Scorpio Woman Gemini Man

The Gemini man always remains a child, both in the soul and in real actions. Living a vibrant life, a craving for novelty, experimentation and extreme antics, is his nature. Scorpio women can attract in this man, an unshakable love of life, easy approach and extraordinary thinking. She will like his male negligence, he will become the subject of knowledge, her curious mind.

Two-faced Gemini confuses and "powder brains" of pragmatic Scorpio woman. She does not know how such contradictory features coexist in this man. Then he is hard as a rock, then painfully long, he doubts his decisions. She will not abandon the idea to deal with this "fruit", although it will not be easy.

Setting up their networks, building plans for the approach and conquest of the Gemini, will face unpredictability, a sharp change in the location of the spirit, in it waking up that boyishness, then a determined man. A Scorpio woman, a conqueror by nature, a winner, does not recognize defeats, her wrong, is not too stubborn. The continuous natural charm, unobtrusively "get into the soul" will help a little "get to know" the Gemini man.

A Gemini man, a narcissist, carefully follows his appearance, is talented and intelligent, knows how to think logically, to profit from anything, whatever. It quickly cools to interests, does not bring things to an end. He is flattered by the attention of the beautiful woman Scorpio, she in her eyes is a "queen", incomprehensible and mysterious.

In business, the harmony of two characters will also help to achieve a lot. A Gemini man and a Scorpio woman in joint affairs can perfectly complement each other. He — fountains of ideas, but not always able to bring the case to the end. She is very addicted and gambling, clinging to a new idea is able to achieve a result in order to please her partner or show her ambitions. The main thing is her ability to pragmatically perceive new ideas. Sagittarius rarely allows himself to be dragged into an adventure, and a realistic plan is capable of grabbing it seriously.

When creating a joint business, such a couple, when he is Gemini, and he is Scorpio, it is worth giving leadership to a man. His partner will perfectly cope with the role of a financier, accountant or administrator. It is this combination that will allow them to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. Gemini do not believe in eternal love, they understand the expression of affection, the connection of kindred souls.

In a Scorpio woman relationship, jealous, sarcastic in utterances, there is a sense of ownership in relation to a partner. Do not joke, ridicule Scorpio, wounded pride can lead to drama. A Scorpio woman is neat, not picky about Gemini’s freedom, but in moderation, will not let herself be "horned", very perceptive, a lie senses from a distance.

If you cause her heartache, the revenge of this lady will be withering and insidious. The Gemini Man is not jealous by nature, but in the case of Scorpio, he can know what is a snarling suspicion and the fear of losing his beloved. In the union they strive to create an atmosphere of peace and good. Honestly trying to understand the other, if they feel that the relationship is exhausted, they will try to revive them.

It is this tension and mutual interest, in fact, that provide a fairly good compatibility of the Gemini man and the Scorpion woman. Couples often come to create a family. Unbroken faith in each other, strong love and feelings in mutual need will be rewarded by heaven, a long family life.

Scorpio Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

The Gemini man is independent and unstable, and the Scorpio woman is extraordinarily jealous. In other words, this union is a real explosive mixture. According to the compatibility of Scorpio female and Gemini male — in this pair of passion and romance, jealousy and quarrels. Both partners are unusually strong personalities with unusually strong emotions, and in relation to them the expression "found a scythe on a stone" sounds true more than ever. This vibrant cocktail of feelings is further enhanced by the sexual compatibility of partners. Usually this turbulent and vivid union, full of rivalry, passion and resentment, can be short-lived, but remembered to partner for the rest of their lives.

This pair is not the most successful compatibility, but, nevertheless, the happy couple of the Scorpion woman and the Gemini man are. If in a pair of Scorpio-Gemini there is love and the woman does her best to harmonize relations, studying the nature and habits of her man, then the family union will be strong. Perhaps, this pair of people seem not very suitable to each other, but most importantly — they are happy.

To cement the relationship of a female Scorpio and a male Gemini pair — help common interests and business cooperation, co-authorship. Looking from the side even to the most ideal pair of a Scorpio woman and a Gemini man, the question arises among those around: "What could they have tied together?"

Being together, they drive their best features inside themselves and the sociable man-Gemini looks hollow, and the mysterious Scorpio woman — closed. Therefore, you should not consult your friends and girlfriends about your choice, as the answers may not like you, and they are often mistaken. If you still need some advice or support, contact a professional astrologer or astro-psychologist.

What really a Scorpio woman and a Gemini man get from a joint union, they know only themselves. Living with a man-Gemini, a Scorpio woman has the opportunity to escape from heavy thoughts and self critics. The Gemini Man is easy to communicate with, and with humor can approach the experiences of a Scorpio woman so that they immediately decrease. In the compatibility of Scorpio-Gemini, both find each other worthy interlocutors and intellectual partners with a great sense of humor.

According to astrology, in the sexual sphere, in the fiery-aquatic Scorpions, with the airy intellectuals of Gemini, not very good compatibility. But, this is more true for a couple where the Gemini is a woman, and the man is a Scorpio. In this version of the pair, where the man is a Gemini, and a female Scorpio, this combination can even be called successful, as any woman loves with ears, and so the Gemini man can beautifully tell about his feelings and passions.

Between a Scorpio woman and a Gemini man, both physical and spiritual harmony can exist, but their marriage is often problematic. The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Scorpio-Gemini Zodiac in the desire of the Scorpion woman to control everything, not only the events of her life, but also the lives of her partner and close people. A Scorpio woman is not feminine in pursuing her goals. That is why it is difficult for her to accept the frivolous behavior of a Gemini man and his "irresponsible" attitude to life.

A Scorpio woman "out of good motives" forces a Gemini man to bring the matter to an end, control it, manage it. But, the result is often deplorable. A Gemini man can not tolerate such interference for a long time in his life. Sooner or later he breaks down. At first, it can be various tricks and deceit, and then — just collects things and leaves.

Of course, it’s fair to say that the behavior of a Gemini man is often far from ideal. He does not see the difference between reality and fiction and for him any information is valuable, regardless of its connection with reality.

Another important problem of this couple is the jealousy of the Scorpio woman and her endless suspicions. A Gemini man is often surrounded by female fans and girlfriends, whom he does not forget to compliment. And the Scorpion woman has a proprietary character and the desire to subordinate the partner to her interests. These disagreements often lead to conflicts and quarrels, up to complete separation.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Scorpio and Gemini, the joint business, common cause, or any other material values will help to strengthen their family alliance. A Scorpio woman is a very strong personality, and she can easily cope with the upbringing of children, and with making money, and with housekeeping. Therefore, such "anchors" will not hold it together with the Gemini man in the same boat. So, "anchor" in this way you can only a man-Gemini. He is absolutely not stupid, loves comfort and material prosperity and will not all risk this for the sake of occasional flirting.

Also, to the family of the female Scorpio and the male Gemini was a harmony, the Gemini should accept all the rules and conditions that the Scorpio woman poses. The fact is that it is easier for a Gemini man to adjust and yield than a Scorpion woman. He does not have such solid views and beliefs, but the whole problem is that the Gemini man himself does not see it necessary. In this case, when a Scorpio woman get tired of conflicts and quarrels, she will not stand for long, but simply leave.

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