Taurus Woman Gemini Man

About the Taurus woman and the Gemini man, from the side will say, "not a pair". Demonstrative scenes, noisy clarification of the attitude, rude statements of the man Gemini terrifies unwitting witnesses. A couple always has many common friends, they do not have family or personal secrets, everything is brought up for discussion.

The changeable Gemini man is not used to saving, stingy at feelings, not punctual, not necessary. Promises, vows of fidelity can never stand. The Taurus woman is an incredible beauty, but she is stubborn, will not allow her to subordinate her will, she is accurate in the statements, she feels "the feminine principle". In a quiet environment can long indulge in dreams, "fly in the clouds." In the Gemini man she sees an insatiable lover, she adores "bad boys", and he is just like that.

When it comes to marriage, this couple "outperform" everyone in the preparation and arrangement of the celebration. Many times they will then appoint, then cancel the celebration, long to be determined in all the wedding moments. All because it is difficult to find a common solution, one will never give in to another. Again, all this is raging in front of poor relatives and friends.

The couple has an enviable quality, they are resourceful, and after a storm, reason quite soberly. At a young age, the compatibility of the Gemini man and Taurus woman is sometimes manifested only in a romantic relationship. If they meet each other at a more mature age, then it is possible to create a family. By nature Gemini is characterized by duplicity, he is constantly drawn to change the way, he is able to climb into someone else’s life and give instructions. The appearance of heirs, for some time can generate seriousness in him, responsibility.

In a domestic setting, a Taurus woman, strives to create bright, ornate interiors, buys expensive things, surrounds with luxurious and antiquarian things, subject to material possibilities. Taurus is intelligent, endowed with talent to persuade, to establish contact with strangers. It is indifferent to gossip and intrigue, but sometimes it can take part in a conspiracy. It should be noted, the woman Taurus, is always surrounded by rich fans, can easily marry by calculation, love is important to her, but finance is more important.

The Gemini man is impulsive, but an alliance with a woman Taurus can still curb him a little and measure it. In adulthood, a couple will certainly find compromises, learn to transgress their grievances. Inspired by such patience, devotion to the woman Taurus, the man will become more accommodating, family. But only in quite mature age. Withstanding "fire, water and copper pipes," the couple will achieve a happy continuation of a peaceful family life.

Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

They say you can not order your heart. Therefore, the compatibility of Gemini and Taurus is such that they can become interested in each other, and even experience strong feelings, but there is little chance of happiness and longevity in such an alliance. In this controversial marriage, many will see the fancies of fate — so inappropriate for each other from the side seem to be an active man-Gemini and a leisurely, thorough woman-Taurus. But love has its own laws, including the law of attraction of opposites. Unfortunately, from these relations it is difficult to expect stability — too different characters and temperaments converge under one roof, conflicting with each other.

The Taurus woman finds it hard to reconcile with the fact that the Gemini man does not hurry to return home from work in the evenings. Unlike him, she does not like noisy parties and does not share many of his other hobbies. These are too different people, and not only their character differs, but also their life goals.

But, the marriage between a Taurus woman and a Gemini man can be successful, if they find, what will unite them (except the sexual sphere). Here, perhaps, the only option will be their common cause. In other cases, it is easier for everyone to find a more suitable partner.

The compatibility of the Gemini and Taurus women can be ideal only in one case — if they have a common cause or a common goal. Then this couple makes every effort to find common ground, pacify its character, sacrifice its own interests and do much to smooth existing contradictions. If all of them have passed, then they are surprised to notice how much merit their partner, so necessary to achieve success in the general case of interest. The Taurus woman will highly appreciate the erudition and sociability of the Gemini man, his flexibility and quick reaction. And he, in turn, will understand that the reliability, practicality and tranquility of his companion-Taurus is simply necessary for living together.

Whatever signs of the zodiac are not met, the ideal pair distinguishes from others is that people in this union almost do not affect each other, their characters remain the same. They highly value the personal space of another, do not interfere there. And they sincerely admire their companion, finding new and new reasons for this. And this is already enough for a happy union. From the outside they continue to look not very well compatible, and the stronger is the surprise of acquaintances when the couple breaks out sharply on the quality of life from the general circle of communication, because Taurus and Gemini went to their goal and helped each other in this.

The Taurus woman is calm, stable, constant, loves to spend evenings at home, and the Gemini man from the very beginning of the relationship will destroy her stability. Twins are unusual to arrive on time, they change their plans with lightning speed, and in general it seems that the notion of "permanence" is alien to them. At first, it is possible and will amuse Taurus, but it will not last long. She will very soon be tired of the kaleidoscope of new events and faces, constant surprises and bold ideas. This will wear her morally, she is used to doing everything thoroughly, in her own convenient rhythm, and this approach did not fail her and, therefore, is quite good. And suddenly her usual rhythm is broken, and she is offered a completely different — unfamiliar and uncomfortable. As a result of haste, she will understand, absorb and do less than before.

A man in this situation is also unbearable: he sincerely loves his Taurus woman and can not leave her behind, while he himself is going to meet fresh information flows — meetings, books, friends, trips and everything that makes up his life.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Taurus-Gemini, harmony in their family can bring a common goal, a common cause, in general, any idea that unites them. Then they quickly find compromises, adapt to each other, see the dignity of the other, helping to achieve this common goal.

And if the couple’s goal is simply to be together and feel happy, mutual respect and acceptance of their partner as they are will help here. Do not climb into its space and remodel it. If the Taurus woman decided that she is most interested in housekeeping, and she likes to prepare delicious dinners for her Gemini man, she will not worry because she can not support a conversation about the last meeting of mutual friends, where Gemini Was, but she was not.

Then the Gemini man needs to learn how to respect her for the economy, the delicacies for dinner, and not for the knowledge that burdens Taurus. And if a man has determined for himself that he wants to occupy the place of a getter in the life of a Taurus woman or, for example, an enlightener teacher, Taurus should appreciate this role and not demand that he instead become a "soul mate" or brave defender. If so to allocate roles, each of the partners can feel happy, because it is appreciated, respected and allowed to live in the rhythm that he likes.

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