Virgo Woman Leo Man

Harmonious and beautiful couple of Virgo woman and Leo man. Their relationship is battled with their emphatic courtesy, respect for each other. They turn to their partner only gently, never raising their voices or throwing offensive words. The opposite of their interests, on the contrary, secures the union, makes the subject of pride for their loved one. Strong and indestructible marriage, where each of them will not have to commit self-sacrifice or infringe on their own personal space and freedom.

The Leo man is clever, clever, smart. Conquer the Leo can be a tender and passionate love for him, than the Virgo and take advantage. She knows exactly what the Leo wants, what words, deeds, actions she expects from her. The Leo is arrogant, not without pride, stubbornness, but prudent, does not welcome irresponsibility, carelessness, untidiness.

Virgo refers to the category of women who are treated of sex as a pleasant duty, Leo will have to try to wake up the thin strings of the woman’s soul in order to achieve a satisfactory return. Stately Leo, he is a true patron, the lord, does not like the weak and weak-willed around him. He needs special attention, beautiful courtship, even services in his honor, adores unexpected surprises, not against changes, experiments. He is a brave, independent, adroit man. Everywhere will have time, will achieve his by any means. As for women, he can beautifully and courteously care, patient, not inclined to fleeting intrigues.

Together, the couple can reach unprecedented heights. Wherever they have directed their potential, success everywhere awaits them. Their compatibility contributes to the realization of stable and harmonious relations. The Virgo woman is the keeper of the hearth, bold, determined, with a "cold mind", consistent, willful. To the extent of being stubborn, always takes into account the desires of both his own and his partner, finding a common denominator. Her smile is radiant, she is always outwardly attractive, sexy, her kind look for Leo is a real balm for the soul.

Stability flourishes in relations, trust in each other’s reliability, they appreciate sincerity, openness of the soul, feel the kinship of souls. Their pair practically nothing threatens, everything is pretty well-formed. Small quarrels do not count, major disagreements are extremely rare. In their house there is love, a strong and united family. They will always support their loved ones, they will not leave their friends in trouble. A relatively easy life and family path is waiting for a couple if they link their destinies together.

Virgo Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Virgo female and the Leo male, in this strange but strong enough union, each partner, as a rule, is the missing element of the puzzle, which the other is so missing. Leo loves to spend, Virgo to save, Leo knows how to take, Virgo to give ... These relationships can in many ways be called ideal, as each of the partners plays the role assigned to him, while agreeing that in their alliance this is the case, and not Otherwise.

The owner-Leo in the family adheres to the house-building traditions. He is the unquestioning head of the family, and this state of affairs is quite satisfactory for the woman-Virgo. She is able to be a wonderful hostess, a loving wife, a caring mother, while remaining in the shadow of the proud Leo man. In addition, she is absolutely ungainly and quietly lets Leo to the many events that he likes to be so.

The only "but": in spite of such an almost ideal symbiosis, the male Leo and the Virgo woman, due to their completely different characters, may not understand each other very much. Extroverts-Leo consider the Virgo to be too closed and closed, and eventually this can cause them to part. In general, this is quite an interesting and promising alliance, but on the condition that the Virgo and the Leo will with understanding and patience regard each other’s weaknesses and shortcomings.

In an ideal pair, the Virgo female and Leo male retains the traditional family way of life. The Leo man gladly assumes the role of the head of the family, and the Virgo woman provides him with a reliable rear and advises women in a feminine way. As a rule, the woman-Virgo deals with the finances in this pair, she also deals with household matters and monitors the cleanliness and order in the house.

In a pair of Virgo-Leo compatibility, the Virgo woman is absolutely ungainly and quietly lets her Leo man out to various social events that he loves so much. And herself, at this time enjoys a quiet home atmosphere. After returning from the next corporate or business trip, the man-Leo always shares his impressions and complains about how he missed his beloved Virgo. By the way, the Leo man always listens to the wise counsel of the Virgo woman. He likes her calmness, prudence and lack of inclination to pathos.

The problem of compatibility of Zodiac Virgo-Leo signs is that they have a very big difference in temperament, character, habits, way of life. All this together makes their marriage union problematic. The Leo male does not like the pedantry of a Virgo woman and her ruthless criticism. A female Virgo suffers from the disorder of the Leo. Leo men are poisoned by the existence of constant poisonous pricks of grouchy and picky Virgo, their pettiness, coldness, deliberate coquetry. And Virgo simply "kill" uncountable friends and girlfriends of Leo, endless night parties.

And the biggest problem, perhaps, is the criticality of the Virgo woman, which painfully hurts the self-love of the man Leo. For example, Leo decided to make his beloved some exotic and original gift. Spent on him a lot of time, a decent amount of money, personal energy, and the Virgo woman can without hesitation criticize such a gift, thereby deeply offending Lev, who put his soul into him.

Also, Virgo is irritated by the excessive drama and theatricality inherent in Leo. Virgo is a man of the word; she seems to be stupid this lion’s manner of exaggerating everything, embellishing and brag. About which she immediately informs Leo. Also, the female Virgo often harasses her Leo man with endless quibbles in everyday life and with advice like "how to do it better." The Virgo woman, constantly pointing to the Leo man for his shortcomings, pushes him towards getting his share of admiration and reverence somewhere on the side. Otherwise, the Leo man loses self-confidence.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Virgo and Leo, so that in their family there is always harmony, the Virgo needs patience and be more forgiving of the shortcomings of the Leo man. And also as often as possible publicly praise him, admire the merits and merits of Leo. This behavior will benefit both. Firstly, there will be no conflicts in the family, and secondly, the Leo man, when he hears enthusiastic exclamations in his address, is inspired, his wings grow, and he can achieve a lot in life. So, if you married a lieutenant, you can make him a general.

It is very important for a Leo to recognize a beloved woman. Do not forget to praise him from time to time. A Virgo woman always sees positive things, but keeps them to herself and speaks more often of negative things. Change your habit, and harmony will settle in your house forever.

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