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In the romantic relationship between the Scorpio woman and the Virgo man, there is always a place for romance, tenderness, passionate and protracted quarrels, and scandals. Zodiac incompatibility, of course not a diagnosis, but it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of a partner, in order to avoid disappointment and deep depression. All love stories, as a rule, begin with tremulous looks, kisses, tender treatment, desire to win the heart of the chosen one forever. And this couple is not an exception, the candy-bouquet period for them is a real love fever, unrestrained passion and the desire to be around.

The Scorpio woman is an emotional, bright person. It is always surrounded by authoritative, strong, influential people. Scorpio likes to show intense activity, show his independence, control everything that concerns her. The Virgo man is phlegmatic, passive, does not welcome dynamism, spontaneity, excessive pressure and pressure. It frightens him that someone who has already formed a life can break something, this is not permissible even for a beloved woman.

A Scorpio woman should be more delicate, learn to convince a loved one not with caustic reproaches, but with affectionate and gentle words and appeals. Then you can subordinate and control your Virgo without touching his pride. If both take a wait-and-see attitude in a conflict situation, this will only lead to a deadlock and an early rupture.

The Scorpio woman is windy, impulsive, her thirst for adrenaline leads often to not very good deeds and results. However, there is a business vein in it, it can be successfully organized by any enterprise, even in spite of its emotionality, quick temper. In life, she is a real leader in everything, she knows how to negotiate, find an approach to people, choose priority courses in business. A man-Virgo will become an excellent performer, will deal with finances, fill his creative inspiration with his woman.

In a union, a couple can rally together a common interest, passion, desire for achievements. However, the man-Virgo will have to put on his shoulders a load of responsibility for the actions of his partner, because in non-standard situations, she becomes helpless and confused. The problem of quarrels and conflicts will gradually settle, if both cease to focus on relationships, find fault with a loved one, give free rein and freedom to relations, try to switch to a career. Linking their destinies for great love, they will overcome all hardships, conquer obstacles, the main thing for them not to give up, go through life with a loved one, believing him and loving him.

Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Scorpio woman and the Virgo man, the family union between them can be very strong and harmonious, but, of course, if the partners learn to reckon with each other’s feelings. A man-Virgo and a woman-Scorpio connects a lot. Both have a strong desire for justice, a heightened sense of duty and honesty. In addition, they are both strong personalities. They do not wait for gifts from life and all are eager to earn their work.

Their union is first of all love-friendship, love-support and mutual assistance. However, this does not exclude the very love: the Scorpio woman is a passionate nature, and her fire is more than enough for two. Another thing is that she was used to thinking widely, and the punctuality of the Virgo man, his attention to trifles and his thrift often confuse her. The Virgo man can hardly bear her violent outbursts of emotion.

In general, the pair of compatibility Scorpio-Virgo develops a good and very productive relationship in any sphere of life. The Scorpio woman and the Virgo man perfectly understand each other and supplement. Both love constancy and value loyalty and devotion to their partners.

In an ideal pair, a Scorpio woman and a Virgo man — each partner gains something that he lacks. A Scorpio woman, living with a Virgo man, enjoys peace and tranquility. After all, her unlimited aspirations for risk, excessive active activity often brought distemper and fuss into her life. In this version, her activity, courage and activity are redirected to caring for the Virgo man.

It often happens that a Scorpio woman clear her way to success for her husband, removes competitors, the need to conflict and creates an environment in which a Virgo man can quietly realize his talents and show his best qualities. As a rule, a Virgo man is indecisive, he likes to think more than act. Moreover, he avoids decisive actions even when he himself came to the conclusion about their necessity. A Scorpio woman is just born to take risks and make decisions. In her life, courage and risky events take up a lot of space. And as a result of this, the Virgo man, living with Scorpio, removes stagnation and boredom in many spheres of life.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Scorpio and Virgo is that in their marital union there are many disputes and quarrels, disagreements and contradictions. The main reason for this is sarcasm and love of criticism of both partners. Scorpio woman, by her shrewdness, can criticize more evil, as she feels well the most painful points of a partner, but she has an intuitive development, and she can stop in time in her claims. A man-Virgo criticizes tediously, simply because of his love of criticism, and completely does not pay attention to the reaction of the interlocutor.

His motto is "I criticize an action, but not the person", but he does not notice that to the person these nuances are absolutely indifferent. In addition, a man-Virgo loves to criticize others, and likes himself and with great reluctance admits his mistakes. A Scorpio woman, unlike him, is critical of himself. In other words, the Scorpio woman knows what criticism is and skillfully uses it, and the Virgo man uses it not there and not where it’s worth doing. As a result, he often offends his beloved.

Also, in an intimate life for a Scorpio woman, it often seems that the Virgo man is no more and no less than just an "insensitive lump". According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Scorpio and Virgo, that their family union was harmonious, both partners need to work on themselves. A man-Virgo should remember that with the help of criticism he can not improve a woman-Scorpio. On the contrary, by such behavior, it creates even greater problems. All people are imperfect, but criticism has not improved anyone yet.

A Scorpio woman, in communication with a Virgo man, often remembers that he criticizes not from evil, but simply because of a bad habit. You see your man through and understand this perfectly. He does this not because of evil, but because he lacks spiritual warmth and strength. He does not want to hurt you, but, of course, it becomes easier from this. Anything can be brought to a standstill by constant quibbles and reproaches. Try after such cases, clarify the Virgo some nuances, and then proceed to a theoretical discussion of such cases. By such a reaction, you can complete the situation with a peaceful and long philosophical discussion. Or, there is another option. Just ignore his remarks. The Virgo man himself understands that he will not be able to change anything, but he acts in accordance with the usual pattern, wishing everything and everything to give marks.

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