Scorpio Woman Scorpio Man

The relationship of a pair of Scorpio women and Scorpio men is a real mystery to others. When in a pair of two Scorpios it always causes genuine interest, the desire to find a catch in these difficult relationships. They will be gossiped for a long time, different versions are put forward, who benefits more from these love relationships.

In fact, they are very interested in a person with a similar temperament, a similar way of thinking and looking at life. They rarely have discrepancies between tastes and preferences. This couple is quite capable of building a strong, loving family. Each of the pair gives the other strength, the desire for achievements, confidence in the future. Of course, like any other couple, they will not be able to completely avoid problems.

Scorpio man closed, suspicious distrustful, not differing in fidelity, tact, deep affection for people. A Scorpio woman will easily let a man to live together or marry. According to statistics, the pair of Scorpions is a fairly strong and long-lasting alliance, in which the case rarely comes to disintegration.

Scorpions are endowed with incredible intuition, sensitivity, the ability to act in secret. However, the pair are prevented by their own identical negative character traits, which are not recognized in themselves, but they interfere in the chosen one. This stubbornness, rancor, insincerity, the ability to distort reality, avoid open conversations to cleanliness, without deceit, falsity. It is compensated by the kinship of souls, beautiful sensitivity and understanding of the partner without words. This couple is able to act out in public and comedy, and drama, to give a fairly cool relationship color of violent love and passion, to show their allegedly unusually passionate relationship.

Suffering, love torments serve the Scorpions as the best inspiration and stimulus for accomplishing feats, incredible goals. A Scorpio woman is a provocateur, her sense of humor can hurt a person, but jokes about her are not permissible, she is aggressive and can show her sting to the full. Unites a couple of communication, a rich sex life. Excites the couple and maintains a constant interest in the partner’s constant tension and nervousness.

In addition, the struggle for their "last and firm word" always remains, but this position is more likely to benefit the preservation of love. The secret of the longevity of a couple is the ability to keep a partner at a small distance, a little Not giving to him much love, not opening completely soul. And in words they sincerely expect from the elect of frankness, complete submission. Joint movement in the professional plan is also beneficial to both. Because pride for one’s partner will heat up the soul of another. A positive couple can really live a happy and long life, in mutual interest and peace.

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

One of the ancient proverbs says that two "scorpions" in one bank will be either inseparable friends, or blood enemies. According to the compatibility of Scorpio and Scorpio men, their union can be safely called explosive. The family life of these people is like two typhoons under one roof. Often a Scorpio woman and a Scorpio mane love breaks out at first sight and continues with a very stormy and passionate romance. But, over time, living together in compatibility Scorpio-Scorpio is able to turn into an ongoing war of two unusually strong, bright and independent personalities. This can only be avoided if both sides soften their unbridled disposition by learning the art of patience and compromise.

Often the marriage is very painful for both Scorpions. But since the agonizingly profound and passionate relationship is something without which Scorpio can not do, such a couple does not part long, sometimes all life, from time to time diverging and joining again.

In a perfect Scorpio-Scorpio pair, the partners learned how to correctly distribute energy. They have perfectly studied each other and know why and when a partner can "bite" when an emotional shakeup is needed, and when support is needed. Therefore, a pair of Scorpio woman and a Scorpio man looks quite happy and peaceful. They are able to release "pairs" with each other, then take care of their half, arrange a romantic dinner or stormy sex in an unusual place. This they saturate their need for thrill.

In public, they can behave differently. If they want attention at the moment, they will easily achieve it and this couple will be the focus of attention in any company. Both are able at the right time to say the right phrase, so m do not have to behave defiantly and provocatively. If they do not need the attention of others, they can do so. That they generally will not be noticed. They will be the quietest and quietest guests. In society, a Scorpio woman and a Scorpio man interact very cohesively, playing along to one another. It is worth noting that this couple is not loved by everyone, since they can start "making friends against someone".

The main problem of the compatibility of Scorpio-Scorpio signs in the constant struggle for domination, leadership in the pair, an attempt to subdue and break the partner, the desire to impose his will on him. From this problem all the others follow. They can include jealousy, suspicion, and violent scandals, which, even can end criminally.

Both a Scorpio woman and a Scorpio man demand a lot from life. Both are ambitious, strong and independent. Their main value is feelings to which everyone must obey. And the main goal is to subjugate a partner. Both partners want this, and no one else is inferior, even understanding that before him is a person from the same test. In return for submission, both are ready to give "defeated" care and protection, but in this case it is called "driving forcefully into paradise". Both, the Scorpio female and the Scorpio male, are very strong personalities, and do not need a leader or guardian.

Another problem that arises in the alliance of Scorpio-Scorpio compatibility is full of extreme situations. Scorpio — a sign symbolizing the catastrophe and the two Scorpios together draw in their lives twice as much trouble. In addition, that difficult situations arise "on their own", so the Scorpions also create them themselves, because they want to tickle their nerves from time to time.

According to the horoscope compatibility of Scorpio-Scorpio, everyone tries to limit the freedom of their partner, they want to subordinate his life to their own interests. That there was harmony in this union, both need to learn the main lesson of fate — to respect the person of a loved one, to accept that he has his own right to choose. It is worth noting that they respect the right to choose strangers and do not interfere with it, as long as people’s actions do not interfere with their own interests. But, in relation to relatives they behave differently, try to completely subordinate them to themselves. The work to correct this situation will not be easy. The problem can not be solved unless one changes internally. Very often, a Scorpio woman and a Scorpio man part, and then converge again. They can not live with each other, but they are also bored from afar.

As for the second complexity that awaits this couple — attracting extreme circumstances into their lives — then everything depends on the partners themselves and on how much they want a quiet life. The fact is that both Scorpions, from time to time, need shocks, without this they are bored to live, and when solving a difficult situation, they feel the joy of life. If the spouses want a quiet life, they can use their innate intuition and caution. Just need to listen to yourself. Also, you can resort to the help of astrologers, so that they can warn in advance about the possibility of a dangerous situation.

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