Virgo Woman Aquarius Man

Between a Virgo woman and an Aquarius man, there is rarely a love affair. Besides, Aquarius man is inclined to stay in bachelors for a long time. In a family relationship is reluctant or forced. Mutual hostility initially puts a cross on the continuation of the novel. To all the blame are irreconcilable opposites, the world of each is alien to them.

There are exceptions and couples Aquarius and Virgo become lovers. Their relationship is built on mutual discontent, the desire to fix the nature of the partner, this can be carried away, and forgetting about the existence of idyll and peace. They are hampered by the intransigence of everyone, the desire to prove only their own rightness and position. Despite the patience of the Virgo woman, and also the scrupulousness and prudence of the Aquarius man, these people will never compromise. Both are stubborn, contradictory, not accommodating. In fact, the couple have positive features that could be applied and directed towards creating peaceful and kind relations.

The Virgo woman is practical, simple, modest in nature. Thoughtful, independent, responsible woman. In it there is inflexibility, excessive pickiness, cursing, the ability to offend a partner with a word or arrogant behavior. She loves order, rules, everything is subject to logic, meaning, benefit. Man Aquarius does not accept the order, his life is full of fun, unpredictability, there are no clear goals and objectives. He lives one day, not caring about the problems of the daily. Quietly ruins and prevents the ordering of the existence of the life of the Virgo woman. Before you bind yourself in marriage, you should carefully look at the person, learn his habits, values, inclinations. Too speeding up the events, they terribly disappointed in the essence of the person with whom they tied their destiny.

To unite the couple may be a craving for discoveries, searching for talents in oneself, this is a wonderful creative duet, here understanding and agreement shine on them. Fruitful work on the creative field can create the makings of the prospects for future family relationships. If their relationship begins with common interests and hobbies, then there may be a hope for a successful development. The adult Aquarius man strives for permanence, will treat carefully to the feelings of love and care. He inherent desire for comfort, the creation of a material base for the existence of the family. Disputes are inevitable, conflicts will reach the scale of the Cold War. But love is able to overcome all the ambiguities and reconciliation is inevitable.

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of female Virgo and Aquarius, men in this pair do not understand each other well. They have different temperaments, lifestyle, interests, and they always want different things. These relations very often end in a break and parting. Both a female Virgo and a male Aquarius can spoil life for each other. Therefore, if a Virgow woman decided to connect her life with an Aquarius man, then she will have to engage in spiritual self-improvement, becomes strong and self-confident. By the way, for the spiritual development the Virgo-Aquarius variant is ideal for marital relations.

In the ideal pair of the Virgo female and the Aquarius male, peace reigns and mutual understanding, because both partners have ceased to alter each other and see only the positive traits of the partner of the opposite sex. In this alliance, they both have much to learn from each other. Thus, the female Virgo, thanks to the Aquarian man, looks at the world more broadly, acquires insight and sensuality. In addition, in this regard, it raises its intellect to the maximum. A man, Aquarius, in alliance with a Virgo female acquires the ability to combine his unrealistic ideas with reality. His revolutionary plans become closer to reality and can be realized. But, for this, he still has to give up his egoism and consumer attitude towards the Virgo woman.

The adjusted everyday life of the Virgo-Aquarius pair of compatibility is rare — both are interested in things that are "higher" than household problems. Children for them — not an obligatory condition of happiness, they are well together. In the union of a female Virgo and a male Aquarius, there are often problems. The freedom-loving nature of a Aquarius man does not bear a brutal pressure. A woman-Virgo, by virtue of her character, can not help pointing out his shortcomings. The creative, bohemian style of work and life of a man Aquarius is absolutely incomprehensible to the rational woman-Virgo, whose routine is in the first place.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the zodiac of Virgo and Aquarius is that in a life together a Virgo woman can honestly try to remodel a man Aquarius, the same one will try to escape from pressure, and will, less and less often come across her eyes. Over time, this can lead to a rupture. If the female Virgo and the Aquarius man want to make their union lasting, the Virgo needs to be less demanding, and Aquarius — to learn to observe in everyday life, even elementary rules.

When a Virgo woman starts a life together with an Aquarius man, a hurricane is brought into her life, which sweeps away everything that the Virgo woman has so carefully rebuilt. Change will be subject to all. And the daily routine, and food, household habits and plans for the near future. And, the man-Aquarius, destroying the habitual life of the Virgo woman, does not give her anything in return.

And the only thing that remains for a woman-Virgo is to reconcile and rebuild her world, but already so that in the center of all her affairs there was a man-Aquarius. It is worth noting that if everything will be arranged as it is convenient for a man-Aquarius, when all the thoughts, desires and concerns of a Virgo woman begin to revolve around Aquarius, then to such "limitations" in their favor, the Aquarius man agrees.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Virgo and Aquarius, in order to ensure harmony in their family, Virgo needs to learn how to maintain the high aspirations of her Aquarius man and not encourage his selfishness. The Virgo woman feels the need for someone to be necessary, but if she reduces communication with Aquarius to everyday trifles, both will suffer. Therefore, the woman-Virgo can not cycle on practical matters and ignore spiritual needs, both her own and her husband. This will increase the selfishness of the Aquarius man.

Try to worry less about life, then he and Aquarius will not be a burden. And, lastly, sincerely be interested in the deeds and ideas of your Aquarius man. This will make you more relaxed in judgments, and a man-Aquarius, your advice and reasonable comments discipline. Moreover, such communication will significantly bring you closer.

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