Taurus Woman Scorpio Man

Taurus woman and Scorpio man can develop very promising and stable relationship, this is promised to them and the stars. Representatives of both signs are single-minded and freedom-loving personalities. The relationship between them is beneficial for everyone, as they can learn from each other a lot new for spiritual growth and self-improvement. A Scorpio man can become a real "teacher" in the life of a Taurus woman, and mutual support, strong love will become an ideal basis for the creation of a solid and united family.

Characteristic features of these individuals are completely different, so from time to time there will be contradictions between them. The woman Taurus is patient, obstinate, wise. He is able to keep his emotions in himself, to be calm and balanced, the Scorpio man on the contrary, can easily succumb to the failures in life, and fall into a helpless and compassionate mood. The pair always maintains a stable situation, both are able to support the partner in striving to fight for excellence in a professional environment.

Each of the signs serves each other as a peculiar impetus, the words of the chosen one often act as an incentive, forcing moving forward. The Scorpio man is incomprehensible to many, his vision of many things and events in people is puzzling.

The couple’s intimate life is always filled with thrill, both are looking for novelties and impressions, and extreme experiments are not excluded. Disadvantages endowed with each person, not an exception and Scorpio with Taurus. Mutual pickiness, irritation, unfair reproaches will certainly be, but both should rely on the prudence and prudence of the partner. The leading role in the union is the man of Scorpio. The last word is always behind him, not in his rules to change decisions or goals. The Scorpio man has a natural ability to anticipate global changes, intuition is more developed in him than in other signs.

Unfortunately, not all Scorpio men are constant. Alas, nature has endowed them with polygamy, the desire to learn women as much as possible. The Scorpio man is amorous, but real feelings are experienced once or twice in his life. Women Taurus is characterized by obedience, the main thing is that this would not contradict its essence, it would not violate personal space. She may well agree to be behind her husband as "behind a stone wall," with joy will refuse the role of a responsible and determined person. Their relationship is beautiful, ideal and stable. The secret is simple, living in an alliance, they seem to cooperate, giving and receiving spiritual qualities. The Taurus woman, having accepted Scorpio’s man as he is, without attempting to remake it, will keep the relationship, the family and live with him a long life together.

Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Taurus female and Scorpio male — this is directly opposite signs of the Zodiac. At first glance it seems that they have different values and character traits: the Taurus woman is benevolent and calm — the Scorpio man is emotional and quick-tempered, the Taurus woman loves home comfort — Scorpio loves power and her work. However, they have much in common: both are serious about marriage, have a similar temperament, are jealous, and Scorpio, despite the firmly established fame of heartthrob and ladies’ man, knows how to be truly faithful to a beloved woman, just as Taurus keeps loyalty to a loved one.

In the Taurus-Scorpio alliance, the partners have excellent sexual compatibility. A sensual Scorpio man and a Taurus woman perfectly match each other sexually, and in everyday life, the Taurus woman, who possesses an unshakable calm, perfectly does not react to Scorpio’s sarcastic remarks. The Scorpio man, who most of all suffers from his difficult nature, is grateful to her for this, and is ready to turn for the sake of his beloved mountain.

Usually in this union the woman-Taurus is happy to farm, provide the perfect comfort in the house and take care of the children. At the same time, both partners are committed to long-term relationships and are ready to solve problems together, so their marriage has all chances to be very durable and happily last a lifetime. A Taurus woman and a Scorpio man are a happy couple. In their house is always beautiful and cozy, thanks to the care of Taurus, and thanks to the efforts of Scorpio, money is found.

Stocks of feelings and passions in both will last for ten lives of other people. For a long time for this pair, the main role is played by intimate life, the erotic-sexual side. Sparks of love and passion of Scorpio immediately ignite the hot blood of Taurus. A seemingly seeming calm and composure is just a visual illusion for the world around us. And they do it better than anyone else. And yet, it is worth noting that this union brings beautiful and talented children.

The main problem of Taurus-Scorpio compatibility is jealousy, both on the part of the woman and on the part of the man. Taurus woman and the Scorpion man have very similar temperaments and a sense of ownership. Scorpio, his masculinity will always be of interest to women of all ages, causing jealousy in their halves. A woman Taurus, will always seem to Scorpio too bright and sexy. In public, the Scorpio man prefers to show coldness, but leave an explosive temperament and passions "for his own". Therefore, the feeling of jealousy is the main screenwriter and director of all house dramas or melodramas, comedies or tragedies. True, when everything is going well, when the volitional impulses do not exceed the norm, then this couple will not be lost in life, it will excel and prosper well.

It is important that the interests of the spouses and their views on life at least partially overlap. Often Scorpio removes or ignores everything that he does not like. A Taurus woman may be embarrassed by the fact that her beloved does not accept some of her friends and hobbies. And this is something that is almost impossible to change. Therefore, it is worth knowing the chosen one closer, before entering into a closer relationship.

Also, Taurus Woman can be confused by the restless character of Scorpio. If she prefers a quiet life, then her man will always strive for a new and unexplored. It is also worth noting that it is very difficult for a Scorpio man to leave his beloved woman or the one to whom he once had feelings: he prefers to methodically harass his companion, leading her to breakdowns with his psychological pressure, but not leave.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Taurus and Scorpio, so that this pair always had peace and harmony, it is necessary to curb the jealousy of the Scorpio man. If you go out into the light, communicate with friends, try to stay with your man all the time, and often praise him so that he certainly knows about it. Jealousy is certainly not diminished, but he will be even more confident in you, which will certainly affect your relationship. At the same time, learn to trust your Scorpio. This man is not used to changing his decisions and appreciates them. And if he chose you as his wife, then this choice is expensive.

Also, the Taurus Woman should remember that the Scorpio man loves stress. It stimulates its development. Therefore, from time to time, arrange for him something new, so that your man was in good shape, for example, "stress" in bed.

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