Taurus Woman Taurus Man

Taurus woman and Taurus man as a calm harbor, unperturbed and calmly swim by the spontaneous waves of life. For the surrounding couple, never become an object for gossip, they do not endure "dirty linen", externally set an example of an exemplary and happy family.

The Taurus man is stubborn, a hidden jealous man, a conservative, and not rarely a grumbler. Talk a Taurus man can only have a good mood, a familiar company or a constant friend. The parents of the young Taurus live in a happy ignorance, not knowing how sometimes, hard on his soul. But this is not always when he meets a Taurus woman, he realizes his spiritual connection with her, they understand each other with a half-word. This is not surprising, two identical signs, but if they argue and seek to point out the non-compliance of a partner, a war can begin from mutual claims.

Irreconcilable, proud, never give up, even if unwitting witnesses confirm the rightness of another, it’s still difficult to convince Taurus. The Taurus woman is accommodating, loves a comfortable life, she is an incredible hostess and clever woman, she runs the house and is happy to be engaged in children. Often their views on everyday life are the same. Inside the family there are no secrets, do not like surprises and surprises, they tend to prepare in advance for any events.

Both seem quiet, like when there is a shake of the senses from time to time, they can even go on incitement and false jealousy, try to hook the chosen one with something. However, if the relationship is prolonged calm, decay is possible. Intimate fantasies and stormy night, are able to strengthen and renew the relationship. It happens that in adulthood, a man-Taurus, it is the one who says "demon in the rib," perhaps, will flirt with young fans.

To keep calm in family life, both should think about a partner, as well as about themselves. Family, where both Taurus, a real, friendly team. Children will receive maximum care, attention, education. This family appreciates traditions, honors and respects their parents. In a joint life, a Taurus woman and a Taurus man show compatibility, but they should not focus only on everyday problems, material earnings, romance, verses, recognition in infinite love are important to them. Stars offer, look at a partner and see themselves, then it will be easier to build a happy future.

Taurus Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

About Taurus-Taurus compatibility is often said: "the soul lives in the soul," because the similarity of their interests, goals and aspirations is so obvious that it catches your eye. A solid and reliable Taurus finds in such a marriage his "soul mate". And in twenty years this pair may not be boring to be alone, discuss their plans together, rejoice together or solve problems. The union of the two Taurus is a double force, energy and perseverance. Together they are comfortable and good, and they are able to roll mountains!

Compatible Taurus female and Taurus male are both very economic people. They are similar to "self-propelled savings banks" with one desire to provide themselves in old age, because they can afford a prosperous life and a special style of it. Both Taurus know well what the partner for love and marriage wants and wants. And their love is strengthened with the accumulation of material wealth and an increase in the bank’s cash account.

They do not have obvious contradictions in character, they are endowed with a similar sexual temperament and have approximately the same ideas about comfort, life, leisure and life goals. In a couple of small passions, but the Taurus much more appreciate stability and reliability, and this they give each other to the fullest. Two Taurus — no doubt, a good pair.

Like any people of Yin signs, the Taurus woman and the Taurus man get on well together. Both like a quiet, measured and orderly life. For many, this pair may seem boring, but the main thing is how the Taurus themselves feel at the same time. And they consider their life to be the best: they have a good life, there is agreement on financial matters, they are confident in the future, and they have excellent sex. In addition, Taurus, who lives with Taurus, for a long time retains mental and physical health.

Long before the family life, calves amaze others with their understanding of each other, the harmony and harmony that prevails in the relationship. Of course, they also have arguments, but much less often than others. Taurus tries to solve all the problems with the world and does not like loud scenes with the beat of dishes. It does not matter how long the Taurus is together, for most of the questions they come together almost immediately and look very harmonious.

The two Taurus have a well-established daily life, excellent financial situation and wonderful children. For children, the Taurus parents spend a lot of time, they try to have more than one child (but no more than they can adequately support). The main problems in the compatibility of the signs of Taurus-Taurus arise because of their stubbornness and conservatism. The main thing for them is to avoid disputes. Of course, the Taurus are very peaceful and do not argue over trifles.

In addition to zodiacal preferences, each Taurus has opinions and tastes, depending on his life experience and on what family he grew up in. Therefore, it is natural that two Taurus do not agree with each other in everything. But, the conservatism of both does not give them the opportunity to adopt a new, different point of view, and obstinacy does not allow to yield. Therefore, the biggest problem of the Taurus pair is how to behave in a dispute. Both will not make concessions, and their confrontation can last a long time.

Well, if the dispute arose because of the little things. Then the Taurus woman can sacrifice her own interests and make concessions. Or the Taurus man will perceive the desires of his wife as feminine whims and yield. But if the dispute arises on important issues for Taurus: life, health, money or shopping, everything is possible here, from the rage of an angry Taurus to a prolonged cold war. The disputes bring a lot of damage to the Taurus pair and severely damage the relationship.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Taurus-Taurus, in order for their joint life to proceed in the most harmonious way, they need to agree before the cohabitation about who will be the main one in solving this or that issue. It is necessary to distribute areas of responsibility. Such questions will be few, since the Taurus basically look at the world the same way. Disputes can arise on such important issues for Taurus as property and money.

Taurus to all fit thoroughly, so approach thoroughly and in this matter. Moreover, this will allow to avoid many problems in the future. With another sign, one could initially choose a compromise, for example, two Gemini can come to the option "both yours and ours." But Taurus does not like to change his point of view, so do not look for a compromise, but decide whose opinion on this issue will be the main one.

Most of the Taurus come to think of this with time, so the problem of unyielding is the strongest among the newly formed couples. But, no matter how it was, if it was a matter of principle for you, then do not give in just to please the partner. Anyway, over time, your "mask will be removed." It is better to stipulate controversial topics until the moment when the disagreement has become a conflict.

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