and Aquarius men is far more serious than money. A Scorpio woman treat her spouse very biased. She is ready for everything, because he is the most beloved and important person. For a Scorpio woman, this is already a weighty reason to distinguish him from all other people. A man, Aquarius, despite his love for the Scorpio woman, continues to treat her like any other friends and assess her from the standpoint of objectivity. The Scorpio woman is perplexed and falls into a stupor, because she thinks that she too has the right to expect a special attitude.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Scorpio and Aquarius, so that in their family there was harmony, it is necessary to try not to allow quarrels because of the obstinacy of both partners. This can be achieved if the zones of responsibility or influence are distributed in advance. A Scorpio woman and Aquarius man must agree on who and in what cases are responsible for the decision. In this case, the second partner simply has no right to insist on his decision. The best distribution will be where the Scorpio woman will be responsible for all subjective and personal moments, those where susceptibility and feelings are important. For example, for the atmosphere in the family (and, consequently, for what guests to invite, and which not to let in the family "fortress"). A man-Aquarius should be entrusted with an objective relationship with the outside world (for example, to whom of the friends and when the couple herself will go to visit).

As for the second problem — the desire of a Scorpio woman (well-founded) to be "special" for her man, then she will have to explain to the Aquarius man long and persistently that she should not occupy an equal place among his many friends and not be subjected to the same Evaluation, as friends. A Scorpio woman will have to gradually educate her partner. It is worth noting that she is able to do this and explain to him that if he does not forgive her what his friends do not forgive, then it will be done for him exactly as much as others. For example, to wash his clothes and prepare food, it will not begin before Aquarius’s friends will do it for him. A Scorpio woman should remember that Aquarius man, as a rule, grow up in problem families and just need to be taught how to distinguish family relations from friendships.

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