Virgo Woman Cancer Man

A real gift of fate, a man Cancer is so courageous, gentle, homely. He will calmly subdue the reserved, strict woman of the Virgo. She just waits for this, a bit more emotional than herself, with the makings of a leader, with steady views on life. A man-cancer is responsible, disciplined, his life is like a clearly worked out plan. A Virgo woman values him, approaches problems calmly, problem solving is thought out step by step.

For Virgo, security, comfortable existence is one of the most important foundations of life. Virgo is loyal, easily manageable, allows a man to guide himself and lead a life. Sometimes, it seems that she lives with "closed eyes", but get to her representative of another sign, can bitterly regret her trustfulness.

Virgo loves solitude, loves to dream, make plans, you can find her looking for a long time at one point, but what she will never allow is intrusion into her personal space. She does not like the constant presence of people around her, she is burdened by someone’s chatter, empty talk. She would never get to know people on the street, she would not teach people.

Horoscope promises that in their relationship will be eternal warmth and understanding, even the claims to each other will be expressed in a kind manner. She tries not to allow anger, attacks, ridicule, reproachful views, so her family will always go quietly and calmly. The Cancer man, having married a woman to a Virgo, realizes how he turned out to be a lucky person, it is she who symbolizes the mother who can understand, forgive, accept and love him, as he is.

The Cancer man will create all the conditions of a quiet harbor for a dedicated Virgo. His soul is thin and susceptible to resentment, it’s hard to bear a short separation from her, he’s like a helpless kitten that has lost a firm support. Paradoxically, the fact is that this weak woman makes this man only stronger.

In the intimate sphere, behave like two students. A shy and modest Virgo who appreciates innocence, chastity, will never show passion and zeal for love pleasures. Cancer on the contrary, clumsily tries to translate secret desires, reaches for new impressions and sensations.

The road of a man’s life Cancer and the woman of the Virgo is strewn with light obstacles and difficulties. Their house is warm and cozy. Careful wife Deva is endowed with an incredible desire for motherhood, she will become a very loving mother. She should think of more than two children, she will cope with domestic chores and economy. Due to excellent compatibility, they are able to survive a lot, mutual support, the shoulder of the native person will make them a peaceful and happy couple.

Virgo Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Virgo women and Cancer men, their union is almost always happy. A Cancer man is just a happy find for a Virgo woman, and vice versa. This pair has a lot in common, and there are few differences. True, in this alliance there is no place for gentle babbling and romantic dinners. Here business conversations reign, real thoughts and ideas, plans and intentions, practical activity in favor of the cause. But both partners are provided with both spiritual needs and material goods, and both are happy.

In this alliance, the man-cancer helps his woman to open up, to feel its importance, and the man-Cancer next to the woman-Virgo gets self-confidence and inspiration for her work and creativity. Both signs are very frugal and practical, so do not spend money on various trivia. But, but this money, not spent on trifles, eventually turn into a solid family capital.

In addition to finance, the Virgo woman and the Cancer man have similar views on marriage, farming, parenting. For both, the family is everything, and they value reliability and loyalty to each other. True, Virgo loves to raise Cancer in everyday life, but usually he is ready to tolerate this, especially since up to scandals that Cancer so hates, they almost never get to the point. In other words, the Virgo-Cancer couple is a union of two like-minded people and friends — it is very durable and can last a lifetime.

The man-Cancer and the Virgo woman are good, a fairly promising alliance. They perfectly understand each other and supplement, help to reveal their best qualities. Man-Cancer likes to patronize a woman-Virgo. Being next to her, he feels like a real knight, and the woman-girl is simply bewitched by the deep sensuality and emotionality of the man-Cancer. In their pair there is no violent novel, but there are no quarrels and conflicts.

In Virgo-Cancer compatibility, the most favorite topics for conversation are economic problems and finances. This may seem boring to many, but the Cancer man and the Virgo woman, like no other, know how to make good money in order to secure a decent old age.

The woman in the family is most often managed by the Virgo woman. This is quite acceptable to the man-Cancer, since Virgo, a born banker and economist, and she is very good at effectively managing money. The compatibility problem of the signs of the Virgo-Cancer Zodiac is the touchiness of the Cancer man. He can take offense often and for a variety of reasons, which, moreover, no one understands except himself.

Also, the Cancer male is very egoistic. For example, he decides that it is time for the Virgo woman to quit her job and deal only with the creation of a family nest. If the female Virgo does not agree with this decision, he will be offended, weary of all the nerves to himself and her. Moreover, Virgo will not wait for an explanation, she will have to guess everything herself.

Another serious problem for the typical representatives of the sign Cancer — this is an excessive interest in something forbidden, leading away from reality. For example, alcohol or drug addiction and computer games. Criticism and misunderstanding of the female Virgo only pushes the Cancer man more on this path. But to close your eyes, to the way Cancer "leaves" into your world, is also not worth it. The further it goes, the harder it is to get it back.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Virgo-Cancer — most of all, the man-Cancer hates criticism and moralizing, and the Virgo woman, just pours them over and without reason. Therefore, in this case, the Virgo woman needs to work on herself in order to get rid of criticism and show ingenuity and cunning in order to properly influence her chosen one.

When they say "the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach", this, above all, refers to a man-cancer. To convey to him his thought or request, first properly feed your man, and then pacify. Praise him, tell me what a fine fellow he is, etc. A well-fed and pacified man-Cancer will do everything you need, along the way admiring how well you understand him.

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