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At a meeting, they are motivated by a feeling of love, at first, without overshadowing a peaceful existence. Taurus woman and the Leo man, having passed the first impulses of love passion, can with a "cold head" plunge into the ordinaryity of relations. But, unfortunately, this will give rise to misunderstandings and disagreements. These are two completely different people, in their own way perceiving the realities of life.

Attempts to remodel under a partner for sure will be futile. Horoscop incompatibility is not the rule, it is only a transparent prognosis, but the fate of a person or couple depends on many other factors. Of course, there are exceptions, where the union of Leo and Taurus can be called productive and held.

The Leo likes to advertise the details of his life, to bathe in the applause of the public, to shock, to surprise people, all this in his spirit. He lacks practicality, consistency and humility, since the woman Taurus is not exactly capable of concessions. Leo’s man is attracted by independence, independence, individuality, even arrogance, and in Taurus he is intrigued by her arrogance.

Woman Taurus needs to learn to be more loyal, be able to praise a man, say pleasant words, express love, confession, show caring, a little "pardon". The Leo man is a "big child" with such treatment, he will also be accordingly softer, will moderate his quickness, it is important to talk with him, to find a common denominator.

Taurus has an amazing grip, "iron nerves," or miss his chance to climb the career ladder. Can step over a lot. For it influential, wealthy people who have authority are authoritative. He does not tolerate losers around him. Leo constantly have to "keep the brand." Because it is very difficult for him to adapt to constant tension, to seek out reasons to show his success and strength. The Leo man, although he belongs to the category of daredevils, but he needs relaxation, a manifestation of weaknesses.

Having achieved career heights, having in his subordination of people, Taurus can transfer his zeal to superiority in relations. What the Leo will never allow to do, so the probability of a happy ending is not high. However, a strong mutual love can intervene here, passing tears, parting and returning, they will find peace and peace on their partner’s chest. A happy union is not ruled out, if compromises are found and agreements are made, then a long, cooperative life is real.

Taurus Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Such pairs are rare. Taurus and Leo — not the best compatibility, and they usually look for more suitable partners. Bring their alliance to family life "like everyone else" they will not succeed, therefore together there are those Taurus and Lions, who are satisfied with unusual and vivid relations. Most often these are talented, spiritually developed and strong people.

Leo leads an active social lifestyle, while the Taurus woman guarantees him a secure rear, devoting himself to home and family. According to compatibility, both the Leo man and the Taurus woman value any carnal pleasures, be it food, sleep or sex, and so in bed they fit well together.

Of course, the Taurus woman is thrifty, and she may be embarrassed by Leo’s too free-flowing treatment of money. However, if Leo can also earn well, how to spend, she is ready to put up with it. In an ideal pair with the Taurus, the Leo blossoms even more. He attracts the attention of others with well-groomed appearance (without cheap chic), health and self-confidence. His companion-Taurus keeps in the shadows, but does not look shy and depressed (it’s just not her style to "shine on stage"). In general, a woman-Taurus is a very strong personality, which Leo does not suppress. In an ideal family, a Taurus woman relies on the career and success of the Leo, dedicates this to her whole life and does not lose. With the support of the Leo, he can achieve great heights. And Taurus, in turn, realizes itself as a beautiful mistress.

Even in an ideal pair there are quarrels, but few people know about them. The Leo does not like to show irritation in public, and Taurus, restrained by nature, does not endure hysterics. When a Taurus woman and a Leo man are alone, they often discuss the future steps of Leo and Taurus figuring out how to organize their material support.

When Leo and Taurus do not have a common life, they often argue — usually because of money. Taurus does not like waste, and Leo likes to arrange generous surprises. If the life is common, Leo also saves, and Taurus feels that they want to make it pleasant. This game raises the mood for both.

The main reason for the many quarrels in a Taurus female and Leo male couple — is the inability to obey and yield. This gives birth and causes constant arguments, worsening both mutual understanding and mutual relations. Here, all the underwater reefs should be lit day and night, so as not to bump into them and not break.

The Taurus woman is very careful and thrifty, a real hard worker with only one desire to have her property and a secure old age, and Leo is a spiritual barony, generosity and liberality, magnanimity and extravagance, a life span and a "flight into space expanses". Since the Leo men like to organize nightly drinking in the company of "cheerful guys", their Taurus spouses often have their loved ones kept "under house arrest" or even "behind bars" in order to protect them and protect them from various dangers.

And not only because they throw money to the left and to the right, but "night butterflies" often interfere into these entertainment revels — frivolous and windy, which also require their share. As a rule, this item is almost never removed "from the agenda".

A pair of Leo and Taurus very often quarrels over money. Leo is generous, maybe not always from the heart (for generosity is often the desire to impress), but the fact remains: the money does not protect the Leo. A Taurus can not stand wasting. Because of this, disputes arise, Taurus rebukes Leo in mobbing, and often — in courtship with other women (if the generosity of Leo was directed at a female person).

But, in this pair there is another very serious problem. If a Taurus woman is stronger than a Leo man, she can suppress it. His breadth of soul, craving for dramatic effects and a cheerful disposition are perceived by her as infantilism. She (of the best motives, of course) brings up in her Leo practicality and sense of proportion, but instead of the king of beasts, the output turns out to be a shiny wet cat. With Leo’s Taurus, one of the greatest probabilities is to lose one’s individuality, especially if the Leo is soft and prefers to give in order not to quarrel.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Taurus and Leo, in order for their family to be in harmony, one of the spouses must yield in a matter related to money. Yes, the Taurus woman is reasonable and practical, and the Leo likes spending money left and right. In this they find it difficult to find a common language, but it is necessary to compromise. Or Taurus, if she immensely respects her Leo, agrees with his financial plan, or Leo completely entrust his half to solve common financial issues. Without concessions from one of the parties, nothing will come of it.

Often in this pair the woman-Taurus considers her Leo a child, in her opinion, he can not grow up in any way. If this is very disturbing to the female Taurus, then something must be done about it. First, honestly look at this fact. If Leo, for all his childishness and posturing, bears responsibility for you and your family, then what’s the problem? Let fun and cheer others. If not, then you need to help him become a real man.

Ask for help from psychologists, books, biographies of famous people born under the same sign. You will certainly see the same type as your Leo, and from the side you will be easier to assess not only the shortcomings, but also the dignity. You will understand that such behavior and a view of the world are "not serious" only in your own view and objectively do not prevent a man from being successful and interesting.

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