Virgo Woman Aries Man

The life of the Virgo woman, quite predictable, is painted by herself. She at an early age builds her way of life, sets her own system of existence. The Aries man, on the other hand, is absolutely not disposed towards drawing up plans, goals, he wants to receive things from life as the desire arises.

Of course, one can not say that he is so light-minded about the future, he simply lacks the pragmatism, prudence that is inherent in the Virgo woman. The union of this pair provokes astonishment, they are not so similar, but everyone remembers that the plus and minus are just attracting each other.

The Virgo woman is practical, she likes to analyze life situations for a long time, trying on different solutions and exits. He has an innate courtesy, she has the talent of being calm in any situation, a sane person, noble. It is hard for an Aries man to understand how one can remain "right" all his life. Because of this misunderstanding, it is believed that the compatibility of the Aries and the Virgo is less favorable, with other signs, but this does not prevent them from creating stable relationships.

The Aries man, in moments of deep reflection, is proud of his companion. The Virgo woman brings to life Aries the balance and order, the last word for the woman in decision-making. The organization of the family’s way of life, the birth of family traditions, the organization of celebrations, trips, major purchases all this falls on the shoulders of the Virgo woman. Many people can find the Aries man "under the heel", but these are misconceptions, it is the external order that leads to such an idea. The Aries man should feel like the head of the family, the defender and the main earner. Inspired by his importance for his beloved, he is ready to turn mountains, to commit insane action.

An important astrological aspect of this pair, speaks of a wonderful team in business and business partnership. Ideal tandem for joint business. The favorable development of the pair depends on them, themselves. The creation of a happy family is very real, with such a sensible Virgo, a man-Aries who has won her favor is unlikely to escape. The family will always be the standard of a healthy lifestyle, all members of the family are neat, athletic, disciplined. The only thing that burdens Aries in a relationship, it’s reproaches and criticism.

Aries will not think about the little things of life, and the Virgo will certainly express it to him and harbor resentment. Mutual misunderstanding can achieve disagreement and disintegration of the couple. The attempt to revive the relationship will be crowned with success. The Virgo woman is patient, does not like such changes. At a respectable age, the couple will achieve perfection in the relationship, the claims to the partner will disappear, they will learn to live happily.

Virgo Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

They agreed: wave and stone, poetry and prose, ice and fire ... And immediately began to drive each other crazy — alas, not in the best sense. According to the compatibility of Virgo women and Aries-men — this marriage union will always be problematic. In a hot, open and selfish Aries man with a cold, calculating, selfish and self-serving woman-Virgo, even friendship will be unstable.

This union is more convenient and beneficial to Aries than Virgo: he is not going to limit either his freedom or his ambitions, and the Virgo is determined to work hard to make Aries’s life as comfortable as possible. And although such an inequality initially rarely confuses Aries and Virgo, it can lead to problems with time. Virgo can gradually accumulate discontent, pouring out into grumbling and nagging, because of which in their family conflicts often erupt.

The Aries man will be tired of the criticality of his Virgo, while the constant companion of the Virgo woman becomes irritation caused by excessive idealism and the Aries principle "first made, then thought." The female Virgo and the Aries man are always a problematic couple. The Virgo woman from time to time points to the Aries man for shortcomings, and he gets angry, and calls her a blue stocking, forgetting that this Virgo is his woman.

However, they are together because they are connected by strong feelings, they together achieve their goals, engage in spiritual practices. Over time, a Virgo woman may find herself submitting to her fiery man, and she likes it. A man-Aries knows how to give a woman warmth and care, from which it melts. Aries in this union finds endurance and learns patience, learns to understand his woman and put up with her temporary coldness. The Virgo lacked spirituality and feelings, Aries was worth rein in — partners found each other.

The pair of Virgo-Aries compatibility is a good combination for the family business — the affairs of this pair will go up the hill, and most conflicts will have to work. The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac Virgo-Aries is that the Virgo woman is very critical and meticulous to small details. The same critical of her mind and humor. She often expresses her claims to the Aries man and thus hurts his self-esteem, and he, in turn, without thinking, rushes rash words that deeply hurt Virgo. It is very difficult for anyone to open and trust, besides, she always wants "how better." Therefore, the explosive reaction of a man-Aries traumatizes her soul.

The Virgo woman and the Aries man are zealous idealists. The only difference is that Virgo — idealizes the mind, and Aries — idealizes aspirations. And this is the main reason for their differences. The Virgo woman with her mind puts limitations on the aspirations of Aries, returns it to "reality", and Aries, a natural reaction, sweeps everything in its path, which prevents one from moving towards the goal.

For the Virgo, this is a fateful relationship: attracted by fire and feelings of Aries, she can not live with him, but without him she is bored and even worse than with him. An Aries, as if fueled by its energy. According to the compatibility of Virgo-Aries horoscopes, in order to create harmony in the family, there is only one way. Refuse to try to remake the partner. If you can not do this, then the separation is inevitable. Also, the woman-Virgo will have to accept that she will not have that pink future that her imagination has drawn. If you really love your fiery man, then accept the fact that there will always be something new and unexpected.

In order that the irritation does not accumulate, go in for sports, find yourself a hobby, various things that make you happy. This will help you stay calm when Aries will have another volcanic release of negative energy.

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