Virgo Woman Scorpio Man

The compatibility of a pair of Virgo women and Scorpio men is ambiguous. Both are naturally endowed with a strong and stubborn character, as a result of which later disagreements may arise on the slightest occasion. Yes, and others do not understand and do not believe in a successful development and the final chord in the registry office.

To spite all the couple will still be strong and friendly, despite the complete opposite of opinions and views on the life position. What can unite and hold this pair of each other? The Scorpio man begins to strive to create a family at the age of about thirty years. Having developed an enthusiasm, having gained experience, wisdom, having learned not bad to understand women, to understand their feelings and mood, in it develops a sense of responsibility, a desire of constancy and stability.

The partner can give sensual love, reliability, provide a material basis for the family, will not become embarrassed and demand complete dependence and submission. The Virgo woman also strives for a secure life, smooth and smooth relations, without any surprises. She is able to support by a word, to stimulate a man to financial achievements, thus strengthening the basis for a safe and comfortable existence for himself.

The problem in the pair will arise when one another begins to teach, re-educate, overly meet and fill themselves all the time. Scorpio can be restrained for a long time during swearing and quarrels, but such equanimity infuriates Virgo, as a result of which the explosion of the negative is inevitable, and what it can end is unknown. The Scorpio man is inclined to seek out the partner’s shortcomings and take them to the surface of the relationship with caustic injections, especially in moments of quarrels.

Woman Virgo is pragmatic, calculating nature. She does not like romanticism, recognition of feelings and manifestations of love emotions. But if there is a desire to maintain a relationship, then she will have to put up with the shortcomings of Scorpio. She will need softness, loyalty, discretion, containment of negative emotions. The Virgo should first go to reconciliation, smooth out the acute angles in the relationship.

The Scorpio man is only able to appreciate the magnanimity and cordiality of his chosen one with age. Having sustained all adversity, the Virgo woman will be rewarded with a generous present of fate. Her house will be full of children, she will become a caring and loving mother. The stars argue, the patience of the Virgo will help keep relationships in marriage more or less normal. In addition, a man and a woman need an outlet in the professional sphere where they could throw out their impulses, returning home tired but still and happy.

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

If in nature and there are ideal marriages based on the unity of two complete opposites, then the union of the quiet Virgo woman and the violent Scorpio man is exactly that case. According to the compatibility of female Virgo and Scorpio men, they have every chance to be two halves of a single whole, although these signs seem at first glance to fit together like heaven and earth.

Moreover, on closer examination, Scorpio and Virgo do not have much in common: they are both strong people, they are not used to giving up before difficulties and very seriously look at the life together. Hard-working, responsible Virgo often turns out to be a reliable "harbor" for an energetic Scorpio, and he for her — a source of inspiration and boundless vitality. Together they can roll mountains.

The marriage of a female Virgo and a Scorpio male is attractive to both partners. The Virgo woman finds a patron in the Scorpio man and reliable protection against her constant anxieties. A man-Scorpio is very much in favor of the discretion of the Virgo woman, and the ability to do everything right, without mistakes.

But, it is worth noting that in this alliance there will be harmony, if the Virgo woman is wise enough not to "saw" her Scorpio man. The sense of her attempts to call him to order, of course, will not, but the relationship will disintegrate.

The friendship between a Virgo woman and a Scorpio man is simply magnificent, and in the field of cooperation, co-authorship or business companionship, few can compete with them. Here, the sober and cold mind of the Virgo woman connects with the colossal power and energy of the Scorpio man. Together they perfectly realize common ideas, plans and plans, providing both material success and social uplift.

The Scorpio male with the Virgo woman has a completely different relationship than with other women. They are calm, peaceful and comfortable for both. The Virgo woman does not need stormy novels, passions, emotional shakes and too deep feelings. In relations, she appreciates above all stability, and the Scorpio man gives her the necessary. He is a loyal and reliable companion. The Scorpio man is also glad of the quiet harbor that the Virgo spouse provides him.

Strong, stable relationships help support and overall finance. In the Virgo-Scorpio compatibility — both the Virgo and the Scorpio man can reasonably manage money, and they do not have quarrels in this sphere. Gradually, this couple is growing in prosperity, although they rarely achieve luxury, because both are concerned about farming, not capital multiplying.

And, most importantly, what distinguishes the ideal pair of the Virgo female and the Scorpion male from the non-ideal is that the Virgo woman has learned not to pick on her man in trifles and not tell him how to act in this or that case.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac Virgo-Scorpio is that between them there are always a lot of quarrels and disagreements. Their marriage union can be successful only if one of them unquestioningly obeys another. But this happens quite rarely.

The Scorpio man is a true leader. As a rule, it is not enough for him that a Virgo woman organizes him a reliable and comfortable life, he also wants her to be a constant companion in his adventures and give him moral support and understanding. But, the woman-Virgo can not fulfill this role. And then, the Scorpio man begins to "correct" it. He manipulates, tyrannizes, takes her out of balance. He wants her to give an emotional response, and not hiding behind eternal reasoning.

His manipulations do not lead to good. The Virgo woman is rather self-sufficient and does not fear loneliness. If a Scorpio man breaks her peace and balance, she does not engage in battle, but simply leaves. According to the Virgo-Scorpio horoscope compatibility — first of all, the Virgo woman needs to understand that the main thing in life is the development and improvement of a person. If their alliance with the Scorpio man is a quiet creek, then it will soon turn into a musty swamp.

To harmonize relations with the Scorpio man and for her personal development, the Virgo woman needs to develop such features as dreaminess, emotional attachment to the partner. Virgo woman, remember, as soon as the Scorpio man receives from you not only care, but also an emotional response, he is ready to do everything for your happiness.

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