Virgo Woman Libra Man

The basis of the relationship between Virgo woman and Libra man will be the mystery and strangeness of their encounters. Accidental and unexpected life clashes will make them believe in the fate of the meeting. This couple will long find in the relationship an outlet, warmth, communication and support. Rapid development of relations will bring a heap of contradictions and unexpected surprises.

If they adequately withstand all the trials, fate will send them a considerable healthy offspring, respect and strong love until old age. Libra is a real, average man. He likes to imagine, dream, build ephemeral plans. He likes to "hang in the clouds," he does not strive for excellence, to take responsibility for himself and to make firm and confident decisions. Woman Virgo is a pragmatic, smart, cunning woman.

She is an amiable housewife, who will happily distribute life to all family members or to hired assistants. Virgo will teach, skillfully guide the creation of a comfortable environment and coziness in the house. The man of Libra expects from the woman of tenderness, the manifestation of female weakness, sensitivity. Unfortunately, the impulses of affection, cares of the Virgo woman, prevail only at the beginning of the relationship, which actually attracted the man of Libra.

The Libra man is not a punctual and optional person, and if he is young, then this is especially evident. The Virgo woman on the contrary, responsible, demanding, has a beautiful memory, concentration. From these differences, a conflict is possible, the Virgo will always express resentment and reproaches, and will aggravate the situation. The man of Libra, having fenced off, will remain silent for a long time, to represent the victim. Selecting their own ambitions, coming out on a constructive dialogue, the couple will be able to agree and live peacefully for a long life. A huge pain for everyone will be a break, because by fate, when they meet, they will surely fall in love with each other. Having surrendered their ambitions, inadequate adherence to principles, they will all easily settle, and they will have a wonderful family.

A Virgo woman does not like the general public, does not like to show herself and surround more people. Libra man on the contrary adores a large audience, he easily manages to attract attention. In his entourage there are always a few girls, secret admirers.

The couple will have to learn to put up with the peculiarity of the temperaments and views on life with the partner, otherwise nothing good will come of it. A Virgo woman engrossed in some kind of creative project is unlikely to hurt the Libra man’s freedom. Realization of their intellectual abilities, professional skills will lead only to long-awaited harmony and harmony.

Virgo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Interesting alliance. According to the compatibility of Virgo female and Libra male, different options for the development of relationships are possible, but if the Virgo woman and the Libra man enter into marriage, divorces in this pair are rare. They can live with each other the power of habit and reluctance to change something, since it is easier for both to support what already exists, than to start something new. If the Virgo is attuned to a serious relationship, then for years she can endure difficulties, and a thoughtful Libra man, even when he does not like a lot of things, is also difficult to break. Or both can accept the partner as he is, put up with his shortcomings, meet each other and try to understand each other. Then the life together of the Virgo-Libra couple will prove to be not only long, but also happy.

The Virgo woman does not cut a Libra man because of his unwillingness to make a career, but is always ready to support in a difficult moment. He values her economy, care, and accuracy. The Virgo and the Libra men are one of the strongest pairs. If both decided to officially register the family, then there is almost no divorce. In this union the woman-Virgo receives from the man-Libra so necessary for her, sensuality and emotionality. And her rationalism and practicality restrain the desire of the man-Libra to change. All this together creates a reliable foundation for family life. Both spouses love beautiful things, comfort. They need to share their opinions more often with each other.

Both - to the Virgo woman and to Libra man it is interesting with each other and never it is boring. In the compatibility of Virgo-Libra, both partners are intellectuals, and they are pleased to be together, at least until the Virgo woman begins to read the notation. But, even in this case, there will be no conflict. The Libra man will just smile at her, kiss and the problem will be solved.

The difficulties in this pair arise because of the constant criticism of the Virgo and her desire to make comments. Perhaps it will be fair and objective, but the discord in the relationship still makes. The Libra man can not stand criticism, later, he probably will be grateful for the "hint", but at first he will still be offended.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac Virgo-Libra is that it is not easy for partners in this pair to find a common language. Libra is a person of emotions, and in a relationship with a reserved, sometimes even closed, Virgo, he may lack romance and passion. Because of the changeable mood of Libra in their life together, as a rule, conflicts are frequent, and the Libra man prefers to let off steam openly, while the female Virgo tries to cope with the insults in silence. But she takes her grumbling and petty quibbles, which lead the Libra man out of himself.

Also, in a couple of the Virgo and the Libra man, differences may arise on financial grounds. Virgins are very careful about money and prefer to save, invest and protect, while Libra adores them to spend. All the homework in this pair has to be performed by a woman-Virgo. In order for a man-Libra to do something at home, tell him about how important it is for you and you can not cope without it. Distribute household duties on justice and with gender difference, otherwise the Libra man will easily climb up to the Virgo woman by the neck and will still poke her around.

Women-Virgins often try to reason with their vain and too self-satisfied partners from the sign of Libra. They try to reason, order the chaos in their souls, make them work, explaining to them the usefulness of the work that helps a person to climb higher and higher on social steps, but — in vain.

By compatibility horoscopes of the Virgo-Libra, in order to maintain harmony in a married couple, it is necessary for Virgo not to let Libra sit on her neck, otherwise it will be difficult to throw off later. Do not tolerate the "prank" Libra, allowing them to do whatever they want. The Libra man likes to lead a secular way of life, and the Virgo woman prefers to spend evenings with her family. This difference causes disharmony and dissatisfaction with the relationship.

The Libra man is always ready for communication, and if he clearly explains his opinion, then one can find a compromise between staying at home and in society. The Libra man does not tolerate an abundance of criticism in his address, but one should never remain silent. Tactfully explain what you want. Patience and tact will solve any problems that arise.

Since the Libra man likes to spend money "for other than intended", in this case, that the woman-Virgo was calm, that she has the means "just in case", it is better that the partners have a different budget, or at least to The Virgo woman had a stash.

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