Taurus Woman Libra Man

Amazing love couple is a Taurus woman and a Libra man, their union is pleasantly perplexing to others and a keen interest in their personal lives. The joint life of this couple can bring to their spiritual world new discoveries, new ways of improvement and self-knowledge. Sometimes, such an interest in the life of a partner leads to a feeling of affection and strong love.

The woman Taurus is wayward, stubborn, self-confident person. Her actions are spontaneous and unexpected, she can surprise with a sharp change of plans, desires and goals, not always her actions are prudent and deliberate. In it there lives a personality for which goals in life are important, dreams and desires fill it, it lives only when it seeks something.

She likes public places, but without fanaticism. In ordinary life, a woman Taurus leads an active lifestyle, there is little romance, manifestations of fiction in order to hit the chosen one. Periodically, a melancholy mood sets in, changing the situation, she is given to home affairs or favorite hobbies. The man of Libra is a serious, promising person. Endowed with fine thinking, sober mind, his actions are carefully weighed. To the issue of marriage, it fits with all responsibility, confidently, though, having spent a lot of time and energy on hesitating and weighing all the pros and cons.

The man of Libra can be inclined to his desires only in soft words and in a womanly wise tricks, exceptionally affectionate, tender treatment can make a man Libra do a lot. However, the couple need to take into account that to undermine the partner’s confidence, to offend him easily, to build again the wall of understanding and support will be difficult. The stars prophesy to the couple the knowledge of the versatility of love, their life will resemble the notorious white or black band. Fate will save them from so uncharacteristic monotony, teach and teach many lessons of life. Strange difference in views on rest and pastime, oddly enough, will not lead to conflicts. However, there are still pitfalls, Taurus will express dissatisfaction about the unessentiality of the Libra man. This quality will be expressed in everything, and in delays, and in the failure of promises, forgetfulness, and boyish disunity.

How different people, the man Libra and the woman Taurus, are so happy will be married. Positive feature of the pair is an easy approach to compromises, the ability to negotiate, to conduct a constructive dialogue. When both are interested in preserving the relationship, it is necessary, with disagreement, to come to a common solution.

Taurus Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Taurus female and the Libra male — this pair, one of the most common. Taurus and Libra pulls together, and they have good compatibility. In this alliance of partners, love for small everyday pleasures and pleasures unites. The Libra man is more subtle and creative than the Taurus woman, but he, and she knows how to appreciate delicious food, beautiful things, good sex. Due to this their relationships are often very strong — nothing so brings people together, as the ability to rejoice in trifles together.

In everyday life, a woman-Taurus, as a rule, takes homework with pleasure: she prepares delicious food, takes care of children. True, she is not always satisfied with the success of the Libra man at work and sometimes can reproach him for hesitating. Therefore, in the family all the important decisions are taken basically by itself. In a couple, the Taurus woman is the leader, but Libra does not feel overwhelmed and unhappy, on the contrary, they love and appreciate their woman. If you look at the couple in a while, it becomes obvious that she came to the result that the Taurus woman asked, so the happiness of the union depends on the level of development, ambition and spiritual qualities of Taurus.

According to the compatibility of Taurus-Libra — in this harmonious pair everyone gets what he needs. The Libra man finds understanding, he is forgiven for mistakes and ugly deeds. He has the opportunity to enjoy a problem-free life, since the decision of most problems was taken by the Taurus woman. What draws to the weights of Taurus is harder to understand. At first glance, she could find a man stronger and more active. However, Libra often fascinates Taurus as carriers of some kind of abstract truth that is inaccessible to them, and the Taurus associate life with them and do not regret it.

If you look from the outside, you can see that the leader in this pair is a woman. She tells Libra what to do and how, and they obey without complaint. The Libra man appreciates the care of himself, allows a woman to take care of herself as a child, after all, he knows that all his interests will be taken into account. How much Taurus’s leadership will be noticeable, everything depends on her upbringing and spiritual development. Someone is running a partner, Libra, without infringing on his dignity, and someone does not hesitate to command in front of everyone. But, in any case, and the woman-Taurus, and the man-Libra, their personal life suits.

No matter how perfect the pair, there is always something to be reconciled with, to make concessions, to seek a compromise. In woman-Taurus and man-Libra pair, both differ enviable stubbornness. Libra, with their external softness, are as stubborn as Taurus. Of course, Libra is more likely to make concessions, and then everything goes smoothly in family life, but when Libra ceases to be guided and obey Taurus, the latter can lose heart. The scales begin to protect their comfort with all their might, using lies, excuses and evasions.

And Libra will never express their opinion directly, they will not defend their position: they simply dodge their duties. Every Taurus woman faced with the fact that the Libra man promised to come to a clearly agreed time, and then disconnected the phone or thought up an excuse why he did not have time on time, and if Taurus thinks about it, he will notice that he did not intend to come to Libra already When they agreed.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Taurus-Libra — in order for the family to be in harmony, the woman-Taurus needs to learn how to deal with a Libra man on an equal footing. The Taurus woman has got used to patronize the Libra man and insist on her, persistently achieving the set goals, regardless of any resistance from the partner. Yes, she does not use any tricks at the same time, but Libra should do otherwise. A man born under this sign appreciates a good attitude, affection and tenderness.

If you are sure that your plans will only benefit both, then try softly, sincerely and kindly to talk with Libra. Often, a Libra man avoids doing something because they are afraid of unfamiliar circumstances. And if Libra has firmly decided not to do something, then you can convince them only by knowing the reason for their reluctance. Is the balance late for a date? Perhaps they plan to rest after work. Talk to him heart to heart. Usually these men do not have secrets, and if they are questioned, they will tell both about their plans and about how they would like to act.

And the ideal option would be if the Taurus woman allowed the Libra man to first express their plans — even if you have already thought everything over and know what you want. Realizing what he wants, you will find easier for both option.

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