Virgo Woman Virgo Man

The Virgo woman and the Virgo man are like two "pluses", which in the collision are rejected and behave towards each other with some dislike and misunderstanding. In their relationship quarrels, scandals and resentments will be several times greater than minutes of peace and quiet. Such a set of qualities in character will serve as a catalyst for disagreements and irritability. However, against the backdrop of minor contradictions, there may be room for common aspirations.

A man and a woman are united by a desire to create a full-fledged family, to create a vacuum of family life. It is unlikely that you will meet a Virgo couple of men and women, who would be a regular at parties or noisy parties. They prefer a narrow circle of friends or two.

In an intimate life, both are equally sedate, but they do not see any problems in this, and do not require more from each other. In their home will always reign prosperity, material prosperity, they both inherent conservatism. Nevertheless, they do not have a flow of violent feelings, they do not like loud words and confessions, and they only have romance from time to time. Quarrels occur only on the home territory, without the involvement of extraneous witnesses.

Virgo woman and Virgo man alien spontaneity, surprise, impulsive actions. To some, this couple will seem tedious and boring, and their life is monotonous and faceless. In fact, everything is not so, both of them are very comfortable to live in such conditions.

If one of the partners decides on any changes in life, then another sharp transition, staging before the fact can bring you out of balance, instill in him a sense of anxiety. In a pair, it’s quite possible to sketch fleeting intrigues on the side, novels, treason. When they say "in a quiet pool, devils are found", often it is about Virgo. Representatives of the Virgo sign are secretive, patient, but at the same time impermanent, but they will never advertise their campaigns to the "left". The Virgo woman is by nature strong and weak at the same time. She chooses the necessary position, depending on the circumstances. In the office, at work, she is a "gray mouse", but quite calmly crosses through friendship and so on.

Common interests are unlikely to rally the pair, they simply will not be found. Life, homework, this is what will work best for them. The couple can be married in children, financial obligations, mutually beneficial terms. If the marriage takes place by calculation, each of the partners will be aware of this, in which case a successful family life is possible on the background of general agreements.

Virgo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

When a family is created by two representatives of the same sign, their relationship is almost always difficult. Yes, they have a lot in common, but they also have common shortcomings. They look at each other as if in a mirror. And they become aware of their own shortcomings, that not everyone can take for granted, work them out and live on.

According to the compatibility of the Virgo female and the Virgo male — in the union of two practical and industrious Virgo, the first place is logic and sober calculation: aimless sighs at the Moon are not for them. Virgo people are not inclined to wander in the clouds, they are firmly on the ground with both feet, and therefore they always have a lot of points of contact, be it work, management or general business.

In a house where both Virgo’s spouses, as a rule, are all subordinated once and for all to the established order and arranged soundly and thoroughly - that is exactly how they think it should be. And in any case not otherwise. In an ideal pair, the female Virgo and the Virgo man appreciate each other, have similar tastes, lifestyle, life principles.

It can be said that two intellectuals met here who like to be in each other’s company. They like to do what others seem boring, for example, to discuss the read "smart" books, to monitor their own health. But, they themselves and the man-Virgo and the woman-Virgo are satisfied with their cozy world and happily spend time.

In the Virgo-Virgo compatibility - both are important order, purity and thoroughness. This is what they find in each other and in their own home. When a man-Virgo and a Virgo woman are created, it is always difficult to predict how their relationship will develop. Some Virgos can be happy together, while others can mutilate each other with cavils and caustic commentaries. The harmonious or unharmonious development of their relationship is influenced by the feelings and how partners are ready to open up and trust each other.

The problem of compatibility of the Virgo-Virgo signs is that in their family spiritual emptiness or boredom may arise. No matter how cold the Virgo does not look outwardly, they both need warmth and understanding. But, both are afraid to take the first step towards each other because of fear of being misunderstood or rejected.

No matter how complex the relationship between the two Virgins was, betrayal or divorce is almost completely excluded. These are two fencers, trying to inflict each other irresistible strikes, but only with words. Both partners have excellent pedagogical talent, and they teach each other and re-educate for the rest of their lives. First, criticism, and then advice and recommendations, follow one another on both sides.

Both are pedantic and petty to the point where psychoanalysis simply disappears as an unnecessary occupation. But, but this couple has the strongest premise and as if created for common affairs and a general large bank account. They quickly rise on social steps, reliably strengthen their financial position. Love, deeds, like their entire life, are distributed and painted according to articles, paragraphs and individual items, which are certainly observed by both sides.

According to the Virgo-Virgo compatibility horoscope, this pair needs to learn to trust each other and open up. In this, some kind of extreme entertainment can help. For example, jumping with a parachute, or at least hiking in the mountains for a few days. Spending more time together and doing something interesting for both, you can share positive experiences and eventually learn to open up to each other.

It is also very good for this pair to start any joint "madness". For example, to go to rest not according to a carefully planned plan, but on a burning tour, or even better, when you come to the station, take tickets for the first train, which has available seats. In addition to a joint hobby, it is necessary for everyone to have their own, different, from the hobby of the partner. This will help you to keep interest in each other and not to close in your small family world.

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