Virgo Woman Pisces Man

The love relationship between Virgo woman and Pisces man can have a promising future. Marriages are rare, as couples do not initially perceive each other as a potential family. To recognize and understand that a person is suitable, it takes a lot of time. For a long time in the relations reigns disorder, ambiguity, lack of understanding by one another.

Man Fish is quiet, modest, romantic person. He likes a troubled life, full of stories, but in life he does not make any effort. In dreams and thoughts he is a real macho, bold, handsome, independent and arrogant. In the family, the man Fish sees the joy, his house has the greatest meaning in his life. It is here that he is ready to meet both joys and misfortunes, to be near and support at a difficult moment. He expects the same from the chosen one. It is based on the nature of the value of family life, and he piously honors them. Pisces man often regrets himself, likes to "cry", complain about the injustice in life. He needs a woman who can cheer up, strong in spirit, an optimist.

The Virgo woman has an incredible self-control, control of emotions, she does not give in to provocation, is not grumbling, not scandalous, adequate and knows what she wants from life and from marriage. Family for Virgo is also in the first place, she manages financial receipts in the family budget, is responsible for the rationality and practicality of using the funds. In her spirit, control everything, watch the course of events. Never give up on scheduled repairs, or purchase of real estate. For her part, she will make every effort to do this, to be scrupulous.

The Virgo woman believes that the family is based on women’s patience and wisdom. That is why she is able to accept, forgive, forget, so as not to destroy marriage. Disadvantages of the Virgo woman, like many other women, is a "sharp tongue", reproaches, sick and harsh words about a man. But knowing how not to lose self-control, Virgo can still stop herself during her time. Virgo should also keep a small distance, do not strongly lean into the personal space of the Pisces man, give him space and time to retire, dream and think.

In conflict situations, the Pisces man closes and leaves "in itself". For a long time he suffers until he is released. Criticism and sharp remarks are very painful for him. With a normal rhythm of life and relationships, observing all the rules of courtesy, gentleness and loyalty to the partner, it will be much easier to achieve the idyll. Safely affect the relationship of a common passion or task, planning the future. By concentrating on one’s inner potentials, developing oneself intellectually, spiritually, a couple can rightfully consider themselves one of the most successful and happy.

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Virgo women and Pisces men, this pair has much more prospects for friendship and cooperation than for love. The Virgo woman and the Pisces man can give each other many priceless life lessons, share experiences, work in one area, however, in the life together there are too many things that separate them. Life under one roof, is able to become for the demanding toiler-Virgo and not too practical, vulnerable Pisces man, a source of misunderstanding and conflicts, because of what their union is rarely strong. But they will always be drawn to each other. These are two completely dissimilar people who, probably, until the end of life and can not fully understand each other.

The relationship of the Virgo-Pisces pair can be called a "look in the mirror", they see themselves the same, just the opposite. The right is the left, and the left becomes the right. Virgo woman and the Pisces man are too different, so even in an ideal pair there are conflicts and misunderstandings. But, all the difficulties are easily eliminated, because the partners love each other and value them as they are.

The Virgo and the Pisces woman travel a lot and talk about everything in the world. In the Virgo-Pisces compatibility — the Virgo female attracts the Pisces male with her ability to empathize, extraordinary sensitivity and vulnerability. She is very empathized with the fact that he is eager to help everyone and everyone. A man-Pisces likes a rational mind, intelligence, purity and reliability of the Virgo woman.

In the family of female Virgo and male-Pisces, children receive practicality from their mother, and sensitivity from their father. Due to this, they grow up to be multifaceted personalities and are able to achieve a great deal in life. The female Virgo and the male-Pisces have a complex and multifaceted relationship. Marriage, life under one roof, it is always difficult, because two different people have to become one, understand and adapt to each other. In the case of "Virgo-Pisces" this will be especially difficult, but, nevertheless, it is possible, if the partners sincerely love each other.

The main problems in the compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Virgo and Pisces arise because of the criticality of the Virgo woman, and the dreaminess and vulnerability of the Pisces man. The Virgo woman always tries to do everything as best and as correctly as possible. With her arguments about this, she shares with a man-Pisces. And he takes it as a criticism and reacts very painfully. And, if the female Virgo overturns the stick in this direction, he will start to linger at work, drink with friends, "go fishing," etc., since he will be very uncomfortable at home. The Virgo woman, feeling like a Pisces man, moves away from her, begins to "crush" even more, and this only complicates an already difficult situation.

Also, the woman-Virgo is often annoyed by the dreaminess and idealism of the Pisces man. He is too naive and believes all in a row, which subsequently causes disappointment. The Virgo tries to open her eyes to her man, but they are not approving of this and lead to another quarrel because of a misunderstanding.

According to Virgo-Pisces horoscopes compatibility, in order to have harmony in their family, they must give up competition and clarification "who is the master of the house". The Virgo and the Pisces are the established personalities with their own merits and demerits. Before you start a family, think about whether you can accept a partner the way he is, or, perhaps, immediately run away? Each of this pair has its own goals, attitudes, priorities.

Good relationship between the Virgo female and the Pisces male — joint travel and rest. Together they will never be bored. Practical female Virgo will mark material aspects, and the Pisces man will strengthen and pay attention to aesthetic aspects. This couple can open endlessly new qualities in each other, if they learn to be partners.

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