Taurus Woman Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man will see in the woman Taurus the true love of her life, she is the one that will give him stability, calmness and dimensionality in life. Taurus is impressed by the optimism, lightness, activity of the Aquarian man. The couple is quite accommodating, but there are a number of problems associated with the characteristics of the characteristics in each of them. Sometimes they can be irresistible, but love is able to overcome everything.

Chances to be happy, loyal to each other, the couple have. Fate not once will teach them a lesson, try a couple for strength, endurance, and a fortress of love. There will be tears and jealousy, resentment and quarrel. Both will try to bring their relationship to a new level, taking into account past mistakes. The main thing in relations is to keep the "cold head", not provoking fragile relations to break. Both are characterized by inconsistency, the ability to act in a temper, and then bitterly regret it.

The woman Taurus does not welcome changes, strains at the desire of the partner to change something in the settled life. She used to create around herself an oasis of silence, coziness, and stability. Aquarius man, on the contrary, seeks to experiment more often, to test fate, to climb into dangerous adventures or intrigues. Too correct position of the life of the woman of Taurus, will awaken the anxiety of the man of Aquarius, he after all does not aspire to habit, calmness in life.

In relations with Aquarius, a woman Taurus can learn a lot of useful things for herself. For example, to adopt his easy and life-loving attitude to life, the perception of difficulties as an incentive to overcome them and a way to discover new qualities. Aquarius man can become more sensible, understand that life requires seriousness, responsibility, and these attempts can be crowned with success. After all, he is a great experimenter, even in the desire to try to be exemplary, he will see interesting entertainment, try on a new role.

Relationships have a perspective, when a man Aquarius will be ready for marriage and seriously set on a family. The Taurus woman will learn to trust the partner and also feel the readiness for the family. Steps toward family well-being, perhaps insecure, chaotic, ridiculous, but given the desire and aspiration of both, they will succeed. Necessarily need patience, experience, wisdom to live up to quiet, without heat of passions, days. Partners should clearly remember that while there is love between them, the relationship will be kind, happy and long.

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Taurus female and Aquarius male — this is one of the most difficult unions. He does not give partners anything in everyday life or in the spiritual plan: they do not organize life very harmoniously and achieve common goals, and communication with each other develops in them not at all those features that are necessary for internal growth. However, such pairs are not uncommon. The secret is that in the Taurus-Aquarius all get emotional storms, shakes and a life full of feelings that other partners are unable to do because of their strong desire for stability.

The Taurus woman is especially difficult in this marriage union. She will have no rest there, no rest, since the sins of the partner Aquarius will incessantly stir her up. Taurus constantly has to cope with both Aquarius and his friends or girlfriends. In general, there are so many differences that the marriage union between them has long been considered unreasonable and inexpedient.

A Taurus woman need a sedentary lifestyle, a guaranteed, secured future. She is extremely attached to her home, without him she simply does not think her life. The most brilliant and colorful air locks remain soap bubbles for her, without the slightest benefit, without the slightest sense. She perfectly understands and knows that our world is constantly changing, progressing, but love and money, money and love, as they were in former times, will remain so for ever.

Aquarius is easier in such an alliance. His freedom-loving, creative nature suits life with a tender, understanding and economic woman-Taurus. Usually a Taurus woman is ready with humor to endure his frequent mood swings, creative crises and unexpected tricks, quietly doing home and children. True, she herself can periodically express dissatisfaction with the material situation of the Aquarius man and his instability in life, but in general is able to appreciate his numerous talents and his extraordinary personality and is always ready to support him in a difficult moment.

According to the compatibility of Taurus-Aquarius, even in perfect combination, this couple lives, as if together and separately at the same time. They both got used to each other, learned not to bring up a partner and respect someone else’s personal space. This is the main secret of the fact that they can live together. If they began to crush one another, then this alliance would fall apart at once.

A man-Aquarius needs freedom very much, there is a craving for new impressions, acquaintances, and a woman-Taurus — is stable and jealous. Of course, in this union there are undoubted advantages — thanks to the Taurus woman, Aquarius man feels reliable support and becomes self-confident, not afraid to go forward. And Taurus, thanks to his man, becomes bolder in his dreams and can set those (albeit practical) goals that he would not have thought of before.

They give little to each other directly, but their presence in the life of a partner makes it more successful and stronger. And if you consider that both are fixed signs that differ in their beliefs and habits, they will not have to be surprised that they are able to be together for a long time, do not seek to end this connection and find someone "better".

The downside in this couple’s relationship is that the Taurus woman loves stability and comfort, and Aquarius is always drawn to new impressions. Taurus simply hates what disrupts the habitual way of life. If she fails to reach agreement with Aquarius about reasonable limits and the limits of what is permissible, her life will become a series of unpredictable events that she will not be able to control, will soon cease to cope with her duties and will not be able to achieve her goals, which is vitally important for her.

The Aquarius man often has claims to the Taurus woman because she does not share his interests and is too mundane. What initially attracted him to her is now the cause of reproaches. This is always the case if the pragmatism of Taurus began to interfere with something Aquarius. Therefore, do not be surprised, for example, situations where Aquarius, who promised a beloved moon from the sky, on a family holiday or on his birthday leaves it without a gift and even reproaches for mercantilism and pettiness.

The Taurus woman is very patient, intuitive and for her there are practically no cases with which she could not cope. According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Taurus-Aquarius, in order to preserve harmony in union with the man Aquarius, it is necessary to first establish the boundaries of personal space and check them from time to time. By this, the Taurus woman will save herself from the unnecessary pressure of the Aquarius male. At an early stage of establishing relationships, it is natural — everyone wants to change something in a partner, thinking that it helps him. It is very important to establish boundaries and gently (only gently!) To designate them as Aquarius. But, if you suddenly noticed that Aquarius is pressing you, see if you have crossed its territory, and perhaps, in some ways, press on your man. His desire to make Taurus freer, easier and teach not to think about money, is due to the fact that he began to interfere with the pragmatism and habits of the female Taurus. Then she needs to give him more freedom.

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