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Successful alliance and an enviable couple. Taurus woman and Cancer man make many wonders their mutual practicality and mutual desire to create a strong family. A Cancer man and a Taurus woman are compatible enough that they can live a long life in harmony and peace. But, not everything is so simple, the initial stages of development, lapping, or lead to a mutual compromise, or their roads will disperse. The pledge of love and fidelity for the Taurus woman is the financial strength of the partner, otherwise a man can not avoid constant reproaches.

The intimate side of the relationship is a fiery passion, complete satisfaction, absolute payoff in amorous pleasures. Cancer man puts an intimate affinity equal to mental penetration, access to his inner world. The Taurus woman clearly separates the boundaries between the bed and the outer relations, without interlacing them in one tangle. Man Cancer — not "Don Juan", in his life there is hardly a place for love for one night. He is very selective in people, will not allow "empty relations".

The Cancer man has insight. He has an analytical mind, is able to forecast events in the relationship. The first opinion is important for him later, he will not give a chance to a woman, if he does not see the prospects of relations with her. Cruel, but honest. The Taurus woman is neat, clean, her house shines with purity, every thing has its place, there is no place for trash, it will not collect old things. Man Cancer, on the contrary, is hardly adapted to everyday life.

The Cancer man loves to eat deliciously, loves courting, custody, he is attracted by "maternal care", being able to follow these methods, one can get hold of the heart of Cancer. The stars warn of possible threats that can cause the pair to part.

Cancer will not tolerate sensation when it is forced, forced to do something. Woman-Taurus is a nature that is focused on achieving material benefits, in its concept of financing, the main task of men. Reproaching and criticizing a man, he can force him to flee without explanation. This is perhaps the only reason that could be a collapse for the couple.

A Taurus woman, moderately emotional and sociable, is not always compliant, compliant, struggles to donate her interests, convinced of her unshakable rightness. The Cancer man must still take into account that without grumbling a woman can not live, it is necessary to be reconciled.

The best time, to create a relationship, for Cancer and Taurus, when they took place an individual, "stuck" mistakes, and with a great desire to "land", live peacefully. Enough wisdom to accept the existence of another opinion. However, in any case, having passed adversity and tension, will become an ideal and exemplary family.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

Compatible female Taurus and Cancer male — both economic and thorough, almost created for each other. Both tend to strive for money and are ready to accumulate them by hard work, both above all appreciate the comfort of the home, both love and appreciate the carnal pleasures, which makes them wonderful lovers.

True, the Taurus woman sometimes does not like the slowness of cautious Cancer, and she is able to express it to him directly in the eye. Cancer, in such cases, hides in its "shell" and gradually accumulates insults. However, these insults are insignificant and rarely pass critical level when he is ready to go on a break. More often than not, positive moments in their relationship far outweigh the negative, and this alliance has every chance of happily lasting a lifetime.

The surrounding people often believe that this union is created by calculation. And indeed, if Taurus and Cancer have not found mutual understanding, they remain together because of comfort and are quite happy. They have many common views and the same attitude toward money, life, family and life goals. But in most cases, this couple is full of passion and a lot of tenderness and care, only it does not take place for show.

If we talk about the ideal relationship of the male Cancer and the female Taurus, then there is a lot of mutual understanding. From the very beginning of the relationship, this couple "breaks away" from the company of friends and prefers to spend time together. Rest they prefer quiet, not expensive, economical, but they love occasionally to make each other expensive and useful gifts.

Under the law of nature, each person attracts in his partner what he himself lacks, which could complement it. Cancers often get discouraged, fall and retreat from their goal due to lack of persistence and endurance, endurance and perseverance, especially at longer life distances. It is here that their only hope and savior can be Taurus, abundantly endowed with these qualities of character. A sense of duty and duty in Taurus, family and maternal feelings are always marked only "seal of reliability", and this is exactly what is necessary for Cancer and his life together with him.

Compatibly, Cancer and Taurus lead a solitary, peaceful life, they rarely take part in noisy public events. For both, material well-being is important, and they do not spend money on unnecessary entertainment, and are often sparse. Everyone has a goal: to build a house, to make good and grow children. Both Cancer and Taurus are tied to the family, guests are reluctant to accept, they give a lot of time to household chores and raise children. Family values for them are more important than anything else, therefore, they are perceived by others, above all, as a very strong family.

Many friends of Taurus and Cancer believe that they formed an alliance for mutually beneficial calculation. It certainly can be, but it’s worth remembering that even those who are passionately fond of each other, Taurus and Cancer will never put their feelings on people. If the couple is perfect, then of course there are emotions (although the material component of marriage still matters). The Cancer man becomes more confident in himself, does not wait for constant strikes on his sensitive soul and is confident in the support of Taurus. A woman-Taurus becomes softer and allows herself to be sentimental.

Tranquility in this family alliance most often violates Cancer with its negative emotions. The Taurus woman is practical and rational. Above all, she values comfort, so Cancer’s throwing at times annoys her. She does not understand why worry, be offended and sad without reason, and, especially, specifically look for this occasion? She will never allow to destroy her stable and comfortable world. A Taurus woman can become a support and support for Cancer, she is able to drive away "black thoughts" from him, but she will never be able to understand: why is he attracting this negative in his life? Is not it betters to look at the world easier? Cancer offends this approach, he believes that Taurus can not appreciate his subtle psyche and emotional susceptibility. But, Cancers should remember that the woman-Taurus is the only one of the whole Zodiac who calmly endures all his spiritual crises without harming the state of his own soul.

In everyday life this misunderstanding between Cancer and Taurus will not cause significant harm. Cancer will sink, Taurus will try to dispel his sadness, and everyone will be happy. But if the couple already have plans for this day, Taurus will be dissatisfied with the fact that they break down (the Taurus woman generally does not like when something gets in her way if she has already set a goal), and Cancer will be offended, That some plans for the beloved are more important than his experiences.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Taurus and Cancer, excellent relationships can be formed between them and a complete understanding is a reliable guarantee of a solid foundation in family life. They have a lot in common. Both love the home, dream of their own home — cozy and comfortable, about a garden with flower beds, a garden, etc. If they both take under more strict control the negative traits of their character and temper, they will impose a ban on stubbornness and obstinacy, then their marriage, conjugal ties and family life can develop and flow in happiness and harmony.

The main thing is to keep harmonious relations, not to part with the first disagreements. Over time, the couple will appear and "cementing" their alliance motives (most often — in the form of joint savings) and the ability to get along with each other. At the beginning of the formation of the family, the responsibility for the relationship rests on the shoulders of the Taurus woman. Cancer can be offended and will not go to reconciliation, while Taurus might not understand what he was upset about. Cancer does not understand why it should be tolerated first and apologize for their own emotions and mood.

Treat his mood patiently. If you support him, sympathize and cheer, the bad mood will not last long: he is a very sympathetic and grateful person. The Taurus woman has two striking features: stubbornness and patience. So in a relationship with a man-Cancer you need to forget about stubbornness and, in all, use your patience. Do not be stubborn, do not stand on your own, with Cancer this technique will only lead to a distance from each other.

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