Scorpio Woman Taurus Man

Their meeting is like a lightning strike. The flushed love of a Scorpio woman and a Taurus man evokes genuine interest of others, they attract the attention of others. Taurus is struck by the magical beauty of a Scorpio woman, they carry a stormy river of passion through the waves of infinite love and tenderness.

The Scorpio woman dresses brightly, but with a sense of taste and style. It is a volcano of unspent energy, narcissistic, vain, proud and irreconcilable and obstinate. Forcing a scorpion woman alive, the enemy will receive in full, in anger a terrible and unpredictable person. After the conflict, for a long time keeps the defense of an impregnable and cold woman. In a calm environment, a Scorpio woman, a balanced, reserved, rational person.

It would seem that such a bright inner potential, outwardly withstands the mask of a cold and reserved woman. It is unclear how such a woman attracts the monotonous, seeking stability of Taurus, from such women he must run away. Not loving the duplicity, opacity and confusion of the soul, he is increasingly drawn to know this woman. The whole secret lies in the famous wisdom, "forbidden fruit, so sweet."

The period of the couple’s love is experiencing the most sensual and pleasant moments. Life is capable of clouding the union. He used to be the main, endowed with practicality, economy, he is frightened by her extravagance and the tendency to "cut from the shoulder".

Finding restraint, both should seek compromise solutions. Scorpio women should sometimes remain silent, the Taurus man should monitor his statements and do not go on being rude. Scorpio should intuitively feel the mood of Taurus’s partner, and adapt to it. It’s difficult for Scorpio to tame himself, but there is no other way out for preserving the union. In general, the compatibility of the Taurus male and Scorpio female is traditionally considered low, their characters are too different.

A Taurus man, with his sense of humor, can hurt and offend Scorpio. A woman does not understand jokes, especially in her address. If the man Taurus is a dear woman, do not ridicule and pin up Scorpio. Taurus, prudent and demanding in the reports on the embezzlement of his wife, he does not mind what they say about him, meanie. Housing and comfortable conditions for Taurus are important, he seeks well-being, to beautiful things in the house, but he will not allow superfluous things, he considers superfluous and richness and luxury.

To maintain the relationship will help to understand, the perception of the partner the way he was born and grew up. Softness, pliability, wisdom, "cold head", that’s what their relationship is necessary for existence. Both will not tolerate "re-education", they will not forgive treason, remembrance of resentment and reproaches. Taurus and Scorpio, who have adopted each other’s demeanor, can find happiness, despite some problems of compatibility of these signs. Of course, having withstood all attacks, fate will reward them with a calm and happy life.

Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

Union Scorpio woman and Taurus man is quite common. According to the compatibility of female Scorpio and Taurus men are strong personalities, and this allows them not only to love, but also to respect each other (which is vitally important for them). Scorpio woman appreciates his independence in the Taurus man, perseverance, ability to earn, and he in it — the strength of character combined with incredible femininity. But, like in any other pair where opposite signs occur, the relationship between the Scorpio woman and the Taurus man is very complicated.

From an everyday point of view, the Scorpio-Taurus alliance may be considered unsuccessful, but for those engaged in spiritual self-improvement, such an alliance is simply ideal. These are two very different, unlike halves of a single whole. Together they can gain power over the material and invisible world surrounding us.

A Scorpio woman does not like henpecked, and in an ideal pair she calmly gives the Taurus man to be the head of the house, and even helps him to make a career. In addition, the female Scorpio and the male Taurus have excellent sexual compatibility and similar views of the family, to which they both are very responsible and serious.

For the surrounding people, a pair of Scorpio women and Taurus men seem successful, calm and not very sociable. With outsiders, they never talk about their life together. Most often, guests are reluctant, especially uninvited. But, if a good friend comes to visit, everything changes in the opposite direction. Both partners become very hospitable and create an excellent domestic and psychological atmosphere for their guest.

In this alliance, Scorpio reveals her talents as a good housewife. The Taurus man is hardworking and knows how to make money, and the Scorpio woman does an excellent job of intelligently spending it. The Taurus man loves to work, and the Scorpio woman understands perfectly what direction to channel his forces. Even if this couple lives only in material interests, without thinking about spirituality, still in the compatibility of Scorpio-Taurus their energy is stabilized thanks to each other. Both become more fortunate in all endeavors. And if they are people who are interested in personal development, they will achieve great results.

In the sphere of money, a couple of Scorpio women and Taurus men quickly find a common language, despite all the disagreements. In the realm of feelings, the "thick-skinned" Taurus male and the emotional, deep Scorpio woman also eventually find mutual understanding. The main enemy of relations in this pair is jealousy.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Scorpio and Taurus is that both partners are incredibly jealous. Moreover, neither the Scorpio woman nor the Taurus man are "revelers", but, periodically, then one or the other expresses’ suspicion. It is worth noting that if a man-Taurus is looking for at least some reason, the Scorpio woman can come up with it himself. She will also see the reason to be jealous where she does not exist, or she can specifically cause the jealousy of the man Taurus to force him to throw out normally hidden and silently smoldering feelings. Women-Scorpios need a storm, passion, emotions. And she subconsciously seeks to lead the male Taurus out of balance, jealous of him "to the pillar" or herself, giving rise to suspicion.

Compatibility horoscopes Scorpio-Taurus, as described above, this pair’s main problem — jealousy. And work on this problem is to a greater extent to the Scorpio woman, as a more astute and sensitive partner. Completely on her is the responsibility for family harmony and for whether she can dispel the fears of the man Taurus and convince him that there is no reason for jealousy. As for the jealousy of the Scorpio woman, she will have to learn to objectively assess the situation before drawing any conclusions. The fact is that the discerning and observant female Scorpio, when it comes to her personally, forgets about her abilities and is jealous for no reason.

The situation is more complicated where the Scorpio woman specifically causes jealousy in the man Taurus to get emotional reactions from him. In order for the family to have harmony, it needs to find other sources of strong feelings. Yes, a Taurus man is stingy on emotions and a Scorpio woman such a life can seem fresh. But, the patience of Taurus has limits, so do not compromise family life when you can find many options, with thrills.

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