Scorpio Woman Pisces Man

The promising alliance of the Scorpio woman and the Pisces man will become a firm support for both, a reliable and lasting alliance. A Scorpio woman who always aspires to be a leader, to be responsible for changes, to be responsible and to control everything, will get all the reins of government in this union without struggle.

Pisces man with joy will shift all the burdens of life, global and decisive steps in family life to a woman. He will not be an indifferent observer at all, simply playing a secondary role, obeying his woman Scorpio. Man Pisces is not easy, he often wears a mask that is most beneficial to him. It has duplicity, but not hypocrisy and falsehood, just its basic desire not to be revealed.

He is active in words, emotionally inside, curious to fanaticism, not averse to gossiping, inventing stupidity. But in difficult situations it changes, it becomes collected, determined, tense and bold. Pisces man perfectly uses all the weapons for pressure, it can strike in the shadowing, blackmail, manipulation of any arguments. In a word, not indifferent and cold-blooded at the moments of defense.

Scorpio woman is wayward, critical, emotional nature. In a man, Pisces feels his weakness, which makes him in her eyes an easy prey. She wants to change it, make it more dynamic, more fun, faster. She is clever, clever, she has thought over the moves for all occasions, will not miss her in anything. Arranges such tricks, in which the Pisces man easily fall under the "heel" of this woman. Their relationship is a game of chance, an entertaining adventure that lasts a lifetime. Therefore, until divorce is unlikely to come down, no one will want to lose this way of life.

The Scorpio woman is known for her uneasy character, imperious nature, but the man Pisces, can give her lightness, soften a heavy temper. They are united by dreams, plans for the future. They think alike, their desires and goals coincide. Pisces man is reasonable, consistent. Before setting a goal, he will weigh everything, think ahead of each step. The Scorpio woman rushes to the embodiment of plans, as if in a whirlpool, thinking on the go, and it’s good for her.

The couple will find their happiness in each other’s arms. The stars promise a bright future. Problems in everyday life, of course, will arise, but given the non-standard pair in general, then everything else is trivial. The main thing is that they will always feel happy and in their place each other.

Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Scorpio woman and the Pisces man, they can have a wonderful family life. They are well suited to each other, understand, supplement and help to cope with the problems of each of them, if they arise. In the family life, a Scorpio woman often takes on an organizational role and masterfully solves the problems that arise. She has many desires and very great demands on the Pisces man. In everyday life, she can put a little pressure on the male-Pisces, encourage him to do more. It is worth noting that this often has the most positive effect on him.

The Pisces man does not resist the rigid and rigid requirements of the spouse, since for the rest of his life he remains just a "Fish", able to live only in a well-maintained aquarium warmed by warmth. In addition, the Scorpio woman can always be relied upon in everything. She can safely trust not only her feelings and her love, but also her own happiness and destiny. It has a very good effect on "Fish", so that both sides are happy with their marriage and their destiny.

Both partners value a friendly family atmosphere, a reliable home, with guaranteed peaceful coexistence. Frankly, many male Pisces are responsible for all their successes, culture, knowledge, and promotion on the service and social ladder to their Scorpion women. Pisces man could rise above their initial environment, see and know the mortal world as it really is, and not only in the former illusions, fantasies and imaginations of earlier times. But for all this and the other, they thank their magnificent spouse-Scorpio with their feelings and love, loyalty and devotion.

In addition, the sensitive Pisces man and Scorpion woman have excellent sexual compatibility. They both are committed to a serious relationship and appreciate the partner’s loyalty and consistency. The Scorpion-Pisces compatibility pair has everything you need to create a strong and reliable family: love, friendship, mutual understanding, mutual assistance. This marriage union is distinguished by enviable constancy, loyalty, strength, reliability, security and devotion to each other. Separate this couple can only care from the life of one of the partners.

An ideal pair of Scorpio women and Pisces men can immediately be identified in any company. They simply radiate light and love, their eyes shine with happiness and a happy smile plays on their lips. Even when there is a place where a large crowd of people, they constantly throw their loving glances at each other. And they look at each other not out of distrust and jealousy, but because for each his partner is always and everywhere the most important and most interesting person.

Of course, it may be different, but this is only if the couple could not build a good relationship. Then, perhaps, the Scorpio woman will watch her man-Pisces, so that he does not drink too much, and the male Pisces will feel fear, as if his partner did not find herself a more worthy companion.

Astrologers say that the ideal pair of Pisces man and Scorpion woman is connected by the planet of love Venus, and the patrons are Neptune and Pluto. Thanks to Venus, both spouses have a desire for love and understanding of the importance of love in their lives, and Neptune and Pluto create mystical, beyond the will of man and events beyond his control, that push Scorpio and Pisces nose to the nose until they realize that they are created For each other. When the relationship between Scorpio and Pisces ceases to be serious, the Scorpio woman begins to act as a caring and strict mother for the Pisces man. A man-Pisces is very happy with such care, because she never goes into humiliation.

The main problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Scorpio and Pisces is that they perceive love in different ways. For a Pisces man, this is a mystical, magical feeling, sent by God. Love Pisces is always disinterested and forgiving. And for a Scorpio woman, this love seems too sluggish, it lacks passion and fire. At the same time, the love of a Scorpio woman is often destructive and destructive. She has a lot of passion, sensuality, but that brings little happiness. You can safely say that the man-Pisces for her is just a gift of fate. He knows how to love deeply and not destroy at the same time. It’s a pity that the Scorpio woman does not immediately understand this.

Another problem of this pair is that the male-fishes often lie. He very masterly confuses in the networks of deceit of others and himself. A Scorpio woman has an innate insight and therefore very quickly notices falsity. Naturally, this does not add strength and confidence to the relationship of the spouses.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Scorpio and Pisces, in order to have harmony in their family, it is only necessary to accept their partner in life as he is. Yes, both have different understandings of love, and different behavior in love. But, having lowered your expectations from a partner, you can easily establish a relationship. As soon as the Scorpio woman realizes that warmth and tenderness are the same proof of true love as the fiery passion, and the Pisces man "winds himself on his shoulders" that his wife is not like him and will not forgive everything in the world, they Will quickly find mutual understanding. In addition, the man-Pisces tirelessly tells the Scorpio woman compliments that will act as a reliable compensation for stormy feelings.

Will be reconciled to the lies of the Pisces man will be much more difficult. It is impossible to change it, and to take offense at his lies is just silly, because he himself believes in what he says and already does not know where the truth is, and where his invention is. The first thing you need to learn to do to a Scorpio woman in this matter is to stop taking offense. For a Scorpio woman it is very difficult, because her principles say that a lie degrades the relationship. But she should understand that the Pisces man is not like her, and most of his "tell-tale" lies are completely innocent, not aiming to benefit Pisces or humiliate a partner.

The Pisces man is not a liar, but a visionary. Of course, in serious matters it is necessary to wean the man-Pisces to lie. You can do this by leaving him without the support of a Scorpio woman, when she will catch him on deception. Once the Pisces man is left a couple of times without the help of the Scorpion woman just because she was not aware of what is happening because of his secrecy and deceit, he will have to deal with the problems on his own, and he will quickly understand that it’s best not to lie to the wife. And from the woman-Scorpio in this case it is required only to forgive and understand, instead of concealing an insult.

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