Taurus Woman Capricorn Man

A couple of Taurus woman and Capricorn man are accompanied by a happy union, trusting relationship, ease and understanding in communication. They will always be able to agree on their rights and responsibilities in a pair. The intimate side of the life of partners brings them a mutual unearthly pleasure, both hot and greedy lovers. Conflict same situations do not have a scandalous color, since they never endure "dirty linen".

The pair shares a common view on what the family should be like, what rules and principles should reign there. The Capricorn man hypochondriac, adheres to strict principles, does not like bright displays of emotions, is passive, often looks at life with pessimism. I am deeply convinced that conservatism, pedantry, is the guarantee of stability and human permanence. The head of the family in this pair will always be a Capricorn man, this position is more appealing to him, especially since a Taurus woman sees in a man a just, responsible person. In this union her interests will never be infringed or will and freedom suppressed.

Taurus woman is stubborn, fastidious, but as for the lover, then she will show loyalty, gentleness, manipulating, thus, a man, subordinating his interests to his orders. The couple learns in the life together all its charms, these are household quarrels, reproaches, joy and moments of happiness. Relations are full of emotions, seething with passions. Outwardly, for many, their love is calm, without outbursts, a bit greyish. In fact, these people are playing games and weaving intrigues, without interfering with strangers.

Both adore to sit and talk for a long time, thinking about global changes in life, making plans and marking priority moments. Capricorn man is pragmatic, clever, cunning. In it both calculating and spirituality coexists. In his life there is always a place for creativity and self-expression of talents. Capricorn does not know how to joke kind, and by touching a partner with tiny sweats, causes her anger. However, this is only beneficial, because here the key moment is a stormy reconciliation.

These people can also be deeply religious, honor church traditions, visit holy places. However, the main basis of compatibility in their relations is the openness of the soul, the lack of accumulated grievances, mutual honesty. For others, the truth can sometimes be better and hidden, but in this case, the purity and transparency of relations is the strongest support for a stable and strong marriage.

Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Taurus female and Capricorn male — this is the most difficult, but also the most creative union of the three pairs of Earth elements. He can bring more problems than any other, and especially bad is that he immediately beckons excellent compatibility, and only then there are difficulties. But, on the other hand, this union has a lot of internal energy, many opportunities for self-improvement of each partner and many chances for success in life and material well-being.

For the melancholy heart of the Capricorn man, the Taurus woman is already a real find. As one, and the other feelings have a permanent and lasting character. Both in love and in marriage, this couple is faithful and devoted to each other. Between them, as a rule, there is no love "at first sight" or in the form of "forest fire", but over the years mutual understanding and agreement are deepened, the feeling of attachment grows stronger.

But even then there is one "but". Here, both love and marriage should be backed up with money or other material goods. Both partners are permeated and saturated with vital reality and practicality. In the marital compatibility of Taurus-Capricorn, perseverance and endurance prevail, endurance and perseverance, thinking and planning, a normal attitude towards thrift, that is, all those qualities and qualities of a person that contribute to the realization of a life goal. Immediately after the celebration of the wedding, they reveal common interests, and common plans, tasks, goals, which in the future and move them forward and upward. And if Capricorn in this union brings and his own home, then Taurus adorns it in the full sense of the word, while combining business with pleasure.

The ideal pair of female Taurus and male Capricorn is a developing couple with constant inner growth. The characters of Taurus and Capricorn, then intertwine, complementing each other, then contradict, and everyone is interested in solving the conflict. Inside the couple is a very active, turbulent life, although outwardly they look calm and happy and never entertain people around stormy scenes and family scandals. They have many common features, such as practicality, perseverance, loyalty, purposefulness. Most often they are both set for a long, serious relationship.

They both hate family conflicts and disassembly, and the Taurus woman can joke soften the sharp corners and at the same time calmly gives Capricorn his place as head of the family. In the most ideal pair, the leader is Capricorn, and the woman-Taurus calmly adjusts to him and changes her behavior and attitude to the unpleasant situations for her. As a rule, Capricorn can safely devote time to work, knowing that behind him is a reliable rear: Taurus takes great care of the house and the children. Capricorn in this union brings wisdom, and the woman-Taurus tenderness and economy. Also, Taurus softens Capricorn and teaches him to receive from life pleasure. Sometimes, on the contrary, Capricorn teaches Taurus to be stiffer and more assertive.

If Taurus managed to fully awake Mars Capricorn, then the couple is guaranteed also a harmonious and passionate intimate life for all the years while they are together. Harmony in the Taurus-Capricorn pair will continue only as long as both have a goal that Capricorn most often places, and they go together to it. And the woman-Taurus, and the man-Capricorn is very important result. But, when it happens that a couple does not have a goal, the worst features of both begin to manifest. Capricorn becomes gloomy and sullen, distracted, and does not fulfill the role of leader in the family.

The Taurus woman, most often, voluntarily gives the palm to her husband, but at such times she also can not reorganize herself in order to lead the family out of the impasse. She is characterized by inertia, and inability to change habits. Her tenderness and care will break against the cold wall that Capricorn builds. It is worth noting that the man in this union is especially difficult, since the Taurus woman will be able to find an outlet in pleasures, good food, beautiful clothes and a pleasant rest, but a strong and intelligent Capricorn goes depressed without a purpose.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Taurus and Capricorn, the family idyll is broken when the couple loses the goal, especially Capricorn, who as the leader chooses the right direction for the movement of the family. At such times, he is in desperate need of support from the woman. Show him your loyalty and loyalty. He must know and feel that you will not leave him.

If you have a strong and trusting relationship, then in such cases, you can recommend the method of "wedge by wedge kicking out." Most sharply each sign of the Zodiac reacts to its opposite. For Saturn, the antipode planet is the Moon, which is very strong in the female Taurus. Therefore, all your lunar manifestations: capriciousness, mood changes, caring, homeowness and impressionability — will evoke a warm response from him. So you "wake up" his Saturn, who is responsible for setting the tasks, and the Capricorn man will quickly find a new goal. But with this method you need to be cautious: the antipode planet can be perceived as both a partner and an enemy if you did not have a trust in the family.

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