How to Seduce a Leo Woman

In order to seduce a Leo woman you have to compliment her often, treat her to the fine things in life and prove that you have an appreciation for romance. By their very nature, a Leo tends to be the center of their own world, and they will expect to be the center of your world too. This does not mean that a Leo woman is incapable of making a man feel like a king, but it does mean that you will have to be both strong and giving enough to match up with her.

Dating a Leo woman requires quiet acceptance of her flaws and loud praise about her strengths. She will not be happy if she feels that she is competing for you, and may in fact choose to walk away rather than deal with it if you have other females in your life. A Leo woman expects to be treated like a queen, but once she falls in love with you she will fully give in to her intensely romantic nature.

Starting Leo Woman Relationships

Like their lion-sized egos, Leo men and women tend to have a large libido as well. They are in general hot-blooded lovers who regularly need to have sex in order to feel reassured in their love lives. Nothing turns on a Leo man like a partner who is willing and even helpless before the powerful force of his love. So tell your Leo man how he has swept you off your feet and how overwhelmed you feel by the magnetism of his personality. Admiration and flattery are the best tools you can use to turn on your Leo lover.

At the same time donโ€™t give in too easily since being a leonine figure, they enjoy a game of cat-and-mouse with their partners. Add a little bit of drama to your foreplay and you can be sure to get your man begging for more. Among the sexual fantasies that turn on Leos are those that feature domineering situations which is why the Dominatrix is a particular favorite with them. Also make sure that your love nest is plush and comfortable since these men like to be surrounded by luxury and to add that extra variety to your lovemaking, have a few delightful toys handy.

Leo women have perhaps the most powerful sex appeal in the entire zodiac. They have have style, intelligence, glamour, charm and an amazing self-confidence which makes heads turn the instant they walk into a crowded room. So you need to be at your seductive best when wooing a Leo woman. Fortunately, like their male counterparts they too respond well to erotic flattery though you need to be careful not to overdo it since insincerity and falsehood are an anathema to all individuals of this zodiac.

The most erogenous zone for female Leos is the lower back. So when you have roused her with your pleasant words, get physical by gently stroking this area and then stir things further by clawing her with soft catlike strokes. Conjure up images of sunshine, golden beaches and brilliant spotlight while making love to a Leo woman since this is the stuff their sexual fantasies are made of. While a Leo woman may be slow to open up to you, if you go about with tenderness and a quiet assurance, you are likely to find in her a firestorm of sensuality. And when that vivacious, fiery and creative side of hers gets you heated up, you can be sure of a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Winning a Leo Woman Heart

The key to sexual compatibility with a Leo is to make them feel special. Admire and adore them for the magnificent, generous and passionate lovers they are and you will be making the foundations of a lifelong fulfilling romantic relationship. But do it sincerely since because of their massive egos, few things rile them as much as being ridiculed or laughed at. Make sure they know that you are entirely committed to the relationship since behind their gregarious selves, they are intrinsically loyal and expect the same from their partners.

Bearing the sign of the King of the jungle, they are used to living in the limelight; also, their incredible dynamic personality ensures that everyone around them is held in their spell. Unlike a Taurus or a Cancer partner, they are not content to sit at home but must be seen as the best places and have the spotlight shine on them. So if you are uncomfortable about sharing your partnerโ€™s attentions with others, be careful of expecting a long-term attachment to a Leo.

Also because of their innate love for the dramatic, Leos tend to show off and as their partner, even you might find yourself put on display once in a while. Above all make an effort to turn out well groomed when in relationship with a Leo. Since Leos are rather vain, they tend to put a great store by physical appearances. Your partner wants you to look good because to a Leo, you are a reflection of him or herself. As your Leo sees it, since he or she is special, so a beloved partner must be too.

Sex with a Leo will be very passionate, but she is unlikely to be interested in any kinky games. A Leo woman prefers to feel passion and drama during sex via her increasing interest in you rather than due to trying something out of the ordinary. Do not mistake this to mean that she is a boring lover, however; if you are dating a Leo, you will experience explosive sex without the need for playing games.

Leo women are in love with the finer things in life. Take her to an art museum, buy her a meal at a fancy restaurant and always bring flowers or other gifts. If she feels that you are tight with money in any way, the lioness might quickly lose interest in you.

A Leo woman in love will be fully open with her heart, but she can be a bit domineering. It is important to allow her to feel like she has some control without letting her become a tyrant. You must exhibit king like qualities to bring her queen complex in line and make it enjoyable, rather than detrimental. If you are strong enough to allow her to feel like a queen, you will experience a deep love that is accompanied by passionate wonderful sex.

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