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The Cancer man attracts to such extravagant and uneasy women who are born under the sign of Scorpio. Their authoritarianism allows Cancer to feel the desired maternal power, where one can show weaknesses. Having created a family, Cancer and Scorpio will ensure a reliable rear, a saturated intimate side.

The cause for conflict may be the temper of a Scorpio woman. Lightning wrath of Scorpio, dangerous for a vulnerable Cancer. He is able to fence off for a long time with a "blank wall" of silence. Fortunately, the Scorpio woman is quick-witted, the first is in a hurry to reconcile. However, in many cases, Cancer, could calm down the lover before the conflict. In particular, using for these his excellent sense of humor, the ability to kindly laugh at the problem, during a hug and reassure the woman.

A Scorpio woman is a liberated, unordinary, energetic person. In her head are constantly building plans for the future, ideas in creativity, achievements in the sphere of her interests. Relationships in a pair can become ideal, if they learn to control their emotions, they will be able to give up long debilitating quarrels and silences.

Between the man Cancer and the woman Scorpio unrequited blind love is possible, especially from the man. Not ready for a serious relationship, seeking only a short-time entertainment, a Scorpio woman is capable of plunging Cancer into dependence. She can calmly destroy the family, break the soft and supple Cancer heart.

Such a fateful feature in the women of Scorpio is found, fortunately, not often, but the man Cancer should be careful, since he is most susceptible to mental disorders. The Cancer man and the Scorpio woman, the big owners, and with respect to the partner are suspicious, jealous, finding fault with behavior and deeds both about and without. Deeply hiding their self-inflicted self-esteem, offense they are able to throw each other without explanation, unable to withstand intense nervous tension.

Approaching the issue of creating a family, both should feel the readiness, responsibility, seriousness of their intentions, since pressure or coercion to marriage will lead to an early rupture, tearing up nerves for both. In marriage, their house resembles a fortress, in everyday life mutual assistance and equitable farming. Education of children rests on the shoulders of a strict Scorpio woman, she will instill in them discipline, independence and organization. A Cancer man, a loving father, gentle, always indulges children’s whims, this is his essence. Judging by the compatibility horoscope, these prosperous, accomplished and confident people, having entered a new life, will gain faithful love, mutual understanding and the atmosphere of peace and goodness in the family.

Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Scorpio female and Cancer male, this pair can be rightfully called ideal. They have everything to make this family union long and happy: sincere and profound love, loyalty and devotion to common ideals, common goals. Fate connects these two souls together, so that they can give each other real feelings and be for each other support and protection. And also to show all of us what a happy union, based on mutual love, looks like.

Harmony in Scorpio-Cancer compatibility, most often, is created, maintained and depends on the Cancer man. People born under this sign of the Zodiac more "think" of the heart than of the head and with great skill create the atmosphere of the house that the Scorpio woman needs so much. In addition, both partners share passionate feelings and hot hearts.

The role of the leader in this pair is taken by a Scorpio woman. If a male Cancer has a seizure of depression, she immediately takes it under her protection, does not spare any strength, nor her feminine and maternal feelings, to get him out of this state. A man-Cancer, in gratitude, will caress her and serve him, bringing to the house all his spiritual warmth, the desire for family harmony and peace, which are so necessary for both.

The huge energy and strength of a Scorpio woman can inspire a cautious man-Cancer to brave deeds, make him believe in himself, find a good job and generally change his life for the better. The Scorpio-Cancer couple have excellent sexual compatibility — they are both sensual natures, and in bed also perfectly fit each other.

The Scorpio woman and the Cancer man are simply made for each other. According to astrology, this is the most ideal combination. The Cancer man always aspires to communicate with women of the maternal type. And it is Scorpio that can replace his mother, showing his best maternal qualities and care during the periods of depression of the Cancer man. The leader in this pair is always the Scorpio woman, but she understands that if there was no man-cancer, she would not have such a reliable rear. Entering into a relationship with a man-Cancer, a Scorpio woman from a sexy and passionate fatal woman turns into a wife and mother ready to protect her loved ones from all difficulties in the world. A Cancer, giving her warmth and tenderness — it is the man in whom she finds the companion she needs.

A Scorpio-Cancer couple is never together simply out of habit or because of the benefits. In their relationship reigns tremendous mutual understanding and sincere tender feelings. And they do not spread their warmth to others, but give it only to the closest relatives and faithful friends. Both partners prefer quiet home evenings, rather than noisy crowded companies. And if they got into that, they behave quietly, silently and closedly.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Scorpio and Cancer is that the Cancer man, in spite of the fact that he is very attached to the family and children, he is, according to statistics, one of those who most often changes. A Scorpio woman has a very strong proprietary character and is incredibly jealous. They can self critics every day and come up with something that was not in fact. It can disturb everyone: from a simple smile to a neighbor on the landing and a bouquet of flowers given to the headmistress at the corporation about her sixtieth birthday. And what to say about the case, when there really is a reason for jealousy?

For the sake of preserving the family, and even more so with a man-Cancer, a Scorpio woman is ready for anything. She will fiercely fight for her family, but it is unknown if she will be able to forgive treason to her beloved. The fact is that the Scorpio woman, however, like the man-Cancer, is very touchy and vindictive, and besides vindictive. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine what this strong and full of love can turn into if a partner has a reason for resenting each other.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Scorpio and Cancer, the main thing that can bring discord to their family (as already mentioned above) is the betrayal of the man Cancer. But, unfortunately, no one is insured against treason. Of course, a Scorpio woman has low chances to face the betrayal of a man Cancer, but what if that’s all the same, has happened? In this case, it is important to eliminate the problem and forgive each other, avoiding further mutual insults, claims and revenge.

If Cancer wants to stay with the family, and you want to forgive him, then do it and close this topic once and for all. Promise yourself never to return to the old. You can arrange another honeymoon, go to the sea, where new impressions and atmosphere, and a fresh look at each other will help to forget resentment and preserve love. Begin a life together from scratch. Ahead you have a happy life together and should not be overshadowed by the ghosts of the past.

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