Scorpio Woman Sagittarius Man

The incomprehensible relationship between a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man. Only heaven knows where their love game will lead. Skillful manipulators rarely find compromises. But what is remarkable, the beginning of a promising relationship, fast-paced action, very beautiful love, incredible romantic dates, first kisses and confessions. Deep feelings, the price of trust all this can become expensive for couples, and they will be able to keep their love at the original level.

For the surrounding people, no more than a fad at first glance, seriousness comes only from Scorpio. Over time, everything will change, the couple will be able to prove to everyone their right to be called exemplary and happy. Sagittarius male is active, strong, reasonable man. Light and cheerful disposition, ease to the borders, facets attracts women. Scorpio, in fact, a secretive woman, it will be easy to change the mask, and adjust to the mood of the man Sagittarius. The Sagittarius man has a volatile character. Its normal state — to react to the same things always in different ways. This deceives and confuses the woman of Scorpio.

A Scorpio woman inside is a bright emotional nature. To others a mere angel, for "scenes" can be aggressive, painful "sting" of the enemy, are not inclined to loyalty and indulgence to the offender. She likes the game, changing roles, trying on different types and characters. It is gratifying that a man Sagittarius and a Scorpio woman are able to learn from their life’s mistakes. Rarely come on "the same rake."

In conflict situations, a man - Sagittarius chooses a straightforward position, expressing all grievances for purity. Scorpio woman is vindictive, vindictive, "it stings" at the wrong time, choose a time when a man is particularly weak and confused. And, nevertheless, their relations have chances for a successful union. First of all, Scorpio woman need to be wise, to be able to remain silent and to forgive, not to find fault with trifles. The man of Sagittarius should learn to treat a woman more delicately, to remember that she is his love, support and assurance. It is necessary to concentrate the pair on the development of relations, the addition of offspring and the creation of a house that will be like a fortress.

Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Scorpio woman and the Sagittarius man, their family union is always turbulent and passionate, but less often, lasting and lasting. A Sagittarius man values his freedom very much, does not see anything wrong with flirting, and he has his own ideas about treason. In other words, in this marriage union conflicts and scenes of jealousy are not uncommon. Also, the Sagittarius man has no clear goals in life and is not used to fulfilling his promises. This all extremely embarrasses the Scorpio woman and in their family there is a constant struggle of opposites.

The advantage of compatibility between Scorpio and Sagittarius, mainly in that living together, they achieve greater material and social success than individually. The ideal couple is a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man much envy. Together, these partners achieve significant material success and prosperity. As a rule, both the Scorpio woman and the Sagittarius man moved well along the career ladder. They have a large and tastefully furnished house. They travel a lot abroad and do not know the need for money. Scorpio in this union can work, and can devote time to itself.

The only thing that the ideal pair of Sagittarius and Scorpio women lack is warmth and mutual understanding. But, during cohabitation, the couple managed to develop their own laws and rules, thanks to which the life together pleases both. Of course, the Scorpio woman appreciates deeply people, but the passionate and temperamental nature of the Sagittarius man, with a huge sexual appetite, she also likes. The Sagittarius man has learned to fill the lack of sensitivity with his unbridled passion.

In an ideal pair, the Scorpio woman does not put ultimatums to the Sagittarius man and does not go ahead. As a result, the Sagittarius man plays the role of a good-natured husband and only chuckles at the jealousy of his wife. He does not tolerate restrictions on his freedom and control, so the Scorpio woman learned to put up with the adventures of the Sagittarius man, but in return she gets a temperamental lover and the status of a married woman, and he is a constant enigma in the person of his wife and an occasion for pride in front of friends.

The problem of the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Scorpio and Sagittarius is that in their family alliance there is often a struggle of contradictions. This confrontation causes high tension and creates a negative emotional background, preventing partners from finding a common language in order to achieve together the set common goals.

The Scorpio woman is very often unhappy with the behavior of the Sagittarius man, and the whole problem is that she takes a long time coping with grievances and claims, showing nothing. The Sagittarius man until the very last moment will think that in their family there is complete harmony and mutual understanding, until the irritation of the Scorpio woman reaches the limit. She can wait very long for a "suitable" reason to reproach her partner. A Scorpio woman can not understand the cheerful, loving pleasure of a Sagittarius man.

He never falls in the spirit and feels a constant thirst in adventures, travels, adventures. A Scorpio woman does not know how to rejoice when children starve in Africa ... The Scorpio woman understands that it was this love of life that attracted her attention to the Sagittarius man. But the annoyance is accumulated, even though his luck in many respects influences her own financial situation. The Sagittarius man, in addition to loving to rest, also prefers to do it in a society of people who benefit him.

But, sooner or later, the Scorpio woman explodes and finds a suitable excuse for expressing to the Sagittarius man all that she has been aching for months or even years. And the motive is given by the Sagittarius man with his flirting with other women. He is not indifferent to beautiful women and sex. In addition, his moral principles allow him to make a romance on the side. If a Scorpio woman caught him on this, then parting is almost inevitable. After such a storm it is simply impossible to maintain a relationship. It is worth noting that at parting, they lose both. A Scorpio woman loses her usual standard of living, her material well-being inevitably falls, and the Sagittarius man is deprived of a woman who truly loves.

According to the compatibility horoscopes of Scorpio and Sagittarius, so that in their family there was harmony, a Scorpio woman will have to work a lot on herself. First of all, she needs to understand that in no case can one save offense and annoyance. This alone will help prevent many problems. Sign up for psychological training, read psychological literature, and learn how to get rid of negative feelings, and at the same time, increase your self-esteem. Also, a Scorpio woman need to find a lesson to love and learn how to enjoy life, as her partner in marriage easily does.

Cope with jealousy will be much more difficult. But there are no desperate situations here either. The Scorpio woman is really jealous, and the Sagittarius man is really windy and frivolous. But, the Scorpion woman has a good trump: the ability to intrigue and fight with enemies. The desire to maintain a relationship with the beloved Sagittarius man will help her to remove all women who cause fear from the battlefield. In doing so, do not forget to give the loving Sagittarius all that affection and attention that he is looking for on the side. Also, it is worth noting that in this fight with rivals, you need to be attentive and be aware of the business affairs of the spouse. It’s unlikely that the Sagittarius man will be happy if you quarrel with him with a beauty who wanted to finance his new project.

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