Taurus Woman Pisces Man

In case Taurus woman and Pisces man meets against the background of consolation, compassion and pity, or in a situation where support and mutual assistance is needed, then a love story can arise between them. However, further the familiarity goes, both understand that both are in fact not at all what they seemed initially, at the first acquaintance.

Pisces man is soft, easygoing, quiet person. Loves solitude, often very conservative, adheres to the strictest rules of decency, respects the limits of what is permitted, he is not devoid of romance, tenderness. Taurus will be attracted to his woman by her perseverance, a kind of militancy and wrestling qualities. At the same time, she is endowed with natural self-control, control over her emotions. Rarely, a Taurus woman fall into hysterics or foolish whims. In the eyes of the Pisces man, she is a saint, an idol and an ideal.

The problem in the pair may arise from the straightness and sharpness of the words of the Taurus woman, to the address of an easily vulnerable Pisces man. An important moment in this alliance is the intimate side of life, because these are two completely different temperaments, and from a misunderstanding of the partner’s desires, a discord of relations may occur. In family relationships, the intimacy looks solely as a performance of marital duty, or for the continuation of the family, this does not suit the Taurus woman.

Man Pisces is quiet, closed person. In the soul of the Taurus woman, he sometimes awakens suspicions of indifference and coldness, preventing the development of relationships, so there is tension. In this case, the Pisces should trust their partner more, show a desire for dialogue with the woman Taurus. Taurus Woman is a purposeful, demanding person.

She will enter the world of Pisces with interest, try to dream, fantasize like him, even try to implement something. It will be great if they agree that one generates ideas, thinks of ways of implementation, and the other brings them to life. Both serve each other as a kind of compass in life, helping to balance, correctly distribute force, energy, potential, and identify goals and objectives.

In a couple, everyone can try themselves in science, discovering a new, useful for humanity. From the Pisces man would have turned out to be a wonderful scientist, with high degrees and achievements. A woman Taurus and man Pisces are able to give an opportunity to develop a partner, without being distracted by the little things of life and scrapes in relationships. Pisces man, understanding the essence of the woman Taurus, its predictability in action, her way of life and habits, much faster and easier could open up and trust her chosen one. In any case, the wisdom of the signs will certainly prevail, and they will find all the points of contact and understanding.

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Compatible Taurus female and Pisces male — the couple is amazing. They are similar, and do not resemble each other at the same time. They look at what they are different, and notice similarities. This couple has several fundamentally important issues, according to which they have different opinions. If they do not argue about them in everyday communication, they have all the chances to live together a happy life. Ironically, more often the fate of a couple does not depend on the constant and firmly standing on the legs of the female Taurus, but from fluid and volatile Pisces.

Such a union is especially good for a Pisces man: in a Taurus woman, he usually finds the necessary mutual understanding and support. She willingly takes on the management of the economy, is able to make decisions and take on the managerial role in the family (which the man Pisces does not like and can not do) and even if necessary can earn more than him to support the family.

Of course, the Taurus woman is not always happy with this state of affairs, but in the man-Pisces her admiration for his kindness, talent and serenity. In addition, the Taurus-Pisces pair has excellent sexual compatibility and many similarities: they both love nature, hate quarrels, and their relationship can be long and durable.

This pair has a lot in common. Both love peace, especially — sincere. Both love coziness and comfort, everything is beautiful and expensive. Both love a "sweet" life. The only difference is that the Pisces are innate lazy people living only for today, and Taurus is an unbeatable hard worker who himself organizes his destiny, himself providing for his future. But, anyway, if only Pisces own house, moreover with a garden, for Taurus this is the best bait.

The Taurus woman and the Pisces man are an excellent complement and support for each other. More often than not, they do not devote themselves to their worries and appear before them funny fun and optimists. Moreover, it is worth noting that the quality of cheerful, cheerful people they acquire in a joint residence.

Woman-Taurus can create comfort and comfort in the house and reasonably dispose of finances, that is why the man-fishes in this union feel, first of all, material security. If the man-fish is spiritually developed, then he will get a good opportunity of self-development, will stop shielding from the material world and will learn to combine romanticism with pragmatism. Pisces this union gives confidence in the future, loyalty and devotion — they can not wish for anything better.

A woman-Taurus next to a man-Pisces finds wings. Despite her sober thinking, she is not obsessed with money-grubbing. The fish tell her compliments, share their dreams, and Taurus allows herself to be more romantic and emotional. The Taurus woman does not have to take offense at her partners from the Pisces sign — they faithfully give them sincere feelings, warmth, cordiality. Their passions, taken together, can melt a whole iceberg in a flash.

Most of the Taurus work a lot and, naturally, a lot and get tired. Then they need care and rest, care and care, and no one else will do "fish" of it — they are an innate charity. The only thing you need to fear here is strong drinks, strong drugs or drugs, on which Pisces can sometimes come across. But, as a rule, Taurus crosses this kind of pleasure in two counts, cross-on-the-cross, preferring only the sweetness of love.

The marriage union between the Taurus woman and the Pisces man is built on a very solid foundation, because there is a physical attraction between them, and love passions, in their respect and loyalty and loyalty, they are attached to each other until old age.

The Taurus woman is very reliable and ready for a lot for her loved ones. But it is extremely specific and does not think out what is not. So that she can help and support, she needs to see or understand what the problem is. A Pisces man often goes into his inner world, his problems are not connected with real life and concern only psychology.

And now the situation develops: the man shut himself up, fenced himself off from her and with all appearance shows that he is ill. A woman does not see anything dangerous in the world around her, but Pisces does not let her into the soul. Taurus in perplexity — it is waiting for something, but what? Pisces in insult — the beloved does not want to help! If the Taurus does not survive the guilt that is imposed on her and is also offended, she will not go to reconciliation. Pisces is merciful to the weak, but with a strong woman (and Taurus refers to just such), they too can leap of pride. So, resenting each other, the couple can come to parting.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Taurus-Pisces — in order to maintain harmony in the family life of the female Taurus, it is necessary to develop and use intuition. The potential for this is enormous, since in her sign the Moon is strong. Only the "sixth sense" will help her understand her husband-Pisces.

But if Taurus has not yet developed the gift of intuition, there is another way - to prevent the described problem. Fish are often locked in themselves, it’s a fact, but they do it much more often if they are afraid that their experiences will not find a response. It often happens that sensitive Pisces are locked up under the influence of Taurus’s blunt humor, which hurts them. So, in periods when everything is good in the pair, you can not cool down the impulses of the man Pisces, lower him from heaven to earth and criticize his sensitivity. Otherwise, at a serious moment, he will not trust a Taurus woman.

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