Scorpio Woman Leo Man

The Leo man is irresistible, believes in his own superiority over everyone. Confidence, grace, stately figure attracts representatives of the weaker sex, in this number may be a female Scorpio. At the attention of Leo to Scorpio, a woman can become confused, act like a woman, stupidly betraying her love. Leo that and it is necessary, he likes to conquer, to enter into a stupor. Scorpio woman is not just a simple lady, she will have to work hard and find the way to her heart, the initial stiffness and closeness will only spur on him.

Leo man is passionate, purposeful, a bright representative of the male half. Like a warrior, he achieves own goals both in his career and in his personal life. Precisely articulates vital tasks, step by step going to the goal, not being distracted by empty chatter or illusions. Dreaming, inventing, doing something on "maybe" considers women’s quality. To conquer the Leo, the girl Scorpio need only touch his skin, look heartfelt and his heart pierces an arrow cupid.

Scorpio woman — less emotional, impressionable nature than a man Leo. In the features of Scorpio’s character it shows vulnerability, rancor, vulnerability, it is easy to touch with a word, unkind look. She is very restrained, hardy, stubborn, does not seek to find a compromise.

The Leo King may seem powerful and invincible, so it is for others, but for the beloved, behind closed doors of the house he is a affectionate "kitten" rubbing against the owner’s legs. His power over people does not apply to Scorpio. The temperament of a Scorpio woman is modest, conservative in intimate life, a man. Leo needs patience, delicately introduces a companion into his world of fantasies and unrestrained love joys. While Scorpio does not imbue with trust to a partner, attempts will be futile.

Relations between the Leo men and Scorpio women and their development, despite the majestic king of beasts, depend only on the woman. Leo is a reliable, strong, true patron, if he gives cause for doubting his stability, security, loyalty can irretrievably lose Scorpio. Leo should be more sensitive with the woman Scorpio, know about her desires, plans, be able to adjust, so that there are no conflicts. Both are afraid of major quarrels and disagreements, as it is difficult to overcome arrogance and reconcile. Union can be called successful, promising, happy in marriage. In their souls lives a strong sense of love, devotion, and the desire to be always together.

Scorpio Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Scorpio woman and the Leo man, this is a perfect pair. Both are active, energetic and successful. Scorpio women, as a rule, choosing a partner for love and marriage, pay attention to people of exceptional and original, enjoying fame. This category can be safely attributed to the man-Leo. This is really a "thoroughbred", interesting, bright, strong man.

In the compatibility of Scorpio-Leo — both strong personalities and that their family life was harmonious, both need to learn to yield to each other and forgive. Then each of them will receive a devoted, loving and worthy companion of life.

In an ideal pair, a Scorpio woman and a Leo man are always assigned responsibilities, so-called zones of responsibility or influence. The Leo man is responsible for the external side of life, social achievements. A Scorpio woman is happy to support the emotional climate in the family and is a great hostess in the house. It can be safely said that both partners in this alliance have found what they were looking for. A Scorpio woman dreamed of a strong and intelligent man, and a Leo male sought a respectable woman.

If you look at a pair of Scorpio-Leo from the side, only the Leo man will be seen. A Scorpio woman happily hides in the shadow of her bright man. Leo likes to shine, and Scorpio lets him do it. After all, being behind your man’s back, she gets much more than she could achieve. But, when these partners are apart, you can observe a completely different picture. A Scorpio woman is always visible and sociable, and in a women’s company she easily enters the image of "the wife of her husband" and is proud of his achievements in professional work. A man-Leo, finding himself in the spotlight without his companion, feels not very comfortable.

The main problem of the compatibility of the Scorpio and Leo Zodiac signs lies in the intransigence of each other. If they start a dispute, it will quickly outgrow the conflict. Both the Scorpio woman and the Leo man are both strong personalities, moreover powerful, stubborn, and they will defend their point of view, harassing each other, and no one will make concessions first. Honestly, this union will be harmonious only if one of the partners is already mature enough and understands the danger of a quarrel.

Usually in the struggle of the characters there is no winner: joint life in general is not a very good field for the battle. Nevertheless, realizing this with the mind, in practice the Maximalists Leo and the Scorpio woman are able to arrange a real war of ambitions from their relationship. Alas, but the strength of their characters is extremely high, and in relation to their pair the expression "found a scythe on a stone" sounds particularly relevant. It is worth noting that the Scorpio woman inflicts much more painful wounds on the self-loving Leo man than he does to her. If these relations are dear to them both, then they should remember that in their union without patience and compromises can not do.

The ardent Leo man likes to play with fire, not an exception and the sphere of love and marriage. But, he must take into account that with a Scorpio woman, jokes are bad. She is immediately able to resort to "frank violence". She can grab her precious "lion" for a mane and throw it in a cage or, at worst, throw it over a fence or in a dump pit. The potential of tension, the sense of feeling of these partners is great, like an entire power plant. And if they start to spark, then you can expect both an explosion and a fire. If the Leo does not allow himself to control what to say about Scorpio then? And, in addition, this has never happened before Scorpio was afraid of the roar of Leo. On the contrary, there have been cases when Scorpio had his poor Leo not only to protect from another predator, but also to wash and tidy his disheveled mane.

The second problem that a couple of Scorpio women and a Leo man may face is a social problem. Harmonious relations in this pair will be only when each of the partners has occupied its niche. The Leo Male is the boss. And the Scorpio woman provides him with a reliable rear and is engaged in housekeeping. But, unfortunately, it happens that the man-Leo could not take place in life. In this case, there is no talk of a temporary loss of work, a crisis, a disease.

In such cases, the Scorpio woman will stand up for her man, support and comfort him, and then help him to climb the pedestal again. Here we are talking about the case when the couple joined together for great love, and then the woman-Scorpio opened her eyes, and she realized that next to her — the home version of the Leo man. He likes to lead a household, and she gives her a career and make money. This arrangement of powers of the Scorpion woman will not please, but on the contrary, it will greatly upset and lead to conflicts and quarrels.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Scorpio and Leo, in order for their family to be in harmony — it is necessary to learn both partners, and especially the Scorpio woman, not to press on the interlocutor, to respect his opinion. This, by the way, will not be difficult if the spouses have a true sense of dignity. In this case, they will not have much difficulty in respecting him in the partner. Under any circumstances, both will try not to argue, but to seek a compromise. It is also worth negotiating in advance, in which areas of life, whose opinion will be important. If the Leo man knows clearly that the Scorpio woman makes final decisions in matters of life, then he will restrain his character, and vice versa, if the Scorpio woman knows that the responsibility of the Leo is on social issues, she will not interfere, And this is the key to a happy relationship.

If the quarrel has already occurred, then the Scorpio woman needs to remember that she is more susceptible, and the conflict beats her more painfully. Even if she wins this battle, she will still suffer more than the man-Leo. Therefore, she must first make concessions and ask for forgiveness, even if she does not feel guilty. It’s not for nothing that they say: "The thin world is better than a good quarrel." A man-Leo from his nobility will never remember his beloved "slip".

In the event that a Scorpio woman married a "domestic" Leo, she should drive away sadness and doubt and remember that she always dreamed of a career. She can safely follow the path of professional achievements, and eventually, she will also thank the Leo man for this opportunity of self-realization. Of course, roles in such a family are changing and a Scorpio woman needs to make a lot of efforts not to hurt the pride of a proud Leo man.

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