Taurus Woman Sagittarius Man

The Taurus woman and the Sagittarius man are distinguished by the categorical and contradictory nature of morals, which can seriously hamper the couple, create a strong love alliance. At the slightest conflicts, clashes, discrepancies of opinions, quarrels and misunderstandings will erupt. Both are very vulnerable, so emotional wounds will be painful, and forgiving them is difficult and difficult.

The Sagittarius man is active, always has a specific goal, knows the ways to achieve it. Sagittarius has a deep philosophical mind, this personality is not ordinary, thinks not standardly, so almost all of its projects are successful. He is just, there is no sycophancy in him, he will never flatter or choose delicate words for expressing his opinion. The Sagittarius man is straightforward, skeptical about strangers, he does not stand out in his spirit, demonstrates himself and waits for rapturous looks.

Woman Taurus is a spiritualized nature, amazingly perceptive, not compliant, vulnerable. Taurus lives one day, fantasies and plans in advance do not interest her. Taurus woman is a hospitable, generous hostess. Her house is comfortable, well-groomed, it is well nourished. From her spiritual warmth, even such a "cold" heart as the Sagittarius man can melt. In a good frame of mind, she is a "golden" person, trying to please, guessing the wishes of the chosen one, supporting and giving warm words in every possible way. The Sagittarius man is the complete opposite of her in terms of everyday life and comfortable conditions. He is not interested in creating a cozy "nest".

He is more inclined to deal with material prosperity, provide financial side. The home environment must meet its requirements, but without its participation. He does not recognize homeownership, he is eternally attracted by life outside the home, attempts to restrict freedom of movement and actions end, as a rule, by escape.

Woman Taurus slope "saw", something constantly demand, control. All this terribly annoying the man Sagittarius and significantly reduces the chances of the welfare of the union. Disappointed, the woman Taurus does not immediately rush into a new relationship, she has a propensity for depression, self-esteem decreases, satisfaction with life disappears. Horoscopic incompatibility is, of course, not a verdict. Relationships can be successful and happy when there is a crazy love, for which both agree to compromise and concessions. Loyalty, softness, an agreement on the conditions of mutual comfort in the relationship, will help create a truly happy union for many years.

Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Taurus women and Sagittarius men — their characters, almost completely opposite. They live completely in different rhythms of life, strive for different goals — and, despite this, they are able to find their happiness in union with each other.

A dovish and practical Taurus woman, who loves stability and confidence in the future, can not easily reconcile herself with the constant changes in the life of the Sagittarian man, with his desire for freedom and a somewhat frivolous attitude toward money. In addition, Sagittarius runs away from marriage, as a devil from incense, which, naturally, does not like a serious woman Taurus.

The most difficult thing in their relationship is not to disperse in different directions, shaking their shoulders in bewilderment, after the first meeting. If this did not happen, and they felt a mutual attraction, their unlike characters can all merge into one another, perfectly complementing each other like pieces of a complex puzzle. And this, perhaps, for many, many years.

This is a beautiful couple, both independent enough: The Woman-Taurus is more elegant and reserved, the Sagittarius man is more bright and eccentric. If a woman is a Taurus and a Sagittarius man together, then they have found in each other what they lacked. In Sagittarius, irrepressible energy, optimism and the Taurus woman are consumed by it, not ceasing to be surprised at the originality and ingenuity of their chosen one. And the indefatigable Sagittarius man feels more confident due to the reliable rear of Taurus. Sagittarius develops, and his chosen one-Taurus helps him in this and is engaged in housekeeping.

Of course, in this alliance there can be quarrels, however, it all depends on the woman. If she can give freedom to her man and not impose strict restrictions on communication with friends, so important to Sagittarius, any difficulties, in principle, are surmountable. Sexual compatibility Taurus-Sagittarius — not bad, however, the Sagittarius man sometimes tires the Taurus woman with his tirelessness and desire for novelty of feelings and sensations.

Much in the Sagittarius man will frighten the Taurus woman. His restlessness, desire for an ideal, constant change of activities is a real headache for his chosen one, born under the sign of Taurus. This man can easily come up with the idea to make a world revolution at two o’clock in the morning — and here all your arguments and persuasions are powerless, as they will be perceived by your partner as intrigues of the class enemy. Also, the girl-Taurus is confused by the constant influx of friends and girlfriends of the fellow-Sagittarius, whom he has a great many.

Such a positive feature of Sagittarius, as the ability to live in different conditions, without noticing the unsettledness, perhaps even a lack of money, will very much embarrass the practical and loving comfort of the female Taurus. In addition, the Sagittarius man is constantly burning to try something new, and even if he is a very successful businessman, he will still try himself in other spheres of activity, often concluding deals that are dubious from the point of view of Taurus.

Another danger in the development of relations of the Taurus-Sagittarius pair is the high self-conceit of the Sagittarius man. Often reproaches and criticism he perceives as an insult or threat and instantly responds to them, which often offends the Taurus woman, who initially wanted only to point out the flaw and do the best. With a Sagittarius man, one should exercise maximum diplomacy and caution. Also, at the beginning of the relationship, you will be fascinated by the thoughts and eloquence of the Sagittarius man, but later you will suddenly find that the words have remained words, not deeds.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Taurus-Sagittarius in order to conquer and hold the Sagittarius man, the woman-Taurus will have to become not just a beloved woman, but also a beloved friend. If you want a deep and long relationship with Sagittarius, you will have to accept it as it is. Persuade and re-educate him is impossible.

Before you enter into a relationship with Sagittarius, it is worth knowing that you have completely different views on money and home comfort. If for Taurus the house is its fortress, confidence in the future, for the Sagittarius man it is only a temporary shelter where one can weather the storm and gain strength for new adventures. Of course, if wealthy people enter into relations, this problem will not be so acute.

Also, the Taurus woman will have to reconcile with the Sagittarian man’s desire for freedom, his overload with contacts, risky enterprises and numerous friends. Do not refuse to Sagittarius in joint travel, together go out into the light, perhaps you will also find something fascinating in this.

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